Thursday, June 11, 2020

Family Times

Since my trip to England has been cancelled for now, I am spending time with family. My sister, Janna, and her three kids came and spent a month with us. We stayed at a lake house, visited lighthouses and beaches, looked for moose, and spent time with my other sister, Joy and her family.

Janna left Saturday, and Wednesday, my parents and I flew  to Iowa to visit my sister Julie and her family. Please pray for her 6 month old, Verily. She had a doctor's appt. yesterday which turned into a hospital stay. It appears she has a kidney issue which caused her to be dehydrated. They will be doing more tests to try to find the exact problem. Please pray it is an easy fix and that she can come home today or tomorrow. We are all supposed to go to Missouri to see some of my other siblings for a few days.

Please pray for the state of Maine. Our governor has basically become a dictator, refusing to lift the bans, refusing to allow the legislature to reconvene, trying to mandate things which go against the Constitution, and even lying about numbers of covid cases... all in hopes that she gain the federal aid promised to states that go bankrupt during this time. If she gets the money, the thousands of small businesses owners who have already lost their businesses and the thousands of others still closed which may not reopen will receive no help. Please pray that the lawsuits which have been filed against her, the complaints which have been filed with the president and the US attorney general will bring about her removal as well as the removal of the secretary of the legislature who has the power to reconvene but refuses.

Please pray as I find new ways of serving the Lord while I am home. I truly believe He could come back in my lifetime. The signs for His return are getting stronger and more frequent. Things my family have been told by military and police personnel, the wars and rumors of wars with China, Russia, and the Middle East countries as well as earthquakes, famines, food shortages which are being created on purpose... are all pointing to perilous times to come. While I do not fear these things because the Bible tells us they will happen, I will continue to work to keep America free, and I will continue to work to get the Gospel out while there is time and opportunity.