Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The World is Changing.

 Much has happened in our nation since I last posted. God saw fit to give to America what she deserves as far as a president and those who are now making decisions about the direction our nation will go. We Christian Americans squandered the eight years of warning under Obama and the four years of freedom under Trump. We now have an administration of marionettes whose strings are being manipulated by money and power behind the scenes. We Americans allowed fear to restrain us from taking a stand against communistic measures implemented by communistic governors. While watching my country, which was built on God's Word; by people who at least believed in God, and many who have clear testimonies of being truly saved; fall into antiGod, antiAmerican policies and ideologies makes me angry, I know that God is in control. I will continue to pray, write, and share truth so long as I have the means to do so.

Since returning home from our 3500 mile trip, my mom's health has not been good. She has been dealing with back pain for two weeks, a blood clot last week, and now an ankle which is giving her trouble. All these pains have also effected her heart and blood pressure. I have been caring for her almost 24/7. Dad helps some, but because he is working on church things, he is busy during the day. We took her to two hospitals, but, because they would not allow me to be with her at the first one, and the second one wanted to put her in covid isolation even though she had no symptoms and they had not given her a covid test, we did not leave her. Please keep her in prayer.

Because of my mom's health, I have not been able to be at church, but the church is doing well. We have had visitors every week. The kids are excited about being back in Sunday school and church. We did close the church for two weeks because we had two people who got sick outside the church. Thankfully, no one else got sick, and both people who were sick are doing better. Please pray as my dad continues to bring the church forward even in the midst of the measures evil politicians are trying to implement.

I am still waiting and praying about what God will allow me to do as far as my mission work. Right now, England and Europe are closed for travel. I am in the process of working remotely for ABEKA, so I would appreciate prayer that I will get enough work to continue to make ends meet.