Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Wow! A week has flown by! I am loving spending time with my aunt! What a great lady. Since my arrival, I have helped her pack some things since she 8s moving in November. Please pray that her house is finished on time. I have attempredicted of play piano with her fast-paced organ playing, taught Sunday classes, started working in two Christmas plays, and I can't remember whatelse. 
Tonight after a 4and a half hour train ride, I am sitting in the airport waiting for my parents to arrive! I am beyond excited to give them a wish come true. I wish my uncle could be here, but I'm sure he'll be looking down. Dad gets to speak every service while he is here. Please continue to pray for his health and wisdom for the future.

We will be in London until Saturday. I'm looking forward to a special few days with my parents. Thanks to those who helped make it possible.

I will try to get some new pictures uploaded once I get the right con next or for my computer.

Monday, October 16, 2017

In His time, God provides!

Wow! What a wonderful time I have had this past month. God is definitely showing me that He wants me to continue doing what I do. After a wonderful two weeks with my sister, I arrived in Chicago at 10:00pm. My mom had found out that I would need to sit in the bus station until 7 am before I could catch the bus to Indiana. She started making phone calls, and when I arrived, Bro. Darryl imani was at the bus station to pick me up. He has a car service, but didn't charge me a regular fare because I was a missionary. I only had a little bit of cash, but after a 40 mile drive, and then a 20 mile return trip for him to his home, I gave him what I had. He also took me to Chicago to get my visa for China. I didn't have cash at that time, and he again told me not to worry about it. God is good.

I was not sure if my visa for China would be approved, and after an all day wait (Bro. Imani waited for me to finish.) I was approved for a 1 year multiple entry visa, and I can stay in the country 90 days at a time. This was another answer to prayer.

I wanted to share what I do at HAC, but did not get things worked out to do so; however, God did allow me to share my testimony in a few classes that I visited, and one of my friends said she would keep the idea of helping people like I do in mind.

I attended FBC Hammond, and saw many of my friends and teachers there. What a blessing it is to see that God is still working through HAC and FBC to get the Gospel to the world. The buses are still rolling! I saw a few of the people who rode the buses when I was there, and it was a joy to know they are still faithful in church. I was able to play the piano for the Asian SS class.

My friend, Deborah Ebeling, was a great help in getting me to church each service. Again God provided for my needs. Then yesterday evening, the FBC celebrated 55 years of their Deaf Ministry's existence. The preacher, Bro. Harris, was deaf, and preached on Lift up your Eyes. There were several missionaries in the service, and at the end, Pastor Wilkerson had each of us stand. Then he asked the church to give an offering at the doors. Some people gave to me individually, and it was a blessing to see their gratefulness for what I am able to do. If you have faith, God will provide. One of my siblings is finding this out for his family, and God has done several miracles for them this week.

I did post a live update on my FB page, and I plan to do that more often. I will try to tweak my website to where I can post videos there as well. Please pray that volunteers and missionaries will begin using the site to be a help to each other.

In the future, my posts will become more cryptic as I prepare to go to countries where I cannot speak freely about what I do. Please pray that God gives me wisdom as I continue to serve Him.

Please pray as I will fly to NYC on Wednesday and then to England on Thursday. Pray also for my parents as they will join me a week later. Continue to pray for their health, and for wisdom as they determine what steps they need to take in order for Dad's brain to heal.

Pray for my sister Julie who is due any day now with her fourth child, for my sister Joy who has some health issues, and for my sister Janna and her son Emmett who also have health issues.