Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Update Coming Soon- Prayer Requests

I have been away with my parents for a month. I will be publishing a new update in the next few days regarding that trip.

Prayer Request:
I am in the process of applying for a 10 year multiple entry visa to China. Please pray that all goes well, and that I can get the visa before I leave the States.
I just booked my flight to connect with my Boston to London flight. Praise the Lord, that ticket only cost me $60. Please pray that I can work out getting to Chicago Midway.
I am in need of some dental work before I leave for this next series of trips. I am supposed to get the work done for free, so please pray that all goes smoothly.
Pray that God will guide me in getting organized for this trip. Pray for safety as I will be flying into some areas that could be dangerous.
I am in need of a smart phone in order to stay connected while I am traveling. Please pray that I get the right phone and plan for what I need.
Please continue to pray that God will provide for my needs and for future trips.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Brian Johnston-Canada (I helped this family last summer.)

This is an update from the family I helped in Canada. Last month we saw a Guyanese man named Veejai trust Christ as his Saviour. I began discipleship lessons
with him the week after he was saved. Also in June, my oldest son B.J. met a lady named Eva from El Salvador.
She began coming to church, and I had the privilege of leading her to Christ on June 30th
July 2nd was the holiday weekend, and we had a really low attendance at church. But I thank the Lord that I
had the opportunity, at our nursing home ministry, to sit down after the service and share the gospel with a lady
named Joyce (age 88) and her husband named Harry (age 87) that had come to visit her while we were there.
They both prayed with me to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour!

On July 7th, I was able to do another discipleship lesson with Veejai; and I also performed the wedding
ceremony for a young Vietnamese man and Chinese woman that got baptized in our church a few years ago.
They are still very “young” in the faith; and I pray that they will grow much more in the coming years.

On July 9th, we introduced our church to a new missionary family that we have begun supporting financially –
Marco and Tricia Paulichen, missionaries to Uruguay, South America. We have a lady in our church from
Uruguay; so she really enjoyed getting to spend time with this family that is going to her home country.

On July 14th, I visited a family in the funeral home whose six-year-old boy was killed that week in our town.
He was hit by a truck when out riding a bicycle. I believe they are a Catholic family, but I had prepared a letter, a
gift, and a special gospel tract that I pray will affect their heart. My daughter Rebecca and I also had the privilege
of completing our first discipleship lesson with the lady named Eva who was recently saved.

On July 16th, I was dropping off a Filipino lady after church when I noticed a man sitting on the steps outside
their apartment building. The Holy Spirit prompted me to witness to him. I shared the gospel with Serge Milov, a
32-year-old man, the son of an Israeli Jewish father and a Russian mother. Serge was very open, and he prayed
with me to receive Christ as his personal Saviour.

On July 23rd, God blessed us with several first-time visitors; some came as a result of recent door knocking.
In children’s church, four children trusted Christ as Saviour. On my way home that day, I had to stop and make a
bank deposit, but God had far more important plans. Outside the bank, there was a Jamaican man sitting on a
bench and looking at his phone. The Lord prompted me to witness; and God’s Spirit worked – praise the Lord –
Chris McLean got saved! Afterwards, his first words were, “I’ve got to go tell my family about this!”
Thanks for investing in the LORD’s work here in Toronto,