Sunday, May 6, 2018

Daily Living

Another week and month gone! Time seems to fly with each passing year. I will celebrate 34 years of life on Thursday, and I feel that the last three have gone way to fast.

This week was busy with a lot of normal everyday things like cleaning and cooking, but on Friday, I was able to guest teach phonics for a co-op mom and kids group. I had so much fun. Then on Saturday, I was able to use my English grammar teaching skills to help two high school boys. I love teaching, and I especially enjoy teaching English.

We are gearing up for some English camps which will happen during the summer. One will be a writing camp, and we will enjoy a lot of sightseeing and activities in order for the kids to have something to write about. I will also help with a specialized English group teaching stories like David, Daniel... Please keep me and the kids in your Thoughts to our Friend.

Conversation topics tend to be limited, and I am finding out more about these kind of problems. Some of the Friends have been asked to go home to be added to a list that tells who are Friends. Others have been told they cannot bring children to the Sunday learning groups. Another Thought to share with our Friend.

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