Saturday, September 19, 2020


 Fall weather is here. Autumn is my favorite season. As I look at the leaves changing, I can make so many comparisons to our human existence on this earth. God has given us many seasons over the 200+ years America has existed. We have seen the long winter of the death of tyranny as our forefathers fought to bring freedom to all who come here. We saw the spring of our nation as she was birthed. We saw the summer of our nation as she grew into a bastion of freedom and the autumn that followed as the Civil War loomed in the future. Old ways of life began to die as freedom continued to grow. Winter arrived in the form of the Civil War. The seasons of our nation chased each other through World War 1, the Great Depression, and World War 2. Since World War 2, we have had a long summer of freedom, growth, and prosperity. It seems we are again in an autumn time of dying. We have seen freedom die in just a few short months. In the north, during the fall, there is usually a spell of chilly weather, and then a few weeks of what is called Indian Summer, a short respite of warmth just before the long cold winter sets in. I pray that God will grant America an Indian Summer of freedom for a little while longer. I pray that He will find grace with those who believe in Him as Noah did, or that He will find a good number of righteous who are praying for revival as Abraham prayed for there to be righteous people in Sodom. I do not know how much more time we have before freedom and America as we know are no longer existent. I truly believe Jesus Christ will return in my lifetime. Until He does return, I will keep working to reach people with the Gospel and praying for revival.

I have not posted an update until now due to waiting to see what our governor would do about allowing our state to return to freedom. She did not allow this, but instead has decided to continue to violate Maine and Constitutional laws. Please pray that all the governors, mayors..., who are refusing to report the truth and release their areas of government from their tyranny, will be removed from power whether by God or man.

Our church is doing well. Most members attend on of our two services, but we do have a few who have not yet returned. Our Saturday kids program is going well. The kids enjoy coming and really listen to the lessons. We have three families who bring or send their kids. two of those families are African refugees whose families have been through a lot. One of the older brothers who does not attend church is in the hospital and not doing well. Please pray for Jeffery. 

My mom's health has been up and down over the last few weeks. She has an appointment with her cardiologist on Monday, and she hopes to see a specialist for her specific problem. Please pray that her heart can be healed. All of us have made some health changes in the last couple of months and are seeing good results. Please pray that we can remain healthy and continue God's work here in Maine.

I am still waiting to see what God allows me to do in the future as far as traveling the world to help missionaries. Many countries have tightened restrictions even though covid case numbers and deaths have dropped, and some have been removed due to flu, pneumonia and other death causes having been added in to spike the numbers. Please pray for the missionaries who in many countries are providing food for their churches and communities.