Thursday, March 21, 2019


Yesterday was the first day of spring. As much as I like snow, this winter, I was inside most of the time. Maine is just too cold. Maybe my blood will thicken up before next year.

This month has been busy. We have had several visitors in church, and we have had some good contacts in the area. Please pray that some of thevery will begin attending regularly.

Our puppet ministry has been going well. I am enjoying trying to put the plays together as wells getting the volunteers together. Please pray that we will be able to use this ministry in the nursing homes in our area.

My parents and I have been to several preachingredients conferences in the last month. What a blessing it is to see men getting together and working together to build each other up. The men around this northeast area are dedicated to planting churches like no other group I have seen. Several churches and individuals gave over $30,000 to help seven men start churches. Through these meetings, I have been able to schedule speaking engagements at a Christian school and a ladies' Bible study. Please pray that God will use me to encourage others to serve their churches and missionaries.

I am working on plans to leave for England next January. From there I will reach into Europe. One of our missionaries in Poland has already made contact,  and I have two other leads in Romania. Pray that God will provide the funds and the people I am to help.

Please pray for my parents to be approved for a house. Pray for my baby cousin Mycah. They had to reverse all his previous heart surgeries and are prepping him for a transplant.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Time is Marching On.

I seem to never realize how short February is until a few days into March. The end of February wasn't too abnormal. Our puppet ministry at the church is going well as we tweak the time and how many puppets we use at a time. I try to keep the thought of the day simple, and the resource I am using for the bulk of the stories begins with the fruit of the spirit. My prayer is that the kids will learn simple truths that they will carry with them through their lives. Please pray that we can use this ministry to reach children and adults through Bible clubs, VBS, nursing homes...

March began with a snowstorm which we avoided by leaving early for a church planting conference. Seven men are starting churches here in the northeast. Over 100 adults were present at the meeting with at least 20 pastors. Those pastors gave over $29,000 in one time gifts to get all these church plants started. Several pastors also pledged monthly support. A tract printing ministry here in the northeast takes all their profit and gives it to church planters. That ministry was able to give $900 to each church planter. If churches all across America would catch the vision of working together instead of focusing on impressing others with big numbers... Don't misunderstand, each number is a soul, and God allowed the numbers being added to the church to be given in the Bible, but too many churches are focused on just building their church instead of helping build many churches. The churches in the Bible that were the most successful were the churches that gave to help other churches and sent out missionaries and pastors to start more churches.

I will be reaching out to some Christian schools which I have already contacted to set a time to come and share my ministry with their students. I will also be setting a date to speak at one Christian college, and I am waiting to hear back from two other colleges. Please pray that God will use my experience to encourage others to go out and help missionaries.

Please keep my baby cousin Mycah in prayer. His heart surgery does not seem to be working properly, and the doctors are not sure if he can hold up under any other surgeries right now. Pray that God will do a miracle to allow the oxygen saturation to stabilize.