Saturday, February 15, 2020

How fast a month can go.

I cannot believe it has been a month since I last blogged. I apologize for not keeping you up to date. Since returning from Christmas break, All but two of my students have been very sick either with flu or walking pneumonia or both. So far, I have been spared from any illness. Please pray that continues to be the case.

Earthquakes continue to shake the island; although most are 2-3 on the Richter scale, there have been a few between 4 and 5. Those quakes I can feel a little. Many public schools even in our area remained closed throughout January and the first part of February due to safety concerns. Our building were inspected in January and cleared as being safe. We began having mini earthquake drills in our classrooms, and last week, we had the emergency management come out and do a practice which including walking to a safe area down the road. The students did well in behavior as wells as in having a sense of urgency which impressed the officials. We pray we never have to utilize what we have learned and practiced in a real setting, but at least we know that we are as prepared as we can be.

Along with sick students, many of our church members suffered with the flu. Even with the number of regular attenders who were out, we ran 40-50. When everyone is well, we run 50-60. We have had several new visitors over the last month.

I now have my plane ticket to go home as well as my plane ticket to go to England. I also have a mid-July date set to be in Poland, and will be working on Romania as soon as I finalize my travel details to Poland. God is continuing to open doors and provide funds. Please pray that He will give me wisdom me as I continue to follow Him.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Many singles are unhappy on this day, but I had a very fun day with my students and the teens. My students had a water fight as part of their class party, and last night I held a game night for the teens. I plan to have at least two more teen get-togethers, so please pray God can use these times to encourage the teens and allow them to become closer to God and each other.