Friday, July 24, 2020

Quick Notes

Since my arrival home from Iowa, things have been slow and lazy. My parents and I have been working around the house and church. We were able to spend a day on a lake boating my sister, her father-in-law, and another preacher and his wife. Several people caught fish, and we saw two eagles. It was a nice relaxing day.

Yesterday, dad, mom, and I went to watch seals. We saw six. On the way home, we stopped at an osprey nest. We were able to imitate the call the mother was making which caused her to leave the nest multiple times. We were just able to see two babies heads. The father flew off to hunt and fish.

Please pray for our children's Saturday ministry. This is the second week the kids haven't come. Both families are from Africa, so the parents understanding of English is limited.

Please pray for my dad. Due to the brain bleed he had a few years ago, the blood supply to his teeth was limited. By the time this was known, his teeth had already begun breaking. He had all his top teeth removed yesterday. Pray his mouth heals quickly and conforms correctly in his denture plate.

Please continue to pray for my niece, Verily. Her VCUG test to check her kidney function is on the 31st. Pray everything is working correctly and that she will not need surgery.

Please pray for my ministry. It is at a stand still for overseas work, so I am working on some other avenues to be an encouragement via the web and possibly here in the states.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Unexpected Events

It has been almost a month since I posted an update. My parents and I took a trip to Missouri  to spend time with family. We were supposed to land in Des Moines, Iowa and stay with my sister a few days then all of us would drive down to MO together. The day we flew to Iowa, my sister took her 6 month old baby, Verily, in for a checkup because she had been having some difficulties. The doctor ran a few tests and told my sister she would call with the results. My sister was on her way to the airport to get us when the doctor called and told her to go straight to the children's hospital in Des Moines.  The baby had an infection, and after several tests in the hospital, it was determined her kidneys had not separated as they should in the womb. She was born with a horseshoe kidney and also has a problem with one ureter. After a week in the hospital, Verily came home on  an antibiotic which she will take to prevent further infections. She has an appointment at the end of July to determine what the next course of action will be for her kidneys. Please pray that surgery will not be necessary.

My parents and I took the two oldest kids to Missouri with us, and we spent time with my sister and brother and their families. We were able to do quite a few activities with kids and spend lots of time catching up. Hopefully in the near future we will all be able to get together again.

We returned to Iowa to drop off the kids, and I decided to stay for a month to help my sister.We have been able to spend time together, and the baby is doing much better, so other than weight check appointments, she has not needed to go back to the doctor. Please pray as I fly back to Maine next week.

Please pray for Maine as we are still dealing with the governor refusing to open the state, refusing to follow the Maine and US Constitutions, and now using police and threats to enforce her unConstitutional measures. I know this is happening in many states, and we need to pray for our country that God will give us a little longer to be a Christian and free influence on this world. I know that God allows good leaders and bad leaders for various reasons.I cannot help but believe the last presidency was a warning. The current presidency has been a time of testing to see if Christians and Americans will stand for what is right and if Christians will do all they can to get the Gospel out. I believe Jesus is coming very soon. There are things in play politically and financially around the world which are leading up to the one world government, one world currency, and the Mark of the Beast. Although I do not doubt that before the return of Christ, we will see more persecution of Christians even in countries that have been relatively free including the US,  those who are saved will not have to fear these things. Those who reject Christ before His return will not have opportunity to receive Him after He has removed the saved from this world. Those who have never heard or who are too young to understand what salvation is will have opportunity to receive Christ. We Christians should be working towards ways of reaching as many people for Christ as possible. We have internet which reaches even to some of the most remote parts of the world. There is no reason the people even in other countries cannot be reached. May we have a sense of urgency to reach the world while we still have freedom to do so.

Please pray for the missionaries around the world who are in countries which are still under lock down and which do not have the medical facilities, medicines... that we have. Many of the missionaries are providing food to their church members and communities.