Saturday, October 6, 2018

Technology Glitch

I apologize for being almost a month late in posting. I had created a post last week, and I thought I posted it, but it is not on this website or my Facebook.

Life has been busy since my arrival home. I have become involved in my dad's church here in Maine. Currently, I am playing the piano for the services, and I will be helping play for the kids Sunday school starting tomorrow.

Two weeks ago, my cousin in Alabama passed away, so we made an emergency trip down for the funeral. Although it was a sad time, it was so good to see family I haven't seen in three years. I was also able to spend time with three of my sisters and some of my some of my  nieces and nephews. The funeral was a time of rejoicing more than sorrow because my cousin had been wheelchair bound all her life, but she still had an impact on many people coming to Christ.

Last week, I stayed with my sister and her kids while I sent my parents on a trip to Prince Edward Island for my mom's birthday. I enjoyed spending time with my sister and her husband playing games and playing with my nieces and nephews.

This week, I hope to finally focus on scheduling meetings to share my ministry. Please pray that God will open doors. My main goal is to encourage other people to do what I do. Pray for my dad and the church here in Maine. There have been visitors almost every week, and several people have asked to join the church. Continue to pray for my two sisters who are pregnant and my sister who has the brain  bleed.

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