Friday, January 26, 2018

Time Marches On

Time is moving quickly here in Nepal. I can't believe I've already been here two weeks. School keeps me busy during the day, and Uno games and homework keep me busy at night. We have devotions each night, and I have had the opportunity to share some thoughts twice. I have also been teaching the kids some Scripture songs.

The little kids here are so adorable. They love to hug, and even the older ones give hugs at night. The littlest one, Preety, is three. If I am not downstairs, she comes upstair; I hear a tiny knock on the door, and Preety will list all the names of the other kids and say, "We play the Uno?" She also asks to sit in my lap quite often.

The kids love to sing, and quite often you can one singing somewhere in the house. Preety likes to sing loud and often. Sometimes she sings a nursery rhyme, but usually the songs heard throughout the house are Christian songs.

Spiritual warfare is very tangible here. The children here deal with things brought on by Hindu worshipping relatives that most people in America have only experienced in a movie. The ones who go to public high school also deal with peer pressure for not panticipating in religious festivals... They need prayer for protection and strength to stand.

I have not been to any sightseeing places yet, but tomorrow I will visit a temple. Because food is left for the gods, monkeys hang out at the temples. It should prove to be an interesting trip.

Please pray for Shanta and Pawan whose father passed away. Pray for my dad's health.

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