Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Homeward Bound

After spending three weeks in Iowa with my sister, I am finally on my way home. My newest nephew, Ezekiel was born healthy and overall happy. He was little chunk coming in at 8 pounds compared to his cousin, Ireland, who was a little over 5 pounds. I enjoyed spending time with my sister and her other 4 kids as well as my brother-in-law.

While I was in Iowa, the church gave me a love gift, and the pastor's wife gave me some warm winter socks. I had been planning to buy some, but I had not gotten around to it. Over the last month, God has provided for me in special ways.

While I was at my sister's, my dad called and said the men of the church were asking me to stick around through the spring to help with playing the piano and teaching Sunday school... I had been considering some other opportunities and needs, but I just  did not have peace about them, partly because I knew the church had a need.  So for the spring, I will be helping at my dad's church, Anchor Baptist in Biddeford, ME. Please pray as the church moves through a transitional time. There have been many visitors to the church , and several people have joined. There are several more who want to join. Although it is frustrating, I am seeing God prune back the branches so more fruit can grow.

As far as my future missions trips are concerned, I will begin making plans for the end of next year to beginning of 2020. I recently sent out anow email to Christian colleges asking g to be able to speak to their students anf church memebers about taking short term trips to help missionaries. Please pray that the recipients of these letters will see the need for more relief laborers.

Continue to pray for my sister Janna's  tumor. Pray for my baby cousin, Mycah  who has been in the hospital since birth with mulittle heart surgeries and setbacks. Pray for sisters and their new babies, and for my sister-in-law who is expecting next year.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A change in location, but not in duties...

What a busy month November has been. I spent most of the month helping to care for my sister and her family due to the birth of her new baby and her husband's broken leg. My Saturdays were spent helping my dad, studying for Sunday school, and recording Christmas songs. Thanksgiving was a quieter day than usual, but it was fun to be with my family.

Last Sunday, I traveled with my parents to a church in New Hampshire. My dad preached, and I was able to give my testimony and share my burden for missions. We really enjoyed the service, and were very well taken care of by our hostess.
Yesterday, I flew to Iowa to stay three weeks with my sister Julie whose baby is due any day. I am looking forward to spending time with my niece and nephews. We are praying for snow.

My brother-in-law asked me to share an update with his church, and then gave me their Thanksgiving offering. Then the church I visited Sunday also gave me a love offering. God is continuing to tell me to go by continuing to provide funds. Please pray as I have some big decisions to make over the next month to prepare for next year.

Please pray for my dad and mom, and Anchor Baptist Church. Pray for growth and laborers. Continue to pray for my baby cousin Mycah  who has had 4 heart surgeries, and has been in the hospital since birth.He continues to have ups and downs. My sister Janna had some good news that the natural treatments she is doing are shrinking her pituitary tumor.

Even with all the heartaches and difficulties, God has been good.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Busy Days

I cannot believe this month is half over. As the frog says, "Time is fun when you're having flies." Although my days have been filled with caring for my three nieces and a nephew since the birth of my sister's baby, I have been able to stay involved in our church. We have had visitors at just about every service the past few weeks. I have been recording Christmas songs for the three weeks that I will be with my sister in Iowa while she has her baby. I also help type my dad's Sunday school notes, bulletin, and work on other projects. For the next couple weeks, I will be teaching the 4-6 year's old Sunday school class.

Last Friday, my brother-in-law and my dad were cutting some fallen trees for firewood. A tree had also fallen on the house where they were working. A neighbor came to pull the tree off the house with his tractor. He did not realize the roots were still in the ground. The tree bowed and snapped, and a large portion of it flew about 40 ft. It hit my dad in the shoulder, and my brother-in-law braced for it using his hands to deflect it. The force spun him around and broke his leg at the ankle and on the femur. He will be off work for 12 weeks. God has already provided for this need by making it impossible for my parents to get the house they applied for. We will be staying here for the next couple weeks until Dec. 2 when we will move everything into an apartment. Friends came and finished cutting a lot of the firewood for my brother-in-law, and other friends brought a Thanksgiving basket over. Several pastors have decided to help support him u til he is back on his feet.

Our fall program ends this Sunday. I have invited several visitors for our Thanksgiving meal, and I'm praying they will come. We are also praying that former members will be able to come and visit for a homecoming day.

Please  continue to pray for my sister Janna's with a pituitary gland tumor, my  four months old cousin Mycah who has had several heart surgeries, and still has more to go, for a house for my parents, my sister's pregnancy, my parents health, and our  church. I also am working on plans for next year's trips, so please pray God gives me direction.

Monday, October 29, 2018

A Busy Month

October has been filled with travelling back and forth from my parent's to my sister"s, Joy. She gave birth a little early to a beautiful baby girl, Ireland Hope. After a long stay in the hospital, she was able to come home, and has been doing well adjusting to her noisy siblings and home life. Joy has been doing well for the most part, but could use prayers that she regains her strength quickly.

God has been good to our church here. We have seen many visitors, I and another lady were voted in as new members, and there are several more waiting to be voted in. We just started our fall program, and so far the ladies are winning.

Please pray for our harvest party on Wednesday. Pray that people from the community will come and hear the Gospel while they enjoy the games...

Please continue to pray for our housing situation. Pray that the loan can be completed and the papers can be signed soon. There is a lot the Devil is trying to do to discourage my dad through this situation.

Please pray as I continue to work out details for next year regarding my missions ministry. There are so many needs, and it is hard to know where I should start. Pray God opens only the doors I should go through.

I do not remember if I posted this before, but our family has had the blessing of five of the grandkids trusting Christ over the last few months, and four of them have been baptized.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Family news

So much has been going on the lives of my family this week. Many of you have prayed for my sister Joy who was expecting. She had Ireland Hope yesterday at about 2:50 pm. She had been in and out of the hospital with labor pains for four days. We thought we might deliver Ireland at home, but her husband made it back and switched her to an ambulance very quickly. Labor was long, but the baby and mom are doing well. The baby has had a couple Brady episodes and is a month and a day early, so pray there are no further episodes or complications.

My sister Janna's little boy, Emmett, fell and broke his collar bone. Pray that it heals quickly with no complications.

My sister Julie's pregnancy is going well, but keep her in prayer too.

My dad's family have had three deaths in the last week. One was unexpected. Pray that people will come to Christ at the funerals.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Technology Glitch

I apologize for being almost a month late in posting. I had created a post last week, and I thought I posted it, but it is not on this website or my Facebook.

Life has been busy since my arrival home. I have become involved in my dad's church here in Maine. Currently, I am playing the piano for the services, and I will be helping play for the kids Sunday school starting tomorrow.

Two weeks ago, my cousin in Alabama passed away, so we made an emergency trip down for the funeral. Although it was a sad time, it was so good to see family I haven't seen in three years. I was also able to spend time with three of my sisters and some of my some of my  nieces and nephews. The funeral was a time of rejoicing more than sorrow because my cousin had been wheelchair bound all her life, but she still had an impact on many people coming to Christ.

Last week, I stayed with my sister and her kids while I sent my parents on a trip to Prince Edward Island for my mom's birthday. I enjoyed spending time with my sister and her husband playing games and playing with my nieces and nephews.

This week, I hope to finally focus on scheduling meetings to share my ministry. Please pray that God will open doors. My main goal is to encourage other people to do what I do. Pray for my dad and the church here in Maine. There have been visitors almost every week, and several people have asked to join the church. Continue to pray for my two sisters who are pregnant and my sister who has the brain  bleed.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Finally home for a little while

It has been quite awhile since my last post. Since arriving home from my trips, my life has been a little hectic. I spent my first Sunday home participating in our missions conference. The following Wednesday, I flew to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to meet my aunt from England. We spent ten days in the Canadian Rockies. What a treat it was to spend time with her, and to see some of God's amazing creation. We saw a moose, several elk, and a few other animals. I am now wanting to see the American Rockies.

I will be home for several months, but I am planning some trips within the US to share what I do. Please pray that God will open doors. I will also be spending time with my siblings, and I will begin contacting new missionaries to help. Pray that God leads me to those I should minister to.

My updates will probably not be quite as newsie as they have been, or at least not quite as exciting, but I will try to post once a week again. If you would like to see pictures from my trips, you can view them on Facebook Jennifer Rarrick.

Please pray for my sisters Julie and Joy who are expecting, My sister Janna who has a tumor and other health problems, my parents who still need a house, some of my other family who are in the process of saying goodby to a loved one, and an unspoken request.

Friday, August 24, 2018

In the USA

Please do not mention by name the last country I was in. Also, please be careful what questions you ask. It is hard to believe that 10 months are gone! Last week, I finished compiling the book of stories from the writing camp. Then I began packing. On Tuesday night, I flew to Korea. I spent the day with two friends. I boarded my flight at 9pm, and I arrived in Las Vegas the same day at 4pm. I then took a short flight to Phoenix where I am staying with a cousin for a few days. Today a college friend is driving us to the Grand Canyon.

While in Ch__a, I was a part of 3 girls trusting Christ. This makes a total of 12 people I have personally reached for Christ  outside the US. I am excited to see what doors God opens in this next year. Due to many family life events, I will not plan to leave the US again until sometime next year.

Please pray for my sisters who are pregnant. Pray that my sister's, Janna, tumor will heal. Pray my parents can find a house. Pray for several Chinese students who are in the US studying.

Please pray especially for Ch__a and Nepal. Religious freedoms are being taken away. In Nepal it is now illegal to witness or pass out religious literature. In Chi__a, churches and the individual Christians must register with the state church. Two leaders were called in and told they could no longer have foreigners in the services. Both men have foreign born wives. Also, self criticism is being used again. This is basically a person is accused of doing something wrong, and then  has to criticize himself for the wrongdoing and include anything else he may have done wrong. I met several families whose husbands or children feel they cannot trust Christ because they are Comm. Party members. One family would only come to Bible studies because the husband has to report everything he does with foreigners. The curent leader is a fan of Mao. He wants the country to return to the way it was in Mao's day. Some churches have split into smaller groups and started back in other areas. I believe the end times are getting closer. We keep hearing peace, but behind the scenes persecution is becoming more prominent.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

In the Home Stretch

Whew! Two more camps have been completed thus finishing of four weeks of back to back camps. I enjoyed them, but I am definitely tired. Today, I slept in quite late. Two weeks ago, we had a camp for kids 4-10 years old. I had forgotten how long a day can be when dealing with little kids. We did get a nap time scheduled in which helped immensely. The kids learned a lot from several different teachers. I was able to share the Good News, but I do not know of any decisions that were made.

Last week we had an English writing camp. It is a way to introduce the students to the Good News while they hone their English skills. I was again able to share the Good News; no decisions were made, but the seed was planted. The kids are very skilled in imagining stories and drawing the pictures for them. This week will be spent finishing the compilation of a book which will include the stories and drawings.

I have one week and a few days left here in China. I am excited to be returning home. I will spend a few days on the west side of the US exploring the Grand Canyon and Arizona before heading to Maine. I have many decisions to make once I return home, so please make Request for me.

Cousin, Mycah, 1 month old, had heart surgery and now has a staph infection along with other set backs
Sister Janna, tumor
Sisters Julie and Joy, pregnancies
Parents, to find a house

Friday, July 27, 2018

Camp! (This is a short post because I can't be too detailed.)

Well, after two weeks of camp, I am exhausted but happy. The first week was English Day camp. We had a great group of kids. I taught about Giants in our life and the Armor needed to fight them. Another lady taught about a group of people and animals in a boat who were saved from a great flood. :-) At the end of the week, I was involved in helping a little girl make the Most Important Decision of her life! What a blessing!

This past week was a Special Emphasis English camp. Again we had a great group of kids. I had two girls in my room. I was able to talk with them early in the week after a very pointed lesson about the Most Important Decision anyone should make. That night after a 30 minute conversation, they both made that Decision! They did a lot of memorizing, and we won the cleanest cabin. Overall, our team won the competitions. What a fun time!

We have a couple days rest before a new camp starts. Please make request for these two girls as the grow in Knowledge. Also make request for some helpers from the states who return tomorrow.


Sisters who are pregnant
Sister who has a tumor
Parents to find a house
Baby cousin Mycah who had heart surgery and needs two more
Friends son, William who is recovering from E-Coli
Strength for me

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Special Requests

I have not been posting as often due to some situations that have arisen here. I believe CLA recently posted some information which will explain some of the things I have seen.

My niece, Brooklyn, made the most important decision of her life this week and talked to our Friend. I'm so glad my siblings are teaching their children the truth.

The past week has been busy as we finished up camp training. This week we will have an English Day camp. There will of course be some Special Emphasis teaching. I will be teaching about fighting Giants and the Armor needed for that. Please make request that many will learn the most Important thing over the next few weeks.

Today, I finished my last  session with the two boys I have been tutoring. I hope to share Important Information with them next week when they come to take their final test.

I would make request for my newest cousin, Mycah. He was born with a heart problem, and just had his first of 3 surgeries. He is doing ok, but has a long road of recovery. My friend's little boy, William, contracted E-coli and has been in the hospital for several weeks. He is very much on the mend, but is having a hard time reintroducing food since he has been on a feeding tube or IV drips most of this time. Please continue to make request of my sisters Joy and Julie and their coming babies. My parents still need a house, and my sister Jacqueline needs to sell her motor home. There are so many more people I know who are hurting from sickness or the loss of a loved one.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Opportunities and Difficulties

The days are getting busier. Last week, I completed my phonics teaching at the kindergarten. On Monday, I was able to present our Best Friend to about 7 of the teachers. They had a very good response and some had questions. Make request that the seed will grow.

I also taught some classes for my friends while they were out of town. The kids did very well, which of course allowed me to enjoy the teaching time. At the end of the week, I was able to help with the end of the semester program for the students. I baked cookies, decorated, and did cleanup. It was a fun night.

This week is camp prep week. We will begin training next week, and during the day, I will be teaching a few classes for students who are out of school already. They are pretty young, so coming up with appropriate crafts and science projects has been fun. Although I cannot share all the Truth with this class, in the next few weeks, I will have that opportunity again.

Last Sunday, I met again with my friend Richard. He is so hardened to the truth. Please make request that his heart will be softened. Also make request that he and his wife can come to some classes on Wednesdays.

Please make special request for some Friends who are facing difficult meetings in the next few weeks. Some have had official visits regarding activities, have been required to make a list of Friends, and are needing to create smaller Groups of Friends.

My internet service hasn't been great the last few weeks.  Official checking may be the problem. Please make request that I can continue to keep in touch with my family and friends.

Special Requests
Parents to find a house
Sisters, Julie and Joy, and their coming babies
Sister Janna's tumor on her pituitary gland
Cousin Hope
Friend's daughter, Victoria
William Zenker, E coli and many other complications from it

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Long Overdue

I apologize for being very late in posting. Some things have been tightening here for people, and it has had a close effect. Please make request that things will change for the better quickly. My posts may be less regular depending on events.

 Last week, I was able to visit some friends in Korea. What a joy to spend time with friends without wondering what the repercussions might be. I also visited a ch—ch led by a man my dad reached over 30 years ago. His son led the meeting in the afternoon. It was cool to see a second generation following in his father’s footsteps. 

This past weekend, we were able to spend a couple days near a beautiful lake. We held a CPR class, and used it as a tool to reach people related to folks who already gather with us. Sunday morning was a sweet time of fellowship, and much of the time was spent making request for each other and the older people giving advice to the younger ones. 

In the afternoon, a few of us went to the lake. I took a walk across the top of the dam, and from one area, you could see the Great Wall in the distance. There is still a Great Wall here that wants to keep out the right kind of influence, but there are lives being changed. 

Last week, my friend Richard visited again. Mr. A made a beautiful Chinese style fish which really impressed Richard. Mrs. A made several other Chinese dishes, and I made American beef stew. Everything was delicious. Afterwards, Mr. A was able to share some Words with Richard. Please make request that Richard will continue to study and seek. 

This week and next will be my last in the kindergarten. I hope to take Monday to share Words with the teachers there. Please make request that they can understand. 

Requests My sister Janna has one tumor and possibly a second on her pituitary gland. The doctor is hoping to use natural means to remove the tumor. My parents still need a house. My sisters Joy and Julie are expecting.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Post deleted for safety

I am leaving Korea today, so I removed my latest update. If you did not get to read it, but would like to, let me know.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

The End of May and Memorial Day

This month has been very busy, and June is going to be even busier. My time spent in the kindergarten is helping me develop some teaching skills I did not have before. Tonight, it may have helped my art skills a little, but probably not since my bear drawings are very lacking.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, I cannot help but think of all who have sacrificed for freedom. Do not take that freedom for granted. I know what it is like to be in places where freedom like ours is unknown. I am thankful for a long line of patriots from the The War for Independence to the current times who are unafraid to sacrifice themselves for our nation. Tomorrow, I will wear my Wolfhounds shirt in honor of my Uncle John who was killed in Vietnam.

I have met several nice young ladies since being here. Last week I baked cookies with one, and tomorrow, I will go out for lunch with another. I hope I can have a positive influence in their lives. Several are going to college, and some have chosen secular schools. They need lots of petitions to go up for them to stay firm in their beliefs. There are also several young men who are home from school. Some have been to the specialized classes, but some have only made one appearance. This is a little discouraging to the Teacher.

Several summer get togethers will take place, I will get to teach in quite a few of them. I have already been thinking about topics, and I am excited to see the results that come from these activities. These get togethers will focus on young people, but some parents may join in.

Next month, I will go to South Korea to renew my visa. During that time I hope to see a couple of friends who live their. It will be fun to catch up with my former roommate.

Summer Get togethers
Sister, Janna- possible surgery
Sisters, Julie and Joy- pregnancies
Parents- find a house

Monday, May 21, 2018

A New Kind of Busy

Another week has rushed by. I began volunteering in a Kindergarten last week, and I will be helping there four days a week. I have three classes, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 years old. I was a little overwhelmed at first, but this week is going much better. The kids know English words, but do not always understand full sentences. The some of the teachers understand what I say, but they cannot speak back to me. Hopefully, they will learn along with the kids.

Tonight, I had a girl named Willa come over dinner. We made crepes, and I taught her how to make peanut butter cookies. We had a good time talking and cooking. Next week, we will go to her house for hotpot.

As we move closer to summer, I will be much busier helping with several types of English camps, including Specialized ones. There may be opportunities to introduce people to our Friend and make new Friends.

A friend's new baby who has some difficulties
Chyenne Barnes (my sister's father-in-law)
My parents to find a house
Future plans

Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy B Day to Me!

Thursday, I celebrated 34 years of life! Time has definitely flown in the last ten years. It was 11 years ago at the end of this month that I made my first trip to China. The journey since then hasn't always been easy, but I can look back and see where I was led to the right places at the right times.

My life is about to get very busy. I will be volunteering in some phonics classes, and I made my first visit today. I also rode a bike for the first time in 10 years. I was pretty proud that I didn't wreck and embarrass myself.

I have been helping with a lot of small but important projects for my friends here and in Puerto Rico. This week, I finished the yearbook for the PR school, and I am almost done with the calendar for here. I enjoy being a blessing to all the people I come in contact with.

I hope any mothers who read this were able to enjoy a nice Mother's Day. I was able to send my mom some flowers. I have missed a number of Mother's Days at home in the last few years, yet my mom has been my biggest encourager on my journeys. When she surprised me for my birthday in Puerto Rico, we were able to spend Mother's Day together and speak at a mother-daughter banquet.

I talked with my sister, Julie tonight, and my niece Serenity, who is 4, wanted to talk to. I asked Serenity to read me a story. She read several short words, then read a story about a pig who sat in the mud. I asked her if she was reading a dirty story. She laughed and said, "Yes, I'm reading an Aunt Jenny story." I laughed so hard. She is definitely a chip off the block of sarcasm that runs in our family.

Parents to find a house
Wisdom for my dad
Wisdom for decisions for my future trips
Chyenne Barnes-My brother-in-laws dad- The bucket of a backhoe fell on him and broke his leg.
My sister as she helps care for Mr. Barnes

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Daily Living

Another week and month gone! Time seems to fly with each passing year. I will celebrate 34 years of life on Thursday, and I feel that the last three have gone way to fast.

This week was busy with a lot of normal everyday things like cleaning and cooking, but on Friday, I was able to guest teach phonics for a co-op mom and kids group. I had so much fun. Then on Saturday, I was able to use my English grammar teaching skills to help two high school boys. I love teaching, and I especially enjoy teaching English.

We are gearing up for some English camps which will happen during the summer. One will be a writing camp, and we will enjoy a lot of sightseeing and activities in order for the kids to have something to write about. I will also help with a specialized English group teaching stories like David, Daniel... Please keep me and the kids in your Thoughts to our Friend.

Conversation topics tend to be limited, and I am finding out more about these kind of problems. Some of the Friends have been asked to go home to be added to a list that tells who are Friends. Others have been told they cannot bring children to the Sunday learning groups. Another Thought to share with our Friend.

Camps, health, safety, protection, wisdom for future decisions

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Keeping Busy

A schedule is definitely the only way to keep up with the daily life here in Beijing. Just trying to keep the dust at bay and do daily cleaning tasks can keep me busy most days. I do a lot more cooking than I was, and I am enjoying it. We have been out a few different times in the last few weeks for meals with friends, and the food has been amazing! I had Peking Duck again this week as well as lamb and fish. I also made homemade dumplings with some friends. This was my favorite meal!

I cannot explain all that my schedule entails, but I have been able to observe a few English classes, and I will be doing more observing this week and next. I am learning a lot about the needs of the students here in China. The classes are door to making new Friends. Some of the people interested  in becoming Friends attend specialized English classes on Sundays. These classes are geared of course, to developing the whole person not just educating them.

Certain aspects of Friendship are becoming more difficult because of the national leadership. It is sometimes difficult to print the materials needed for the classes. There is still a strong fear of others, and many times friendships are tested before someone fully trusts another person to be their friend and not be seeking them out for personal gain or to expose them.

Growth among the Friends
More Students
English Summer Camps
Wisdom for the Future

Friday, April 20, 2018

Fun times in China!

I have been in China at week and have climbed the Great Wall twice, had a lotus boat ride on Bei Hai lake, had Peking duck in Peking (Beijing), had an amazing hot pot meal, made new friends, and making plans to meet up with some friends I knew in college and Chicago.

One of my new friends is returning to the US tomorrow. We have been roommates and buddies the last week, so I will  miss her fun personality. She will be starting college this fall and hopes to return to China in the  future.

I spend my days, when not sight-seeing, cleaning house and being a blessing to my friends. I have been able to sit in on a few English classes, and on the weekends, I have been able to play piano for specialized classes.

I am beginning to learn my way around, and I am remembering some of my Chinese. I hope to learn more as time goes by. The people here love Americans, and it is nice to feel famous as the people are always asking to take pictures.

Wisdom  for my time here in China.
Wisdom about my future plans.
My family

Friday, April 13, 2018


Wow! The last two weeks were very busy. I finished out my time in Nepal by visiting Pokhara in the Annapurna Mtains. It is a beautifull place. We stayed in a beautiful hotel, ate Korean bbq, fajitas, Dahl bat (rice, soup, meat) crepes, and so many other delicious things. We visited the Gurkha soldiers museum which if you do not know who the Gurkha are, do some reading. They were and are amazing, brave, soldiers. We also visited the international Mountain museum. It is a beautiful place with a mini Mt. Everest to climb, so I climbed Everest. We also drove up into the mountains and watched the sunrise. Because of the clouds, we only saw the tiptoes of the tallest peaks. It was not until the last day that we actually saw the Annapurnas in their glory of beautiful, snow capped peaks. It was an answer to prayer. I did not get to see Everest due to clouds, but someday if I visit again, I plan to trek to see the mountain.

The end of my last week in Nepal was busy with packing, cleaning, and completing a few crochet projects for the kids. I left Nepal at 11:30 pm and arrived in Malaysia at 6am. What a beautiful airport! They have a small atrium with a jungle and waterfalls. It was a very relaxing place to walk through. I ate breakfast and did a little shopping, then went to have lunch. I only had a little bit of Malaysian money left, so I was trying to figure out how much my meal would  cost... the waiter had a little trouble understanding my questions, and a man from Singapore asked what the trouble was. I explained my lack of Malaysian money... He told the waiter to give me whatever I wanted and paid for it. I did not get to ask him if he was a Chr....., but it wouldn't surprise me.

I left Malaysia at 5:30 pm and arrived in China at midnite. Customs was quick with no problems. I headed for my hotel only to find out that they consider 2am to be part of the night before. My room was not ready, and there were not  available. I went to my friend's for a few hours then returned to the hotel to rest and freshen up.

The next day, I went to the Great Wall. The area was beautifully landscaped and did not seem to be a main tourist area.  We spent a couple of hours climbing, chatting... We then had an amazing fish soup lunch. Mine was very spicy, and one of the peppers , Szechuan peppers, had a strange numbing effect.

Yesterday, I spent the day at the English Center working on personal projects and learning about how the center works. Today, I am sitting in  on classes and learning how English is taught. Tonight we will have a time with friends to learn about the best Friend.

Please wait to comment about my adventures until you see how I write about things due to the regulations here. You will notice certain words are not used and are replaced with other words. If you do not understand something, please feel free to ask my family.

Trouble that my parents had with the moving company they hired.
Future plans

Sunday, April 1, 2018

He is Risen!!! and that's no joke!

I hope everyone has a lovely day as they remember Jesus resurrection. Knowing that friends have lost loved ones including a little baby this week, makes the resurrection so much more amazing. One day we will all rise again.  We began the day with a sunrise service and breakfast as a church family. It was very enjoyable to sit together as a family even though I cannot speak the language.

This week was busy as I began packing some of the things I will not need in order to be ready to leave in a week. I was able to visit Crown College Nepal on Tuesday. What a blessing to see the truth being taught here through the first college I attended.

We completed some more spring cleaning projects this week, and I attempted to make rock candy. Epic Fail! I now plan to freeze the sugary syrup in hopes the kids can have popsicles. I also visited Thamel which is a tourist market area. What a maze of back alleys and streets! We had fun eating KFC and milkshakes, but all of us were exhausted.

Tomorrow, I leave for Pokhara where I will see some of the Himalayas. (not Everest) I have been told it is beautiful, so I should have a lot of pictures when I get back.

As the time moves on towards my last day, things will be pretty busy, so it is possible my next post will be from China. Please be careful in what you say or post on my wall or missions page in regards to Christianity as it could cause problems for my friends in China.It may be necessary for me to have my sister post for me, so my posts may not be as frequent or lengthy.

Please pray for my parents as they move this month. Pray they can find a house quickly. Pray for my sister, Joy who is expecting. Pray for my flight to China which will take two days. Pray that I do not have any problems going through customs...

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Busy Days

Forgive my lateness in posting. Also, please forgive my recent posts which had quite a few typos. I never will understand why someone created auto text... We finished school last week. Friday we had a fun day at the park, but  I came home with a lovely sunburn. Saturday we had fellowship, and Sunday was spent getting the last of my grades entered along with some cleaning and resting.

Monday, I hit the ground running as the kids and I began spring cleaning. I should have moved a little slower and checked the wet stairs more carefully because I fell down about 6 steps. Nothing is broken, but I did get a nice bruise.

I also found some fun things to do during this work week. Monday we had a scavenger hunt. Yesterday we went to the park, and today we made clay figures which we will paint tomorrow. Each day is spent cleaning for an hour or two, then free time, followed by a fun activity. Tonight I am sleeping  in the older girls room.

My time in Nepal is coming to a close. In a few days, I will be going to view Everest. Please pray that the skies are clear.

Please pray that I can have everything arranged for a smooth arrival in China. I land at midnight, so I will need transportation to my hotel... I am also in the process of arranging a place to stay when I land in Las Vegas and transportation from Las Vegas to Phoenix followed by a flight to Maine. Pray that I can find inexpensive flights and hotels.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Last regular week of school

Last week was busy, preparing my students for finals, field trip... We went to a fun park (carnival type rides) on Friday, and I spent the day with k5-2nd grade. We ate cotton candy, momos (dumplings), he kids rode bumper cars, and several other rides while I took pictures. I did ride the carousel and a small roller coaster. It was a fun but tiring day.

This week is finals week, so most if my time will be spent cleaning and helping with preparations for next year since my students will all complete their language tests tomorrow. The following week, some of he students will leave to vis it family, and I will help with spring cleaning and fun times.

We spent a couple of days with little to no power, which is why this post is late. Today we had a thunderstorm with lots of hail. The kids loved it because hail is the only "snow "they get.

I do want to praise the Lord for the safe and healthy arrival of my cousin's twins boys. They knew that one would have a cleft palate, and they thought he would need extensive surgery, but God healed him of all but a small cleft in his gum and a cleft in his lip. God is amazing!

Continue to pray for the church here, future plans the Tamangs are making, and my continued health and safety as I help.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

One Month To Go

For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanishetth away. I am down to one month left in Nepal. The past two weeks were busy with school, three different days off due to holidays and a strike  followed by a field trip to a botanical garden. It was nice enough to be out on the country and able to breath without a lot of dust. There were a good number of flowers blooming, but it is still winter, so the roses and some other spring flowers had not yet bloomed.

Yesterday, there were some visitors in church along with a few ,embers who had not  one in awhile. I could tell the leaders here were encouraged. The children sang the song "Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See." I thought to myself, "It is sad that we adults teach our children to be careful what they see, hear, say,  do with their hands, and where they go with their feet, yet we adults watch, listen to, read, say, do, and go to all the things we teach the kids not to." We should live by example not just tell them what to do or not do. Jesus said hear  His sayings and do them. Hat doesn't just mean what He said on earth, but what His Word says as well. If ye love me, keep my commandments.

A couple says ago, we had our second rain of the year, and it included a thundrstorm with hail. Last night I took a picture of the blood moon. It was beautiful! This week, I will be getting fitted for my Nepali national dress called a kurtha. This is the last regular week of school. Next week the kids have finals and an activity day. I am supposed to make a trip to view Mt. Everst before I leave. It will be in the distance, and if there are clouds, I may not see it at all. Please pray that God gives me a very clear view. I am teaching most of he girls to crochet, and I making some things for the boys. I'm hoping I can finish all before I leave.

Please continue to pray for funding for trips. Even with several supporting churches now, the funds for future trips are still small. When I return to the states, I hope to meet a visit to Puerto Rico and my sending church which will require flight expenses. I am considering going to England for  year and doing some short term trips to Europe from there. Please pray that God gives me wisdom, direction, and funds.

Prayer requests
My mom fell and hurt her knee. Please pry she heals with no major damage. Pray for wisdom for my dad as he makes decisions for his future ministry and health. Pray for the spiritual warfare here in Nepal. Satanic influence is much more tangible here, and the kids, church members... are feeling the effects. Pray for the Tamangs as they travel for a conference in Malaysia.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Busy Days

Another week has passed, and a new one had begun. We had a holiday last week which caused a change in schedule. We spent the day playing games and going to a park. Today is also a holiday, and I made biscuits and gravy for a special treat.

Last Saturday, I played the piano for church. Since two keys on the keyboard do not work, I have to transpose each song into 4 flats. On top of this, for the songs that are only Nepali (not an English hymn) I have to learn the tune, hear it in an unfamiliar language  and transpose it. I must say, this  has made me stretch my piano skills and thinking skills.

School is keeping me busy since my students have oral and written reports they are working on. The language barrier makes reading their papers interesting. I am learning a lot about how to teach and help students whose first language is not English.

God blessed me with a bag of yarn. Friday, I bought several more balls of yarn, and yesterday, I began teaching some of the girls and a couple boys how to crochet. It is not easy to teach a large group, therefore, I will be splitting them into  to groups amd working with them on  their various projects. I have also learned how to create some new granny square patterns, and I a, excited to try them  out.

Please pray for Shanta. She has been sick for several days, and they had to take her to the hospital today. She is home, but pray that she gets well. Please keep my parents in prayer as they make some decisions and continue to work on my dad's health. Pray also for youngest sister's vehicle. He fuel injector may need to be replaced which could cost quite a bit.
Pray as I make some decisions regarding my future plans for M2M-Now,  and pray that God will open doors to allow me to share with people who would like to do what I do.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

One Month!

How does time pass so quickly? I feel like I have only been in Nepal a short time. School is winding down, and my days are filled with helping my students with oral and written reports. I love teaching English, especially to students who are eager to learn it.

I had quite a scare this week when the littlest girl hit her head on the edge of a concrete window ledge. I don't handle blood well, and I was afraid she would have a concussion because of how hard she hit. Thankfully, Janelle, a missionary teacher here, was home. She cleaned the wound so we could see how bad it was then went to the clinic nearby. No stitches were needed, and they sealed the wound with a powder to clot the blood. Thankfully the little girl was none the worse for wear.

Today, I played the piano for  services. I did ok for most of the songs, but not knowing a tune, not knowing a language, and having to transpose every song, because two notes on the keyboard do not play, made for an interesting day. If anyone knows of a cheap, decent keyboard that could be Bough in  Nepal or shipped here, please let me know. Another need the school has is a set of Encyclopedias, preferably no older than ten years.

Today, I made banana pudding. Most of the kids liked it.
On Tuesday, I plan to make donuts since it is a holiday from school.

Please pray for the Tamangs as they are looking into a site for another home which will be to rescue girls in the same way as Amy Carmichael. Although, certain practices are now illegal, some outlying areas still do many of these illegal practices. Pray for wisdo, and open doors if this is what God wants them to do.

Please pray for my parents as they travel to Maine. Also, pray for the school and children's home here in Nepal.  Pray for the ground water to be at the right levels. Winter is the dry season, and there has been a little trouble with the water levels. Pray for a situation that I need to have a clear answer for.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Praises and Prayers

I usually post on Thursdays, but time got away from me. This week has been one of praises and prayers.

Last Sunday, I visited a Hindu temple. What a sad religion. Hey burn the bodies in hopes that the person will be purified of sin. If it takes longer than 3 hours to burn a body, they believe the person was bad. There are many rituals that go along with the funeral. While I was talking with the guide, I was able to share a bit of the Gospel with him. Please pray that he will seek the truth.

We are thankful that two of the kids are back from their father's  funeral. Imagine being a 5th grade Christian boy and having to perform some of the rites of a pagan religion. Every night and during each class, we prayed for God's protection  over these two as they faced the fact that their father was not saved and dealt with demonic oppression. You can look up the Hindu funeral practices for a son whose father dies to seek the challenges this boy faced.

I heard good news regarding my cousin who is expecting miracle twins. She still needs prayer that the twins wait a few more weeks before coming.

My aunt who was in the hospital for 31 days was sent home, she is now back in. Please pray that the doctors can regulate her meds, and pray that the blood clots she has will go away.

I took the kids up on the roof to watch the lunar eclipse. We had a decent view when it was almost fully covered, but due to smoke and lights, the red color wasn't as clear until it was higher in the sky and the earth's shadow was beginning to wane. I was able to take some pics which can be viewed on Facebook M2M-Now.

I am learning some Nepali hymns and choruses on the piano, and I hope to be playing in church by next week. Please pray for me.

School keeps me busy, but I did find out that I will be here after school finishes in March wHicham will give me a little more time to spend with the kids and maybe see a little more of the country.

I found out we have two pairs of green parrots behind the house. I took a few pics, but jopefully, I can get some better ones soon.

Please keep my parents in prayer as they continue to work on my dad's health.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Time Marches On

Time is moving quickly here in Nepal. I can't believe I've already been here two weeks. School keeps me busy during the day, and Uno games and homework keep me busy at night. We have devotions each night, and I have had the opportunity to share some thoughts twice. I have also been teaching the kids some Scripture songs.

The little kids here are so adorable. They love to hug, and even the older ones give hugs at night. The littlest one, Preety, is three. If I am not downstairs, she comes upstair; I hear a tiny knock on the door, and Preety will list all the names of the other kids and say, "We play the Uno?" She also asks to sit in my lap quite often.

The kids love to sing, and quite often you can one singing somewhere in the house. Preety likes to sing loud and often. Sometimes she sings a nursery rhyme, but usually the songs heard throughout the house are Christian songs.

Spiritual warfare is very tangible here. The children here deal with things brought on by Hindu worshipping relatives that most people in America have only experienced in a movie. The ones who go to public high school also deal with peer pressure for not panticipating in religious festivals... They need prayer for protection and strength to stand.

I have not been to any sightseeing places yet, but tomorrow I will visit a temple. Because food is left for the gods, monkeys hang out at the temples. It should prove to be an interesting trip.

Please pray for Shanta and Pawan whose father passed away. Pray for my dad's health.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Short Update

I am finally settling into my school and sleep schedule here in Nepal. The barking dogs, jets, and helicopters tend to keep me awake. After two days of teaching with Mrs. Tamang, I took the classes full time last Friday. Saturday we had fellowship because Sunday is a work day in Nepal. Sunday, I slept in a little. That afternoon, I went with the Tamangs to visit a new couple. The husband is a deaf Nepali. On Monday, the Tamangs went to visit a village several hours away. There, several people will be publicly showing trust in our Friend by stepping in the water. Tuesday was uneventful. We had fellowship on Wednesday, and a neighbor had a loud birthday which kept me awake until midnight. Last night my dad sent me a link to night sounds from the El Yunque Forest in Puerto Rico. I played the video all night, and I actually slept most of the night. Please pray for Pawan (powan) and Shanta(santa), two children from the home; their real father passed away.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Nepal- A new Adventure

I cannot believe how quickly my time in England passed. I left England on Monday, January 8. After a 45 minute delay at the airport, we lifted off about 10:30 pm. We flew across Europe, and hit several areas of severe turbulence. It was the second time I felt fear while flying. I slept very little, as my seat mate had the window. In the morning, we chatted with each other about the turbulence. I asked him where he was from, and he told me he had been born in Kuwait, but lived in the UK and had family in Dubai, Untied Arab Emirates. I asked him about the area we were flying over, and he told me it was Iraq and Iran. Some of the mountains had snow on them which surprised me. I thought of those areas as dry desert. The mountains were tan as were the valleys. We arrived in Dubai which was covered by clouds, so I was not able to get clear pictures of the city. I had a short layover during which time, I bought a Krispy Kreme donut.

I left Dubai on a three hour or so flight, and I was able to sleep a little since the plane was mostly empty. I was on the wrong side of the plane to see the Himalayas, so I plan to make a trip to see Everest at some point. It is an hour or two to any area where the mountain might be visible in the distance. The Nepal border is one of the calmest to go through. I obtained my visa with no trouble. I then proceeded outside, where I was eventually found by the Tamangs.

We arrived at their home about 8pm. I was taken to my room and given a meal after which, I went to bed. I am still trying to adjust my sleeping pattern. I will be teaching English classes for 4th-7th grade. Please pray that I can get adjusted to the schedule and that I can get into a good sleep schedule.

We had our first fellowship Wednesday night. All the songs were sung in Nepali. Most were choruses I did not know, but they did sing Draw Me Nearer, so I sang along in English. The teaching was translated for me.

Today was the first school chapel service I have been in. Thankfully it was in English. Please be careful regarding comments and questions about what I do since this is not a completely open country.

So far I have enjoyed the foods. They eat rice with different curry flavors and chow mein with a spicy salsa. I learned how to eat flat rice which is rice beaten out flat and looks similar to oatmeal. I thought it would be served like oatmeal, but they eat it drowned in homemade yogurt. I am not a yogurt fan, so mine was rather dry. They did offer me an egg which helped to fill me up. It will probably take me awhile to get used to this particular meal.

The language is tonal, so I am not sure how much I will pick up in three months.  I know I will not be able to write the language because it is all squiggles and lines. Each line looks exactly the same to me.

You can view pictures on my Facebook page M2M-Now.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A New Year

It is hard to believe a new year has come. This past year has been a busy one for me. I am just a few days away from leaving England and flying to Nepal. I am looking forward to the adventures ahead, but I will miss all the people here in England. I will especially miss the time spent with Aunt Debbie.

Christmas was fun this year. I enjoyed celebrating with a Christmas morning service of carols and the Christmas story. We had a delicious meal, and I was able to celebrate with two of my aunt's children, her aunt, and her son's in-laws from Canada. It took all day, but My family finally got connected long enough to quote Luke 2:1-7. I'm thankful for technology.

The week between Christmas and New Year I helped Aunt Debbie finish moving in and unpacking. I have put together several flat-pack furniture pieces. I think I could make a living at putting furniture together.

Please pray as I fly out next week for Nepal. The world is changing in its attitude toward Americans.