Saturday, July 14, 2018

Special Requests

I have not been posting as often due to some situations that have arisen here. I believe CLA recently posted some information which will explain some of the things I have seen.

My niece, Brooklyn, made the most important decision of her life this week and talked to our Friend. I'm so glad my siblings are teaching their children the truth.

The past week has been busy as we finished up camp training. This week we will have an English Day camp. There will of course be some Special Emphasis teaching. I will be teaching about fighting Giants and the Armor needed for that. Please make request that many will learn the most Important thing over the next few weeks.

Today, I finished my last  session with the two boys I have been tutoring. I hope to share Important Information with them next week when they come to take their final test.

I would make request for my newest cousin, Mycah. He was born with a heart problem, and just had his first of 3 surgeries. He is doing ok, but has a long road of recovery. My friend's little boy, William, contracted E-coli and has been in the hospital for several weeks. He is very much on the mend, but is having a hard time reintroducing food since he has been on a feeding tube or IV drips most of this time. Please continue to make request of my sisters Joy and Julie and their coming babies. My parents still need a house, and my sister Jacqueline needs to sell her motor home. There are so many more people I know who are hurting from sickness or the loss of a loved one.

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