Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A change in location, but not in duties...

What a busy month November has been. I spent most of the month helping to care for my sister and her family due to the birth of her new baby and her husband's broken leg. My Saturdays were spent helping my dad, studying for Sunday school, and recording Christmas songs. Thanksgiving was a quieter day than usual, but it was fun to be with my family.

Last Sunday, I traveled with my parents to a church in New Hampshire. My dad preached, and I was able to give my testimony and share my burden for missions. We really enjoyed the service, and were very well taken care of by our hostess.
Yesterday, I flew to Iowa to stay three weeks with my sister Julie whose baby is due any day. I am looking forward to spending time with my niece and nephews. We are praying for snow.

My brother-in-law asked me to share an update with his church, and then gave me their Thanksgiving offering. Then the church I visited Sunday also gave me a love offering. God is continuing to tell me to go by continuing to provide funds. Please pray as I have some big decisions to make over the next month to prepare for next year.

Please pray for my dad and mom, and Anchor Baptist Church. Pray for growth and laborers. Continue to pray for my baby cousin Mycah  who has had 4 heart surgeries, and has been in the hospital since birth.He continues to have ups and downs. My sister Janna had some good news that the natural treatments she is doing are shrinking her pituitary tumor.

Even with all the heartaches and difficulties, God has been good.

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