Saturday, October 13, 2018

Family news

So much has been going on the lives of my family this week. Many of you have prayed for my sister Joy who was expecting. She had Ireland Hope yesterday at about 2:50 pm. She had been in and out of the hospital with labor pains for four days. We thought we might deliver Ireland at home, but her husband made it back and switched her to an ambulance very quickly. Labor was long, but the baby and mom are doing well. The baby has had a couple Brady episodes and is a month and a day early, so pray there are no further episodes or complications.

My sister Janna's little boy, Emmett, fell and broke his collar bone. Pray that it heals quickly with no complications.

My sister Julie's pregnancy is going well, but keep her in prayer too.

My dad's family have had three deaths in the last week. One was unexpected. Pray that people will come to Christ at the funerals.

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