Friday, April 26, 2019

Exciting Days Ahead!

In just a few days, Dad, Mom, and I will be flying to Puerto Rico to visit my sending church. My Dad will be preaching, and my mom and I will teach and speak at a ladies meeting. This will be the second time  my dad has been on the mission field with me and the third time for my mom. Some may not know that the story of how Primera Iglesia Bautista de Ceiba became my sending church.

A year before going to Puerto Rico, I had planned to help Bro. Luis Martinez for three months. In January 2016, Bro. Martinez called me and told me that a teacher in their school had passed away. He was hoping I could come down earlier than planned, but was able to work out a different teacher until I arrived in March. The arranged time for me to be in Puerto Rico was three months. After being there just a couple of weeks, God was working on my heart to return and help the school for one year because they did not have a teacher for the class I was teaching. After much prayer and counsel, I decided to return to Puerto Rico.

I returned to Puerto Rico in August of 2016 and stayed until June of 2017. I had hoped that I would gain a sending church during the short time I was back in the States, God had other plans. I mentioned that I really believed I need a sending church for the accountability and the assurance it would give to other pastors when I requested the opportunity to share my ministry. Bro. Martinez told me he would love for his church to be my sending church because he had already seen my work ethic... I was not sure how pastors in the States would feel about my sending church being in place where I would not get to attend very often. I began praying about the idea, and I asked several pastors who had supported me already how they would feel about the situation. In the end, God gave me peace that I should accept Bro. Martinez's offer.

The day after I arrive back in Boston, my mom and I will fly out to Chicago so that I can attend a youth missions conference. The conference will emphasize short-term missions; so, please pray that I can encourage more young people to do what I do. After that conference, I will be speaking at a supporting church in Missouri and visiting several of my sisters and brothers.

Please continue to pray for our church to find a youth pastor and pianist.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


I apologize for being so long in posting. We are in the process of moving. God works in mysterious ways. A lady in our church mentioned in a prayer meeting at another church that we needed a house to rent. The pastor of the church contacted my parents. He is a real estate agent. He had just acquired a house that belongs to a man in the military. He needed to find someone to rent for  a year, and if things go well, there may be the option to buy it.

The house being available now was just in time. My mom went in the hospital again due to tachycardia from the music in the bar below us. This was third time. For the third time, the doctors told my mom her heart was fine, no fluid, no blockage, and valves... working properly. The resident doctor, without consulting my mom, put her on hepari , which she did not need, and over a two day period had been upping he dose. On top of that they were giving her 320 miligrams of asprin. When mom found out they had been upping the heparin instead of lowering it, she told them she was leaving. She also looked up the heparin to see what it does... Every site said it could cause blood clots and other heart issues, and not to mix it with aspirn. Mom told the nurse she was checking get out, and went home. Please pray for her that she can rid her body of the heparin, and that she can get her sleep patterns and heart rhythm in shape.

I have been busy helping the church here in Maine. This Sunday, we will have a simple choir cantata which I helped organize. My Sunday school class is going well, and the kids love earning points for prizes. The puppet ministry is also going well. Please pray that we can find a youth pastor.

Please pray as I continue trying to share my ministry with schools and colleges. Next month, my parents and I will be in Puerto Rico. My mom and I will be speaking to the ladies, and dad will get to preach several times. Please pray for safety as we travel.

I asked prayer for my baby cousin Mycah Turull. He passed away at 9 months and 4 days old. Please pray for his parents Trish and Mason, and for his sister as well as the grandparents aunts and uncles.

A childhood friend Ashley also lost a baby who it seems Jesus just wanted in heaven as the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with him.

If you know any missionaries in Europe, I will be staying in England next year and traveling to European countries to help missionaries. Feel free to give them my info.