Thursday, November 15, 2018

Busy Days

I cannot believe this month is half over. As the frog says, "Time is fun when you're having flies." Although my days have been filled with caring for my three nieces and a nephew since the birth of my sister's baby, I have been able to stay involved in our church. We have had visitors at just about every service the past few weeks. I have been recording Christmas songs for the three weeks that I will be with my sister in Iowa while she has her baby. I also help type my dad's Sunday school notes, bulletin, and work on other projects. For the next couple weeks, I will be teaching the 4-6 year's old Sunday school class.

Last Friday, my brother-in-law and my dad were cutting some fallen trees for firewood. A tree had also fallen on the house where they were working. A neighbor came to pull the tree off the house with his tractor. He did not realize the roots were still in the ground. The tree bowed and snapped, and a large portion of it flew about 40 ft. It hit my dad in the shoulder, and my brother-in-law braced for it using his hands to deflect it. The force spun him around and broke his leg at the ankle and on the femur. He will be off work for 12 weeks. God has already provided for this need by making it impossible for my parents to get the house they applied for. We will be staying here for the next couple weeks until Dec. 2 when we will move everything into an apartment. Friends came and finished cutting a lot of the firewood for my brother-in-law, and other friends brought a Thanksgiving basket over. Several pastors have decided to help support him u til he is back on his feet.

Our fall program ends this Sunday. I have invited several visitors for our Thanksgiving meal, and I'm praying they will come. We are also praying that former members will be able to come and visit for a homecoming day.

Please  continue to pray for my sister Janna's with a pituitary gland tumor, my  four months old cousin Mycah who has had several heart surgeries, and still has more to go, for a house for my parents, my sister's pregnancy, my parents health, and our  church. I also am working on plans for next year's trips, so please pray God gives me direction.

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