Sunday, April 1, 2018

He is Risen!!! and that's no joke!

I hope everyone has a lovely day as they remember Jesus resurrection. Knowing that friends have lost loved ones including a little baby this week, makes the resurrection so much more amazing. One day we will all rise again.  We began the day with a sunrise service and breakfast as a church family. It was very enjoyable to sit together as a family even though I cannot speak the language.

This week was busy as I began packing some of the things I will not need in order to be ready to leave in a week. I was able to visit Crown College Nepal on Tuesday. What a blessing to see the truth being taught here through the first college I attended.

We completed some more spring cleaning projects this week, and I attempted to make rock candy. Epic Fail! I now plan to freeze the sugary syrup in hopes the kids can have popsicles. I also visited Thamel which is a tourist market area. What a maze of back alleys and streets! We had fun eating KFC and milkshakes, but all of us were exhausted.

Tomorrow, I leave for Pokhara where I will see some of the Himalayas. (not Everest) I have been told it is beautiful, so I should have a lot of pictures when I get back.

As the time moves on towards my last day, things will be pretty busy, so it is possible my next post will be from China. Please be careful in what you say or post on my wall or missions page in regards to Christianity as it could cause problems for my friends in China.It may be necessary for me to have my sister post for me, so my posts may not be as frequent or lengthy.

Please pray for my parents as they move this month. Pray they can find a house quickly. Pray for my sister, Joy who is expecting. Pray for my flight to China which will take two days. Pray that I do not have any problems going through customs...

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