Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Enjoying God's Creation

 This past weekend, we spent time in Jackman, Maine with another pastor and his family. It was such an enjoyable time getting to know the family, seeing their ministry, and seeing the beauty of the area. On Friday night, they had 18 young people at a youth meeting. The town has about 800 people, and many have not heard about Jesus or been in church. Right now, the church is meeting in the lower part of the pastor's house. They are praying about getting a piece of property with multiple buildings.

While we were in Jackman, we were able to see 5 moose. I had seen one moose before in Canada, but I was unable to get a picture of it. This time, I was able to get pictures of three moose. The area around Jackman is mountainous with lots of ponds. It was such a beautiful place to visit, and it was a very relaxing time which my family and I needed.

We are gearing up for our Christmas play. I will begin working on music with the kids this week, and I have already assigned all the parts. Please pray that we can have a regular service for the day of the play which will be in early December.

We had our first Sunday school since the shut downs. I am teaching the young ladies. Please pray that they will be faithful to be in Sunday school. Please pray that I can teach them how to take the next step in their Christian walk and that I can teach them how to take the responsibility for their generation and the next.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Month of Updates

 It has been almost a month since I last updated this blog. Although events seem to be moving slowly, time seems to be speeding by. We have already been in the Autumn season for a month. The leaf change in Maine has been slow due to little rain and warm temps. The last week, the temperatures have cooled dramatically. My Puerto Rico thinned blood has caused me to turn on a small heater in my room most nights. The days have been in mid fifties to seventy. The weather has been beautiful, but we did finally have a couple days of heavy rain. 

I have begun working on some craft projects which I hope to sell online to make some extra income. I have also prepared some of the pictures I have taken around the world as greeting cards with KJV Bible verses, and I hope to create boxed sets to sell as it is difficult to find cards with KJV. I am still waiting for a reply from an application for online employment, so please pray God will allow me to be accepted for this opportunity.

We had our soulwinning marathon two weeks ago. Two people trusted Christ, and we had several good contacts to follow up. We have had visitors in church quite a few Sundays in the last month. Last week, we had two visitors, and one asked if she could carry our John and Romans packets to hand out. We plan to begin Sunday school classes again this week. The kids program will still be on Saturdays, but I will be teaching a teen/college and career girls class while our adult classes are taking place. The class will be called the Esther class because I believe each person is placed on earth at the time God feels they are needed most. As Mordecai told Esther, we are here for such a time as this. Please pray as I have a burden for these younger generation girls to learn what God's word has to say about a Christian young lady's life and involvement in church. 

I was able to take some of the girls apple picking with my mom. One is from Africa the other from South Korea, and neither had ever been apple picking before. We had a lovely time picking apples, eating donuts, and drinking cider.

My missions travels are still on hold. I am praying that after the election, air travel will be simpler and other countries will open. Please pray that I can fulfill the promised trips to England and Europe sometime next year. 

Please continue to pray for my mom's health. She has been wearing a heart monitor for a month, and hopefully the doctors will be able tell her something after she takes it off on October 21. Please pray for our church ministries as we continue to move towards full reopening. Please pray for our state elections. So many are worried about who will be president and in congress, but it is the state officials who have destroyed their states' economies, violated Constitutions, and broken state laws.

Please pray for missionaries around the world. Those in Guatemala and the Philippines have been feeding their church members and communities. Some have had to change their ministries from urban to country and mountain due to restrictions.  Most if not all missionaries to China are now back in the states, so pray for their ministries and people who are carrying on the work.