Sunday, April 29, 2018

Keeping Busy

A schedule is definitely the only way to keep up with the daily life here in Beijing. Just trying to keep the dust at bay and do daily cleaning tasks can keep me busy most days. I do a lot more cooking than I was, and I am enjoying it. We have been out a few different times in the last few weeks for meals with friends, and the food has been amazing! I had Peking Duck again this week as well as lamb and fish. I also made homemade dumplings with some friends. This was my favorite meal!

I cannot explain all that my schedule entails, but I have been able to observe a few English classes, and I will be doing more observing this week and next. I am learning a lot about the needs of the students here in China. The classes are door to making new Friends. Some of the people interested  in becoming Friends attend specialized English classes on Sundays. These classes are geared of course, to developing the whole person not just educating them.

Certain aspects of Friendship are becoming more difficult because of the national leadership. It is sometimes difficult to print the materials needed for the classes. There is still a strong fear of others, and many times friendships are tested before someone fully trusts another person to be their friend and not be seeking them out for personal gain or to expose them.

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