Sunday, June 9, 2019

Where is Summer? Oh, it finally arrived!

We have had nine months of winter here in Maine. I am definitely looking forward to spending most of my winter in Puerto Rico. The last this week has been the longest warm spell we have had. We have spent  a few days during the last couple weeks fishing, but I only caught a couple pickerel. We went to a beach north of here, and watched about 100 seals drifting on the tide enjoying a tasty meal. It was awesome!

We just finished our Sunday school campaign. We have had many visitors. Please pray that they will come join the church. We have had a lot of people saved on visitation, and a few baptisms along the way. We are continuing one aspect of the campaigns focus which is reaching an individual or family who will join the church by the end of the year. The people are excited.

My time here is getting shorter. I leave for Puerto Rico on July 23 to teach for the school year. I have ordered a few things and been a given a few things for my classroom. Please pray that God will use me to help these kids and reach their families for Christ.

I now have two countries in Europe where I will be helping people. In Poland, I will be working with a family, and I believe that will be a homeschool situation. In Romania, I will be working in a home for unwed mothers. When I am not in a European country, I will be helping in my aunt's church in Blackpool, England.

Please pray for the ministry here in Maine. We need a youth pastor, some work done on the sound system, a pianist, and other renovations to spruce up the building. Please pray for my mo as she is suffering from severe back pain.