Monday, February 19, 2018

Busy Days

Another week has passed, and a new one had begun. We had a holiday last week which caused a change in schedule. We spent the day playing games and going to a park. Today is also a holiday, and I made biscuits and gravy for a special treat.

Last Saturday, I played the piano for church. Since two keys on the keyboard do not work, I have to transpose each song into 4 flats. On top of this, for the songs that are only Nepali (not an English hymn) I have to learn the tune, hear it in an unfamiliar language  and transpose it. I must say, this  has made me stretch my piano skills and thinking skills.

School is keeping me busy since my students have oral and written reports they are working on. The language barrier makes reading their papers interesting. I am learning a lot about how to teach and help students whose first language is not English.

God blessed me with a bag of yarn. Friday, I bought several more balls of yarn, and yesterday, I began teaching some of the girls and a couple boys how to crochet. It is not easy to teach a large group, therefore, I will be splitting them into  to groups amd working with them on  their various projects. I have also learned how to create some new granny square patterns, and I a, excited to try them  out.

Please pray for Shanta. She has been sick for several days, and they had to take her to the hospital today. She is home, but pray that she gets well. Please keep my parents in prayer as they make some decisions and continue to work on my dad's health. Pray also for youngest sister's vehicle. He fuel injector may need to be replaced which could cost quite a bit.
Pray as I make some decisions regarding my future plans for M2M-Now,  and pray that God will open doors to allow me to share with people who would like to do what I do.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

One Month!

How does time pass so quickly? I feel like I have only been in Nepal a short time. School is winding down, and my days are filled with helping my students with oral and written reports. I love teaching English, especially to students who are eager to learn it.

I had quite a scare this week when the littlest girl hit her head on the edge of a concrete window ledge. I don't handle blood well, and I was afraid she would have a concussion because of how hard she hit. Thankfully, Janelle, a missionary teacher here, was home. She cleaned the wound so we could see how bad it was then went to the clinic nearby. No stitches were needed, and they sealed the wound with a powder to clot the blood. Thankfully the little girl was none the worse for wear.

Today, I played the piano for  services. I did ok for most of the songs, but not knowing a tune, not knowing a language, and having to transpose every song, because two notes on the keyboard do not play, made for an interesting day. If anyone knows of a cheap, decent keyboard that could be Bough in  Nepal or shipped here, please let me know. Another need the school has is a set of Encyclopedias, preferably no older than ten years.

Today, I made banana pudding. Most of the kids liked it.
On Tuesday, I plan to make donuts since it is a holiday from school.

Please pray for the Tamangs as they are looking into a site for another home which will be to rescue girls in the same way as Amy Carmichael. Although, certain practices are now illegal, some outlying areas still do many of these illegal practices. Pray for wisdo, and open doors if this is what God wants them to do.

Please pray for my parents as they travel to Maine. Also, pray for the school and children's home here in Nepal.  Pray for the ground water to be at the right levels. Winter is the dry season, and there has been a little trouble with the water levels. Pray for a situation that I need to have a clear answer for.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Praises and Prayers

I usually post on Thursdays, but time got away from me. This week has been one of praises and prayers.

Last Sunday, I visited a Hindu temple. What a sad religion. Hey burn the bodies in hopes that the person will be purified of sin. If it takes longer than 3 hours to burn a body, they believe the person was bad. There are many rituals that go along with the funeral. While I was talking with the guide, I was able to share a bit of the Gospel with him. Please pray that he will seek the truth.

We are thankful that two of the kids are back from their father's  funeral. Imagine being a 5th grade Christian boy and having to perform some of the rites of a pagan religion. Every night and during each class, we prayed for God's protection  over these two as they faced the fact that their father was not saved and dealt with demonic oppression. You can look up the Hindu funeral practices for a son whose father dies to seek the challenges this boy faced.

I heard good news regarding my cousin who is expecting miracle twins. She still needs prayer that the twins wait a few more weeks before coming.

My aunt who was in the hospital for 31 days was sent home, she is now back in. Please pray that the doctors can regulate her meds, and pray that the blood clots she has will go away.

I took the kids up on the roof to watch the lunar eclipse. We had a decent view when it was almost fully covered, but due to smoke and lights, the red color wasn't as clear until it was higher in the sky and the earth's shadow was beginning to wane. I was able to take some pics which can be viewed on Facebook M2M-Now.

I am learning some Nepali hymns and choruses on the piano, and I hope to be playing in church by next week. Please pray for me.

School keeps me busy, but I did find out that I will be here after school finishes in March wHicham will give me a little more time to spend with the kids and maybe see a little more of the country.

I found out we have two pairs of green parrots behind the house. I took a few pics, but jopefully, I can get some better ones soon.

Please keep my parents in prayer as they continue to work on my dad's health.