Friday, August 24, 2018

In the USA

Please do not mention by name the last country I was in. Also, please be careful what questions you ask. It is hard to believe that 10 months are gone! Last week, I finished compiling the book of stories from the writing camp. Then I began packing. On Tuesday night, I flew to Korea. I spent the day with two friends. I boarded my flight at 9pm, and I arrived in Las Vegas the same day at 4pm. I then took a short flight to Phoenix where I am staying with a cousin for a few days. Today a college friend is driving us to the Grand Canyon.

While in Ch__a, I was a part of 3 girls trusting Christ. This makes a total of 12 people I have personally reached for Christ  outside the US. I am excited to see what doors God opens in this next year. Due to many family life events, I will not plan to leave the US again until sometime next year.

Please pray for my sisters who are pregnant. Pray that my sister's, Janna, tumor will heal. Pray my parents can find a house. Pray for several Chinese students who are in the US studying.

Please pray especially for Ch__a and Nepal. Religious freedoms are being taken away. In Nepal it is now illegal to witness or pass out religious literature. In Chi__a, churches and the individual Christians must register with the state church. Two leaders were called in and told they could no longer have foreigners in the services. Both men have foreign born wives. Also, self criticism is being used again. This is basically a person is accused of doing something wrong, and then  has to criticize himself for the wrongdoing and include anything else he may have done wrong. I met several families whose husbands or children feel they cannot trust Christ because they are Comm. Party members. One family would only come to Bible studies because the husband has to report everything he does with foreigners. The curent leader is a fan of Mao. He wants the country to return to the way it was in Mao's day. Some churches have split into smaller groups and started back in other areas. I believe the end times are getting closer. We keep hearing peace, but behind the scenes persecution is becoming more prominent.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

In the Home Stretch

Whew! Two more camps have been completed thus finishing of four weeks of back to back camps. I enjoyed them, but I am definitely tired. Today, I slept in quite late. Two weeks ago, we had a camp for kids 4-10 years old. I had forgotten how long a day can be when dealing with little kids. We did get a nap time scheduled in which helped immensely. The kids learned a lot from several different teachers. I was able to share the Good News, but I do not know of any decisions that were made.

Last week we had an English writing camp. It is a way to introduce the students to the Good News while they hone their English skills. I was again able to share the Good News; no decisions were made, but the seed was planted. The kids are very skilled in imagining stories and drawing the pictures for them. This week will be spent finishing the compilation of a book which will include the stories and drawings.

I have one week and a few days left here in China. I am excited to be returning home. I will spend a few days on the west side of the US exploring the Grand Canyon and Arizona before heading to Maine. I have many decisions to make once I return home, so please make Request for me.

Cousin, Mycah, 1 month old, had heart surgery and now has a staph infection along with other set backs
Sister Janna, tumor
Sisters Julie and Joy, pregnancies
Parents, to find a house