Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Short Update

I am finally settling into my school and sleep schedule here in Nepal. The barking dogs, jets, and helicopters tend to keep me awake. After two days of teaching with Mrs. Tamang, I took the classes full time last Friday. Saturday we had fellowship because Sunday is a work day in Nepal. Sunday, I slept in a little. That afternoon, I went with the Tamangs to visit a new couple. The husband is a deaf Nepali. On Monday, the Tamangs went to visit a village several hours away. There, several people will be publicly showing trust in our Friend by stepping in the water. Tuesday was uneventful. We had fellowship on Wednesday, and a neighbor had a loud birthday which kept me awake until midnight. Last night my dad sent me a link to night sounds from the El Yunque Forest in Puerto Rico. I played the video all night, and I actually slept most of the night. Please pray for Pawan (powan) and Shanta(santa), two children from the home; their real father passed away.

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