Friday, May 28, 2021

April Showers brought May Flowers and Revival.

 I have been busy for the last month preparing for my birthday, Mother's Day, our ladies' luncheon, and revival. I realized last night that I had not updated in awhile. It is good to be busy after not having as much to do over the last year.

I celebrated my birthday at the beginning of the month with our church family. I was thinking about all the birthdays I had spent on the mission field, and how each birthday, no matter where I was, was a special day. over the last few years, I have really come to believe that Jesus will come in my lifetime, and I wonder how many more birthdays I will celebrate here on earth. The political and historical effects of last year have convinced me even more that Jesus is coming soon.

We held a ladies luncheon on May 22, and we had 21 ladies in attendance. The theme was Pearls Under the Sea, and Mom and I spent several weeks shopping online and in stores for backdrops, table decor... We had Michelle Grimbalas speak about different pearls we need in our life such as a relationship with God, faithfulness... After the crazy year we had, it was a refreshing time of fellowship.

This week we are in revival with Bro. Oliver Araiza. God knows what is needed, and sometimes He throws a monkey wrench into all the plans man makes. Bro. Araiza's flight was delayed due to weather, so at 10 am on the first day of revival, Dad had to call another preacher to see if he could preach. Bro. Steve Christner is usually in his own pulpit, but he had a visiting preacher, and so he came and filled our revival slot. Bro. Christner preached about ignoring the things that distract us from Jesus, using how Jesus didn't let Judas distract him from his purpose.  Last night Bro. Araiza preached about why Jesus came from Luke 4:18. We had between 20-25 people both nights, and we are looking forward to tonight's sermon and service.

The English classes we had planned are on hold right now due to the ladies being busy with the end of school things for their kids. Please pray for them as they continue to learn and adapt to American culture.

We are excited that several of my siblings will be visiting over the course of the summer. We expect my oldest brother and his family next week. Please pray for safety for them as they will be driving a couple ten hour days to get here.

My mom's health is much better. The blood clot in her leg is gone, and it seems that any tiny ones in her lungs are also gone. Her heart rates have been good, but she has had a little bit of blood pressure and blood sugar issues which we think are caused by some of the medicine she was on. Continue to pray for her.

Please pray that God will open up the flights and countries in England and Europe where I was supposed to be last June. I hope to at least fulfill those trips, and then I will see where God leads. There are several Christian schools asking if I would like to teach, and a couple of pastors would like me to teach how to teach English classes for their churches. There are several things that need to fall into place for any of that to happen.

Continue to pray for our Millennial Conference in July. We have several young men lined up to preach and answer questions as well as some pastors who are coming to learn more about reaching millennials.