Sunday, May 27, 2018

The End of May and Memorial Day

This month has been very busy, and June is going to be even busier. My time spent in the kindergarten is helping me develop some teaching skills I did not have before. Tonight, it may have helped my art skills a little, but probably not since my bear drawings are very lacking.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, I cannot help but think of all who have sacrificed for freedom. Do not take that freedom for granted. I know what it is like to be in places where freedom like ours is unknown. I am thankful for a long line of patriots from the The War for Independence to the current times who are unafraid to sacrifice themselves for our nation. Tomorrow, I will wear my Wolfhounds shirt in honor of my Uncle John who was killed in Vietnam.

I have met several nice young ladies since being here. Last week I baked cookies with one, and tomorrow, I will go out for lunch with another. I hope I can have a positive influence in their lives. Several are going to college, and some have chosen secular schools. They need lots of petitions to go up for them to stay firm in their beliefs. There are also several young men who are home from school. Some have been to the specialized classes, but some have only made one appearance. This is a little discouraging to the Teacher.

Several summer get togethers will take place, I will get to teach in quite a few of them. I have already been thinking about topics, and I am excited to see the results that come from these activities. These get togethers will focus on young people, but some parents may join in.

Next month, I will go to South Korea to renew my visa. During that time I hope to see a couple of friends who live their. It will be fun to catch up with my former roommate.

Summer Get togethers
Sister, Janna- possible surgery
Sisters, Julie and Joy- pregnancies
Parents- find a house

Monday, May 21, 2018

A New Kind of Busy

Another week has rushed by. I began volunteering in a Kindergarten last week, and I will be helping there four days a week. I have three classes, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 years old. I was a little overwhelmed at first, but this week is going much better. The kids know English words, but do not always understand full sentences. The some of the teachers understand what I say, but they cannot speak back to me. Hopefully, they will learn along with the kids.

Tonight, I had a girl named Willa come over dinner. We made crepes, and I taught her how to make peanut butter cookies. We had a good time talking and cooking. Next week, we will go to her house for hotpot.

As we move closer to summer, I will be much busier helping with several types of English camps, including Specialized ones. There may be opportunities to introduce people to our Friend and make new Friends.

A friend's new baby who has some difficulties
Chyenne Barnes (my sister's father-in-law)
My parents to find a house
Future plans

Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy B Day to Me!

Thursday, I celebrated 34 years of life! Time has definitely flown in the last ten years. It was 11 years ago at the end of this month that I made my first trip to China. The journey since then hasn't always been easy, but I can look back and see where I was led to the right places at the right times.

My life is about to get very busy. I will be volunteering in some phonics classes, and I made my first visit today. I also rode a bike for the first time in 10 years. I was pretty proud that I didn't wreck and embarrass myself.

I have been helping with a lot of small but important projects for my friends here and in Puerto Rico. This week, I finished the yearbook for the PR school, and I am almost done with the calendar for here. I enjoy being a blessing to all the people I come in contact with.

I hope any mothers who read this were able to enjoy a nice Mother's Day. I was able to send my mom some flowers. I have missed a number of Mother's Days at home in the last few years, yet my mom has been my biggest encourager on my journeys. When she surprised me for my birthday in Puerto Rico, we were able to spend Mother's Day together and speak at a mother-daughter banquet.

I talked with my sister, Julie tonight, and my niece Serenity, who is 4, wanted to talk to. I asked Serenity to read me a story. She read several short words, then read a story about a pig who sat in the mud. I asked her if she was reading a dirty story. She laughed and said, "Yes, I'm reading an Aunt Jenny story." I laughed so hard. She is definitely a chip off the block of sarcasm that runs in our family.

Parents to find a house
Wisdom for my dad
Wisdom for decisions for my future trips
Chyenne Barnes-My brother-in-laws dad- The bucket of a backhoe fell on him and broke his leg.
My sister as she helps care for Mr. Barnes

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Daily Living

Another week and month gone! Time seems to fly with each passing year. I will celebrate 34 years of life on Thursday, and I feel that the last three have gone way to fast.

This week was busy with a lot of normal everyday things like cleaning and cooking, but on Friday, I was able to guest teach phonics for a co-op mom and kids group. I had so much fun. Then on Saturday, I was able to use my English grammar teaching skills to help two high school boys. I love teaching, and I especially enjoy teaching English.

We are gearing up for some English camps which will happen during the summer. One will be a writing camp, and we will enjoy a lot of sightseeing and activities in order for the kids to have something to write about. I will also help with a specialized English group teaching stories like David, Daniel... Please keep me and the kids in your Thoughts to our Friend.

Conversation topics tend to be limited, and I am finding out more about these kind of problems. Some of the Friends have been asked to go home to be added to a list that tells who are Friends. Others have been told they cannot bring children to the Sunday learning groups. Another Thought to share with our Friend.

Camps, health, safety, protection, wisdom for future decisions