Monday, July 2, 2018

Opportunities and Difficulties

The days are getting busier. Last week, I completed my phonics teaching at the kindergarten. On Monday, I was able to present our Best Friend to about 7 of the teachers. They had a very good response and some had questions. Make request that the seed will grow.

I also taught some classes for my friends while they were out of town. The kids did very well, which of course allowed me to enjoy the teaching time. At the end of the week, I was able to help with the end of the semester program for the students. I baked cookies, decorated, and did cleanup. It was a fun night.

This week is camp prep week. We will begin training next week, and during the day, I will be teaching a few classes for students who are out of school already. They are pretty young, so coming up with appropriate crafts and science projects has been fun. Although I cannot share all the Truth with this class, in the next few weeks, I will have that opportunity again.

Last Sunday, I met again with my friend Richard. He is so hardened to the truth. Please make request that his heart will be softened. Also make request that he and his wife can come to some classes on Wednesdays.

Please make special request for some Friends who are facing difficult meetings in the next few weeks. Some have had official visits regarding activities, have been required to make a list of Friends, and are needing to create smaller Groups of Friends.

My internet service hasn't been great the last few weeks.  Official checking may be the problem. Please make request that I can continue to keep in touch with my family and friends.

Special Requests
Parents to find a house
Sisters, Julie and Joy, and their coming babies
Sister Janna's tumor on her pituitary gland
Cousin Hope
Friend's daughter, Victoria
William Zenker, E coli and many other complications from it

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