Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Mom's Health Update

 A month has passed since my last  update. During the last month, Mom has been to several doctor's appointments, had CT scans of her lungs, blood work, and ultrasounds on the blood clot on her leg. Today's ultrasound seems to show very little change in the size of the clot, and it appears it may have moved further up the leg. She had a small piece break off and go to her lungs a few weeks back, but thankfully her body did what it was supposed to and removed it. She still has another piece of clot in her lung which the pulmonary doctor is keeping an eye on. Friday, she will finally get an MRI of her back, and hopefully that will reveal what is causing her severe pain. She will also see her heart doctor again.

Since January 12, neither my mom nor I have been able to go to church. I spend my nights sleeping on the couch because it is hard for my dad to wake up and care for my mom. I then sleep most of the day, and Dad cares for mom during that time. The weekends are the hardest since Dad is gone most of Saturday and Sunday for church, and I get very little sleep until Monday.

Until last week when we finally got a recliner as a temporary fix until a motorized lift chair arrives, mom had only been getting about two hours of sleep  a night due to her pain. I'm thankful my brother-in-law organized an online fundraiser which raised enough to cover the temporary recliner and the lift chair, and I'm so thankful  to all who gave towards the chairs. Mom still has to switch between the chair and couch because of her back, but she has been getting much more sleep.

Right now, mom's  health and the covid situations around the world are keeping me home. Thank you to all who continue to send support. I am still putting it into a missions account, and hopefully soon, God will show me what new doors He wants me to walk thru. Please continue to pray as I waiting for some online work to be sent to me.  I have one more step to complete before getting started.

Please remember to pray for your missionaries and don't stop supporting them during this time. Many are feeding their churches and communities as well as providing for their families. Some have had to totally change their place and way of ministry. Some are struggling in other ways due to the fear, pressure, and even threats in their fields.

I don't usually post much about politics on here, but please pray for the state of Maine. We have a governor who has broken state and US Constitutional laws. We are basically living in a police state with the covid mandates she has placed on businesses. Since early December, the Governor has had a mask mandate which is enforced by the police. No one can enter any business without a mask. If a person does enter without a mask, they receive a $1000 fine and a felony trespass charge. If the business allows the person to enter, they also get a fine. People, like my mom, with health issues cannot shop. Some say shop online, but most stores have a waiting list or do not have the online ordering option. Although my dad should not be wearing a mask either, he has been doing the shopping. Even I get migraines after wearing the mask for more than a few minutes. I wear it only when I go to my mom's doctor's appointments. The governors mandates have done nothing to stop sickness, instead illness rates, hospital rates, drug overdose rates, and suicide rates are up. 

 Last year starting in March, the legislature stopped meeting, and the governor took over as basically a dictator. It seems this year they are doing zoom meetings, but nothing to remedy the governor's overreach is being discussed. Instead, the Governor is trying to push for mass vaccinations, she is even getting large corporations to push this agenda. Thankfully, the Supreme Court last year told the governor she couldn't do anything to churches, and our church has remained open except for two weeks when two members had sickness. Please pray that Mainers will wake up to fact that our governor and most of our legislators are pushing us towards communism at rapid speed, and please pray that businesses, politicians, pastors, and individuals will get involved in getting our state back on track.