Friday, March 31, 2017

My Journey's from 2014 to the Present

November 26, 2014

Dear Pastors, Friends, and Family:

I would like to share with you what I believe God wants me to do in the near future. In order to help those who do not know me to understand my decisions and how I have come to this point in my life, I will share some of my life story with you. Like Esther, I believe God has directed each step of my journey in life “…for such a time is this.” (Esther 4:14)

For the past two and half years, I have been working for Pastor Ray Cazis and Bro. Ronald Longhofer as a secretary for International Christian School in Brooklyn, NY. How I came here was a miracle and definitely God’s plan for my life. I accepted Christ at the age of five, and since then, I have believed that God wanted me to be a missionary to China. I graduated high school in May 2002 and planned to attend Hyles-Anderson College in the fall, but in June, God changed my mind, and I decided to attend Crown College instead.

I suffered for years with severe tonsil problems, and on July 8, 2002, I finally had my tonsils removed. On July 16, I hemorrhaged. I was given one unit of blood, and the doctor told my parents that I needed two more to bring my blood levels back to normal. The doctor told my parents that it would take at least a year for my blood levels to rebuild. I left for college at the end of August, but that semester, I was so weak from the loss of blood in July that many times I could not even sit up in bed. My cousin would call in sick for me, and twice my mom had to take me home for checkups. God placed me at Crown that semester, five hours from home instead of twelve, because He knew how ill I would be. I decided to stay home from college for one semester to rebuild my strength. A series of events during that time brought me to realize that God wanted me transfer to Hyles-Anderson.

During my first year at Hyles-Anderson, Fundamental Baptist Missions International began the China Team. In the spring of that year, I discovered that the church had a Chinese ministry which I joined. I worked in the Chinese ministry for eight years. I also took my first missions trip to China while in college. I graduated with a BA in English education and then returned to college to intern as an English teacher. During that time, I noticed God beginning to close the doors to China.

When I graduated with my master’s in December of 2011, I told the college church placement office that I was interested in working for International Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY. I was told that the college had not had any requests from IBC in several years. For three months, I worked at a secular job and prayed for direction.

In March of 2012, I received an e-mail from my friend, who happened to be the secretary at International, asking me if I was still looking for a church or school position, and I told her yes. I was then contacted by the principal, completed the application, and visited International Christian School in May of 2012 for an interview. Two weeks later, I received the phone call from the principal, Bro. Longhofer, telling me I was hired. I know that God directed me here just as He has directed me in the past.

Although I love the people and ministry here, I have begun to feel a stirring in my heart again towards missions. As a single lady, I have been considering different ways to help missionary families like Lydia, Phebe, and the many other ladies who cared for Paul during his missionary journeys. God blessed me with a number of skills, which include playing the piano, teaching Sunday school, teaching English, childcare, and housekeeping. I met with Pastor Cazis and Bro. Longhofer in order to make them aware of my decision to pursue missions work. Pastor Cazis wisely counseled me to contact Dr. Don Sisk to seek his advice as a veteran missionary. Dr. Sisk confirmed the need for a ministry to help the missionary families. Although Pastor Cazis and Bro. Longhofer would prefer for me to stay at International Christian School, they have graciously acknowledged that I should follow God’s leading and direction.

I have nine families in eight countries who have already requested me to come help them. I have determined that the cost of flights and living expenses for my first three trips, beginning in July, to Brazil, Columbia, and Guatemala will be $3,500. I will plan out several trips in advance for two weeks to six months depending on the needs of the missionary, and hopefully will be able to travel from one country to the next without having to return to America each time.


Jenny Rarrick
Phil. 3:7-14

December 16, 2014

Update: I finally got most of my letters in the mail. Please pray that the funds begin coming in so that I can purchase the tickets, visas, and any necessary shots not looking forward to those.)

Please pray for the people who received Christmas Eve invitations last Friday and yesterday. Friday, I went caroling in my neighborhood with Naomi Berrotte, Ariel Metayer, Elizabeth Irizarry Santiago, and Christopher Staten. we passed out 75 or more invitations with the Gospel on them. yesterday, Ariel Metayer, her mom, Karine Metayer, Patty Lam ( Charlene Lam), Seth Lam, and I went to Ft. Hamilton military base and gave out 373 gift bags with invitations to the soldiers. Last night, Arial Virginia Stafford and I took Mindy Moore's children and Maria Park's daughter out caroling, and we passed out over hundred invitations. Everyone loved having us come sing to them, and no one rejected the gifts and invitations. Caroling is one of the easiest ways to get the Gospel into someone's hands. All together 531 invitations and gifts containing the Gospel were given.

January 3, 2015

Wow! With everything else going on this week, I almost forgot to mention that God gave me the first $50 towards my missions trips!!!! Please pray that the money will continue to come in. I will need to purchase tickets and visas soon.

January 11, 2015

Another update: Although I have not had any more support come in, my brother is helping me set up an online fundraiser through Kickstarter. Please pray that I can get everything together for the presentations I will need to make for each trip/set of trips. I did send out a lot of e-mails to churches this week, and I have several more to send out this coming week.

February 13, 2015

Praise the Lord!!! I paid for my tickets last night!!! $1941for the entire trip. No turning back!!!

February 25, 2015

Wow!!! Time to brag on God! A friend just gave $1,000 towards my missions trips!!! I am amazed and overwhelmed at how each step of faith I take just allows Him to prove himself well-able to take care of my needs.

March 16, 2015

Today I applied for my Brazillian visa! I do not have to have visas for Guatemala or Columbia.

From February 15, 2015-August 1, 2015, my updates were posted on a website which was taken down due to a hidden payment in the small print.

August 1, 2015

Well, I just found out that the website my brother helped me set up is being taken down because they want us to pay for the site. My brother is going to try to post a message on the site that you can keep up with my progress on Facebook, but he is not sure if they will allow him to do this. He will be building another site for me in the next few days, so please pray that everything goes smoothly. Please help me pass the word along regarding this change. As soon as the new site is up, I will post a notice.

Please continue to pray for the computer issues I am having. Right now, I cannot use my Microsoft Office programs, one of my e-mails is down, and I have no sound.

We have had another busy week here in Brazil. The weather has been beautiful! (It is winter, and today the temperature was 70 or 80.) Since last Wednesday, the cement floor for the new auditorium has been poured, and is now hard enough to walk on, the brick walls are up, and a lot of cleanup has been accomplished. There is still a lot of work to be done. Please pray for the needed funds and work teams that would be willing to come and help

with the inside walls...

I am finally getting over the cold I have had. This week, I worked with the twins, Caleb and Chloe, on writing and saying their ABCs. As an incentive, I allowed them to finger paint their letters after they traced them. What fun! ;-)

Well, that is all for now. I am still working on my plans for the trips I will take next year, so I do not have any new updates yet. Please pray that people will continue to want to support me as I travel to support missionaries.

I will post pics in the next couple of days.

August 12, 2015

Wow! It has been almost two weeks since I posted an update. I still do not have a website up and running, so please be patient with me.

I have been loving the winter here. I think the coolest day has been 60!

Last week, I went to Embu which is an older part of the city. There are a lot of shops with antiques, carvings, homemade housewares, and pottery. We had a delicious meal and fresh acai (asaee) juice.

Friday we made burritos to sell in the market. (too make money to pay for the building project) Saturday was a preparation day for Father's Day which

was Sunday. Saturday is also visitation day, and several people were led to Christ.

Father's Day was fun! There was a raffle for all the fathers, amazing food made by the ladies, and delicious Brazilian churrasco (grilled meat.) The children sang two songs to honor the fathers, and the sermon was well received.

Yesterday, I got to go shopping in downtown Sao Paulo. I enjoyed an espresso and cheese filled croissant for about $2. I was able to find two Brazilian made shirts for $3.50.

Prayer requests:
Funds and help to finish the building project.
Guidance for me as I plan two trips and church visits for next year.
Funds to continue helping missionaries around the world.
Laborers who will see the need for helpers on the mission field.

September 4, 2015

It has been another busy week here in Brazil. I have been very tired this week from watching Facebook updates regarding my nephew. I am thankful that he is home, and that he seems to be eating normally.

Today, we made burritos to raise more funds for the construction, but because it was rainy, they did not all sell. The rain was a blessing for Mrs. Vallejo because she was able to get great deals at the fruit market. I am learning that on the mission field you have to take the good and bad in stride.

Over the last few days, more construction has been taking place on the church and new auditorium. Electricity has been run throughout the lower level, and all the supports have been taken down. Several men from the church have been helping, and tomorrow the ladies will be coming to clean. Hopefully, the first service will be held in two weeks. It is very exciting to witness a work of faith that is growing!

I am still in the process of finding flight tickets to Puerto Rico. Please pray that I can find great deals. I am trying to be very careful with how much I

spend in order to prepare for more trips. Once I have dates settled for Puerto Rico, I will know when and where I can travel in the U.S. to visit churches to raise support.

The needs of missionaries are many, especially the individual missionaries who do not have a team of workers that can help them. The Vallejos use prerecorded music for their services because they do not have a pianist. They need a music director, teachers for the young people, and soul winners to help share the Gospel. If you are single, and are not sure what you can do in missions, find a missionary to help. If you are an older couple who would love to visit the mission field and help teach and preach, find a missionary who needs help. If you are a church looking for a place to send your young people on a missions trip, there are missionaries who need help. The Vallejos are just one of thousands.

Prayer Requests:

Helpers for the work here in Brazil
Plane tickets for Puerto Rico
Wisdom to plan trips

August 22, 2015

Well, I still do not have a new website set up, so I hope all my friends and family on FB will help me share these posts to keep everyone up to date on my missions trips.

This week was a lot of fun! On Monday, we went to a country house where we were supposed to stay for a few days. The house had a pool which we would be allowed to use. We arrived only to find out that all was not ready for us. There was a mixup in communication, so we arrived earlier than we should have. The pool was not quite ready for swimming, but the kids jumped in anyways. I decided to try just putting my feet in the water only to find it freezing cold! It felt like lake Michigan! The kids would swim a little until their lips turned blue, then they would sit in the sun for a few minutes. Once they were warm, they went right back in the water. We decided not to stay the night since the house was not ready for sleeping. We went back the next

day for a picnic lunch, and then walked down through the woods/sort of jungle to a small creek with a little waterfall. It was very pretty! The most interesting thing I saw was a transparent, purple butterfly. There were other butterflies as well. It was worth the trek.

Thursday, I went out soulwinning with Esther. We passed out a lot of tracts, and Esther led four boys to Christ. Please pray that they come to church tomorrow.

Friday, we made again made burritos to sell to raise money for the church building. Please pray for this endeavor. We make 30 burritos which, if they all sell, makes about $30. Pray that the people in the market will begin purchasing every week, and placing orders for more.

Today was a rough day for me. I did not sleep last night due to a severe headache and cold. Today, I had a headache off and on, and rested a lot during the morning. I did manage to help Mrs. Vallejo with some organizing and cleaning this afternoon. Pray that I stay well. Pray also for the Vallejo's children as some of them have developed a stomach bug.

Well, Tomorrow is a normal Sunday. I am looking forward to church! Breakfast in the morning will be fresh picked mulberry muffins!

August 28, 2015

Another week is gone. Last Sunday morning, I sang in Portuguese for the first time. I would have had a video, but I did not explain the process right, so the person filming tried to pictures instead. I have a 10 second clip and a couple 1 second clips. :-) I sang again on Sunday night, but did not take my camera, so the next time I sing, I will make sure to get a video.

I am learning more phrases and words in Portuguese, but I found out that I have been saying God bless you wrong. Oh well, everyone kept telling me that my Portuguese was great. :-)

I have a very special prayer request for my nephew, Emmett Croy, John Janna Croy. He has been very sick since Wednesday and has been in the hospital. The doctors have determined that he has a heart murmur, possibly an enlarged heart, and finally, today they found out that a flap in his stomach was not working properly, so food has not been getting to his stomach. The doctor gave him a thick drink tonight that finally passed into his stomach. The doctor thinks that thickening his milk will help. He has more tests for his

heart coming up. Please also pray for his parents as they sit with him in the hospital.

Today, I went shopping with the neighbor next door. She is going to be my running partner. I have not been able to run since May for a lot of reasons, so I am excited that I can begin again. I am also hoping that I can be an encouragement to her since she just got saved last night.

Although I cannot yet witness in Portuguese, I have been able to pass out a lot of tracts and J0ohn and Romans. Please pray that soon I can learn how to explain the Gospel, and then if needed have Esther translate for me.

Please pray as I am still trying to plan my trips to Canada and Puerto Rico next year. I need to find cheap flights and bus tickets. Also pray that I can begin lining up churches to visit next year.

September 17, 2015

Wow! So sorry for not posting an update in awhile. Things have been hopping here in Brazil.

Last Thursday, we had the first service back in the church building. We had a good crowd on Thursday and Sunday. Please pray that those members, who stopped coming while the church met elsewhere, will return.

During the last two weeks, the construction has settled down enough to allow me to take the older children to the library to work on some school and have a change of pace. I am enjoying seeing the progress of all the kids. One is learning to read, and the three oldest are working on division and equations.

I have been able to run the last three Mondays and one Saturday. Through my running partner, I am learning to understand a little more Portuguese, but I still do not speak much. I found out today that although "thank you" is said with a gender specific vowel on the end, "your welcome" is not. :-) Oh well, I guess most people get the idea.

Please pray as I am hoping to take time to chat with my running partner, Camilla, in order to teach her English while I learn Portuguese from her. Her sister also speaks English, and although Camilla trusted Christ a couple weeks ago, her sister is not yet saved. I am hoping that I might have the

opportunity to share the Gospel with her.

While at the library today, two butterflies decided they wanted to join us in the shade. They had clear wings edged in orange. Last month when I was out in the country, I saw a clear, purple butterfly. Also, at the library, two pretty black and white birds entertained us as we ate a snack. No matter where in the world I see it, God's creation is beautiful and amazing!

(I am putting a Facebook album together, and I will share the pictures soon.).

Prayer Requests:
My nephew Emmett
Funds and laborers for the church construction
Continued good health

September 28, 2015

Wow! Only three weeks left here in Brazil! I cannot believe how fast time is flying! God has given me great experiences that have given me a lot of knowledge that I can use in the future.

Things are always busy here in Sao Paulo. On top of the construction, which means extra men needing to fed, we also have regular meal prep, house cleaning, and school time to take up the hours of the day. This past week we were able to take break to visit a beautiful park. The park was hosting an orchid show, and I was able to take some photos of the flowers.

Last night, we stayed up to watch the lunar eclipse. It has been a long time since I watched an eclipse, and I enjoyed watching God's creation in action. I was able to get some decent pictures thanks to the camera I decided to buy before leaving the U.S. It was a big investment, but I am very glad I bought it.

Saturday, we had a ladies' tea, and I was able to share my testimony. After the tea, some of the men came to get their wives and speak with the pastor. Pastor Vallejo mentioned that I had been to China, so the men asked if I had e

aten dog. I laughed and told them I had not, but I did have a picture of a butchered dog. Well, after showing them the picture of the dog, I began looking at all the other pictures I had taken in China. So many great memories of the people and places flooded back to me. I am so thankful for all the experiences God has allowed me to have throughout my life. Each one has prepared me for the next step in my journey.

I have determined that I will be going to Pastor Martinez in Puerto Rico in mid-March. Please pray that I can find good prices on the tickets. This will be a two month trip. I am still working on the details for my trip to Canada.

Prayer Requests
Churches who will allow me to share my testimony and support me on my trips
Continued health and safety
My nephew Emmet Croy and my mom
Funds and laborers for the work here in Brazil

September 29, 2015

Quick update: I just purchased my ticket to fly to Puerto Rico to be with Pastor Luis Martinez. I will leave in March and return in May. Please pray that I can find a reasonable return ticket. I still have a few details to work out for the return trip.

October 4, 2015

Wow! Just two weeks left in Brazil! God has taught me many things about the life of a family on the mission field. I am sure I will put these lessons to use in all my future trips.

This week, the water reservoir was put in the ground. People in America would complain that using a jack hammer to break up concrete is hard work, but the Brazilians use a sledgehammer and pick ax! After breaking up and removing the concrete, the workers used shovels to dig out the hole.

Some of the men from the church also came to work on the baptistry and nursery. It is good to see the members caring about the church. Please pray for continued growth and faithfulness in the members.

I am beginning to plan visits to churches between January and March next year. I need to begin raising support (monthly or one time gifts) for a third series of trips. I will begin with churches in the southeast. If you know of any missions conferences, revivals, jubilees, preaching conferences... happening in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee please send me the church and pastor's name as well as e-mail, website, and phone info. If you are a pastor, I would love to share my burden with your church. Please pray that God will open the doors and hearts of the people.

Prayer Requests:

Health, sleep, energy, and safety for the missionaries
Safety for the workers
Funds for the construction
Safety for my flight to Columbia

October 11, 2015

I am now in my final week of time in Brazil. Time is moving a little too fast. I already packed half of my clothes, but it is so hard to wait to pack the rest. I like to be ready for my trips a week in advance.

The big event this week was the installment of a rain catcher. This huge tank will help save money for the missionaries. It will also help if the government orders water rationing.

Today, we celebrated Children's Day. We had a good crowd, a lot of food, and a lot of fun. A doll and bike were raffled. The kids got bags of candy and balls.

I was able to see Brian and Rebekah Johnson, who are also missionaries in Sao Paulo. Pray for them as they are starting a new church. They were a blessing to the people as well as to the Vallejos.

Tomorrow is the official Children's Day, so we will take break from school and enjoy the day. We get to go into the country. I do not mind the city, but I definitely prefer the country.

Prayer Requests:

Safety on my flight to Columbia
Guidance in planning visits to churches stateside
Heath, strength, and wisdom for missionaries
Funds for construction

October 18, 2015

Wow! 3 months are gone! I have only two days left in Brazil. Today, several church members brought me little gifts to remember them. My family knows that I love hair stuff, so they will understand how excited I was to receive several pretty headbands, and barrettes.(I buy hair accessories because I

cannot afford and do not have room for shoes to match my outfits.) :-) Along with the little gifts, I received a free pizza which I shared with the family, churrasco (Brazilian bbq), chocolates, cake and coffee.

Tonight, I sang a song in Portuguese by myself. I will post the video soon along with the album of pictures from this trip. I have a lot of pictures!

Please pray for me as I fly on Tuesday. Pray also for Bro. Vallejo as he will be driving me to the airport at 4am. Pray that there are no traffic problems on the ground and no flight delays or problems when I get to the airport here and in Peru. (short layover)

Please pray for my mom as she is very sick right now. It is hard to be away from her and not be home to help her. Continue to pray for my nephew Emmett. He is doing better, but they are still waiting for some test results since they do not know his exact problem.

Two fun notes: I was able to go to the ocean for a day. I forgot how salty sea water is. :-) I also saw a pair of wild toucans, but I forgot my camera that day, so I do not have pics.

October 19, 2015

Last night in Brazil! Pray that all goes well with my flights tomorrow.

October 21, 2015

Sorry for not posting until today. I finally got my computer to access the internet. ( I was spelling the password wrong.) I arrived in Columbia yesterday, and my first treat was Dunkin Donuts. :-) Last night I ate an amazing meal at a Colombian restaurant, and stayed up talking until midnight. The weather here is beautiful, and the area is set in beautiful, green mountains.

I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time, when I landed in Lima for my flight

to Colombia, and part of my flight took me across the Andes mountains and the Amazon River. The topography of South America is very diverse. Dry, desert mountains, where the only greenery and signs of human life is along the rivers, rise to high snow-capped peaks which then drop into beautiful, green mountains, and the land finally rolls down into lush, green valleys.

The Putney family consists of Bro. Peter, his wife, Elisabeth, their two daughters, ages 3 and 2, and two dogs, a Samoid named Daisy, and a German Shepherd named Buddy. The dogs are loving and protective. Last night, I read to the girls, and today, I helped them do a little bit of school.

Tonight is church, and I am looking forward to meeting the Colombian people. Tomorrow the 40,000 Bibles project begins. Please pray that many people will trust Christ because of this endeavor.

October 21, 2015

Sorry for not posting until today. I finally got my computer to access the internet. ( I was spelling the password wrong.) I arrived in Columbia yesterday, and my first treat was Dunkin Donuts. :-) Last night I ate an amazing meal at a Colombian restaurant, and stayed up talking until midnight. The weather here is beautiful, and the area is set in beautiful, green mountains.

I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time, when I landed in Lima for my flight

to Colombia, and part of my flight took me across the Andes mountains and the Amazon River. The topography of South America is very diverse. Dry, desert mountains, where the only greenery and signs of human life is along the rivers, rise to high snow-capped peaks which then drop into beautiful, green mountains, and the land finally rolls down into lush, green valleys.

The Putney family consists of Bro. Peter, his wife, Elisabeth, their two daughters, ages 3 and 2, and two dogs, a Samoid named Daisy, and a German Shepherd named Buddy. The dogs are loving and protective. Last night, I read to the girls, and today, I helped them do a little bit of school.

Tonight is church, and I am looking forward to meeting the Colombian people. Tomorrow the 40,000 Bibles project begins. Please pray that many people will trust Christ because of this endeavor.

November 2, 2015

Wow! I had been thinking I was leaving Colombia for Guatemala on November 20, but I am actually leaving November 10 which is next Tuesday! The last two weeks have flown by. We finished the Bible project by handing

out 36,000 Bibles. The two churches involved each kept 2,000 for new visitors and handing out in their neighborhoods. ElisabethandPeter Putney's oldest daughter thinks that every time she goes to church she needs to hand out the Bibles. :-) We passed out 15-20 yesterday.

During the Bible project, I witnessed to a lady named Monica. Please pray that she will trust Christ. I also met a young man named Kevin who is a Christian. Pray that God can use him to spread the Gospel throughout Colombia. (Both of these people spoke English.)

This week will be a week of cleaning and packing because the Putney's leave for the states the day after I leave for Guatemala. Pray for a safe flight and safe, healthy delivery of their third baby.

Yesterday, I was able to Skype one of my sisters and her girls. It was so good to see them and talk with them. I am looking forward to being back in the states in December, but I am enjoying helping these missionary families.

Prayer Requests:

Funds to plan more trips to Europe and Asia
Wisdom for choosing which churches to visit between January and March
Continued good health

November 9, 2015

Today is my last day in Colombia. What a blessing it has been to help the Putney family and their church. The ladies from the church surprised me with a beautiful traditional outfit, and the church family said goodby with a wonderful letter which one of the men read. One of the ladies asked me if I would miss Colombia. I said, "So, so" because I always miss the people I have met. I think I will miss the beautiful weather too. :-)

It has been so good to see another growing church. One of the young men joined the church on Sunday, and several ladies and men recently finished their discipleship programs. When the Putneys return from their trip to the U.S., they plan to start a Bible study in a nearby town. They are also preparing for a new building in the future. I love seeing faith in action!

Please pray for me as I fly out at 5:25 a.m. for Guatemala. Pray also for the Putneys as they fly on Wednesday. I am very excited to see what God has in store in Guatemala.

Prayer requests:
Safe travels
Continued good health
Wisdom in preparing to visit churches in the U.S.

November 11, 2015

Quick update:

I arrived safely in Guatemala yesterday morning. I think Guatemala may be my greatest learning experience and test on the mission field. I am staying with one of the church families. They do not speak English, and my Spanish is not very good either. :-) I have a dictionary, but I plan to look up some phrases online in order to speak with them a little more. Please pray that I can learn quickly.
Bro. Lopez, a lady, Maria, and two men from the church picked me up at the airport. They loaded my luggage, which is not light, and unloaded it. Bro. Lopez and Maria moved a bed to her home for me unloaded it for me. Maria's family made sure I was warm and comfortable. We are in the mountains, and the nights are much cooler than in Brazil or Colombia. I went to bed around 8:30 or 9, and was awakened at 5:30 by roosters. Oh joy! Surprisingly, I fell back asleep for a little while, and I feel refreshed.

I am looking forward to all my adventures here in Guatemala. Please pray that I have patience, wisdom, and knowledge.

November 29, 2015

It was another busy but fun week in Guatemala. I began teaching English classes in Santa Catarina and Cristo Rey. In Santa Catarina we had a total of 11 students, 8 each night. In Cristo Rey, we had three students. All the

students are excited for the opportunity to learn English.

Beginning last Saturday, Bro. Lopez, Maria, and I began preparations for Thanksgiving dinner which we celebrated with the pastor's family from Santa Catarina . I cooked apple-stuffed turkey, apple pie, pumpkin pie, which was green because pumpkins are green here, chocolate chip cookies, mashed potatoes, green beans, and nutmeg glazed carrots. Everyone enjoyed the meal. I was able to Skype with my parents and one of my sisters as well.

I am in the process of putting together a simple Christmas play. This a first for me, and feel a little overwhelmed because the play will be held on December 20, and I was not able to start working on it until last week. :-) Please pray that all the kids can come next week for practice. In order for them to come, Bro. Lopez's truck needs to be fixed. Please pray that it will be ready by Saturday.

Please pray also for the pastor in Santa Catarina. His truck is also out of commission. Bro. Lopez plans to go to the states in March to purchase a much needed bus. Please pray for funds and a good bus with no problems.

Continue to pray for Bro. Lopez's wife in her recovery from her car accident. Also, pray for one of his daughters who is very ill. Please continue to pray for my nephew Emmett as he continues to recover from a bout of viral meningitis.

My internet time is limited so I will post pictures as soon as I can.

December 6, 2015

Only three weeks left here in Guatemala! I am extremely busy preparing for

the Christmas play, teaching English, and preparing for my return to the U.S. Due to transportation issues, the children have not been able to come to church the last two weeks. Please pray that Bro. Lopez's truck will be fixed this week.

This past Tuesday, I was able to go running for the first time since the end of September. On Wednesday, I went to the zoo and did a lot of working. Thursday, I was supposed to run again, but after all the running and walking the other two days, my body said, "No." :-) I plan to run some more this week. I am hoping to run in the Brooklyn Half again, but I will have to consider the entry cost carefully.

Please pray as I prepare to visit churches in the U.S. Pray that God will give me wisdom as to which area to visit first, and pray that churches will be open to me coming. Pray that I can raise more funds to begin planning my trips to Europe and Asia. Once I have those seven trips in order, I will begin contacting missionaries again to see who else needs help.

December 12, 2015

Ok, so my math skills were a little off last post. :-) I am leaving Guatemala in ten days! Time has flown!!! God has definitely used this place as a preparation for the future. I am learning that teaching spoken English is much harder than written English.

Over the past couple weeks, I have seen the people here lead 10-15 people to Christ. I still do not know enough Spanish to witness, but I pass out many tracts as we walk.

The Christmas program is next Sunday. I have completed painting all the scenes. Now I just need the kids to show up. Without the truck working, they have not been able to come. Please pray that the truck will be fixed, and that we have all the kids here.

In Santa Catarina, I stay with the pastor's family Tuesday-Thursday to teach English. He also has not been able to use his truck for picking up people for

over a month. This means 21 children and other adults have not been able to come to church. The cost to fix the truck is about $100 dollars. I am wondering if 20 people would be willing to help pay for this cost by sending $5 to my home in Missouri. My parents would then put the money in my account, and I could withdraw it here. I need to know how many can help by Tuesday morning this week. This ministry is growing, and is in the process of renting a piece of property to build a larger auditorium. At this time, 30 people are meeting in a garage. The property has space for at least a 100 seat auditorium, Sunday school... The people are not rich, and have already pledged to give monthly for the auditorium, so help from the U.S. for the truck repairs would be greatly appreciated.

Please pray for the ministries here in Cristo Rey, Santa Catarina, and the new ministry that is scheduled to start next year in San Jose Pinula. Pray also as I get ready to return to the states that churches will allow me to share my ministry, and will give towards my future trips. I also have one unspoken request.

December 21, 2015

Only two days left here in Guatemala! Where did the time go? It has been a very busy last week. Today, I am thanking God for sending me exactly ten kids for our Christmas play. I had no idea how many and who would be coming, but the play turned out cute. I am so thankful for the help from Jocelyn Madrid and Monica Madrid, Rosalinda Najera, Jorge, Ramiro, Elisia, Pastor Madrid, Pastor Lopez, and many other members of the church in Cristo Rey. I will post pics and videos after I return to the states.

I finished my English classes in Santa Catarina last week. The students learned well, and I pray they will continue to help each other learn more.

Praise the Lord! Pastor Madrid's truck is running! Thank you to anyone who has or is sending money to help cover the cost. I was/am looking for 19 more people to help by sending $5. Today, Bro. Lopez picked up his truck from the mechanic. So both vehicles will be running to pick up people for church.

Please pray for safety as I fly to the States on Wednesday and Bro. Lopez flies to the States on Friday. Pray for wisdom for me as I begin raising support, and pray that churches will take me on for monthly support.

January 1, 2016

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! I certainly did. I arrived home on December 23.

After my parents picked me up, we went to Golden Corral, and I ate a whole lot of American food! :-) I enjoyed the foods in Brazil, Columbia, and Guatemala, but I was definitely ready to eat American again.

The past week has been very enjoyable. My family opened presents on Christmas Eve and had Christmas dinner together. I have been playing with my nieces and nephew a lot, and right now my aunt and uncle are visiting. I am so thankful for my family! This past Wednesday, my brother, Josh, my parents, and I sang in church together.

I finally finished my slide presentation from my trips, and I( am working on a schedule for visiting churches since plans have had to change a little. Pray for God's leading as to which churches i should contact and visit.

I purchased my return ticket from Puerto Rico, and now I just need to get tickets to and from Canada. Continue to pray that funds will come in for me to plan the trips to Europe and Asia.

January 14, 2016

I have not posted any updates recently because of the holidays and spending time with family. Our Christmas and New Year's were great as i hope all of your were. All but two of my sisters have been in to see my parents and I.
Due to some changes in plans for my parents, I still have not been able to plan church visits. Please pray that I can visit some churches soon to continue raising support. I now know that I'll be in Puerto Rico from March to May and Canada from June to August. These two trips are paid for, so I am now raising support for trips to England, Germany, Nepal, and China. The total for these trips will be $3,000-$4,000 depending on when I need to fly. I am hoping to have these trips planned and paid for by June.

Prayer Requests:
Churches that will support me
Continued good health
My nephew, Emmett Croy

January 23, 2016

Today I am praising the Lord for three opportunities to share my ministry in churches in Alabama. Please pray the hearts of the people will be open. Please pray that the other three churches I am contacting will also allow me to share my ministry.

Other prayer requests:
Funds for good quality, hard sided luggage (If you know a good brand, please let me know.)
Funds to begin prepping for trips to Europe and Asia.

anuary 29, 2016

Praise the Lord!!! I will be sharing my missions ministry with several churches this week and next. Sunday morning Jan. 31 at 10:30 , I will be with Bro. J Carrol Jones and Robertson's Chapel Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Al. Sunday night at 6:00, I will be with Bro. Fritz Harter at Brooklane Baptist Church in Hueytown, Al. On Sunday, February 7, I will be with Bro. John York at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Rainsville, Al for the morning service and with Bro. Roger Butler and Welcome Baptist Church in Piedmont, Al at 6:00 pm. I am still working on one service for Wednesday night, and I may have one other opportunity to share. Please pray that these opportunities work out.

February 1, 2016

Today, I am praising the Lord for allowing me to share my ministry in two churches. Thank you Robertson's Chapel Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Al and Brooklane Baptist church in Hueytown, Al for your love offerings. I now have about half the amount I will need to begin planning my trips to Europe and Asia. Please pray as I present my ministry in more churches next Sunday.

February 11, 2016

Well, after a two week trip to AL with visits to five churches, I am now at about half the amount I need to plan my trips to Europe and Asia. God is amazing and has provided me with amazing friends and families. Thank you Pastor J Carrol Jones and Robertson's Chapel, Pastor Fritz Harter and Brooklane Baptist, Pastor Joe Moore and Pathway Baptist, Pastor John York and Mt. Calvary Baptist, and Pastor Roger Butler and Welcome Baptist for allowing me to share my ministry, and for the gifts you gave to help me with my next trips.

Please continue to pray as I visit a few more churches and get ready to leave for Puerto Rico. Aslo, keep my dad, Jared, in your prayers. He is going through some health troubles, and has not been able to work since returning from Alabama last week.

February 16, 2016

The time is winding down. In just a few weeks, I will be in Puerto Rico for a new adventure. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with Bro. Luis Martinez and his family.
Continue to pray as my dad recovers from his recent illness, and pray that my mom and I can recover from ours as well. Please pray also that some churches will be ale to take me on for monthly support.

March 6, 2016

Wow! In only ten days, I will be in Puerto Rico! I am very excited about working with Pastor Luis Martinez and his family.
My sister Joy is in this week with her family, and I have been able to spend a lot of time with her and my nieces. My sister-in-law Elisabeth had a baby girl whom I have also been able to spoil. :-) My nephew, Riley, and my twin nieces, Hannah and Ava have been so much fun over the last few months. They are all growing so quickly.
Please continue to pray for my dad. His health is still not great, and he was back at the doctor's this week. He has a doctor's appointment in Indiana next week, and another appointment with his family doctor on the 21. His health problems are not life threatening, but they are hindering his ability to work.
Please continue to pray for my upcoming trips. Puerto Rico and Canada are paid for, so I am now working on the funds for 5 trips in Europe and Asia. The flights will cost between 3 and4,000. I will also need to renew my passport and obtain visas for some countries. This could add on another $500 depending on the costs of the visas.
Also pray, that churches will begin supporting me monthly.

March 12, 2016

Well, it is just 3 days until I leave for Puerto Rico. I am very excited to be able to work with Pastor Luis Martinez, a product of the bus ministry at FBC Hammond.
I get to spend a couple days with my sister, Janna, and her two babies as well as my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Neal's family. I also get to give a missions update at Roanoke Baptist Church.

March 15, 2016

Praising the Lord for a safe early morning trip to Midway airport in Chicago. I

am also happy to say that I made a beautiful and safe trip to Puerto Rico! God is the most awesome painter!!! I can't wait to share the pictures from my flight. I spent today getting settled in to the little house that I will call home for two months. Bro. and Mrs. Martinez took me to Walmart so I could get a few necessities, one of which was a coffee pot. :-) I did not get many pics on the way home from the airport, but I am sure I will have many in the days to come.

Please continue to pray for my dad as he recovers from bleeding on the brain. Pray also for my foot. I fell two weeks ago and landed on it with all my weight plus my niece's weight. {I was carrying her.) It had only given me a little pain and trouble when I first hurt it, but now it is staying swelled. It doesn't really hurt, but it is very swollen tonight from the flight and standing on it quite a bit today.

Tomorrow, I will be spending the day in Mrs. Martinez's classroom. I am looking forward to what God has in store during the next two months.

March 21, 2016

Well, tomorrow will be one week since my arrival in Puerto Rico. I am loving the weather after hearing that some of my siblings have had snow and cold temps. ;-) It has been in the 80's with nice breezes to keep the temp just right.

Upon arrival, I hit the ground running. First, there was a trip to Walmart for a few household necessities. Wednesday, I began helping in 1st and 2nd grade, and gave my testimony in church.

Thursday, I was in 1st and 2nd again, but this time alone. I have three students who like to make mischief, so it was a trying day. After a trip to Sam's and Costco for groceries, I was up late Thursday filling all the eggs for Friday's egg hunt. It was a lot of fun to watch the kids find the eggs.

Friday, was another grocery day, and I began preparing a lesson for Sunday School. Saturday was spent passing out tracts, cleaning the classroom, finishing my Sunday school lesson, and practicing piano.

Sunday,I taught the teens using the story of Ruth and the book Stay in the Castle. The teens seemed to respond well, and I hope the lesson will be one they remember and follow. I played the offertory, but was thankful another pianist was there to play the congregationals since I did not know two of the songs. :-) Sunday night, Bro. Suckow, preached a good message on living the best life. Thank you, Gena Suckow, for translating.

Today, I prepared the schedule for 1st and 2nd grade for the remainder of the year. Please pray as I try to help these students learn and understand the concepts.

Tomorrow, I plan to prepare my boards for next week, and then since it is spring break, I hope to get some relaxing time. Maybe even a trip to the beach will be possible. 8)

March 30, 2016

Another week is gone! After a little bit of a rough start this week, today was a good day in 1st and 2nd grade. The morning classes are now split which allows each class to get the one on one attention they need. I made quiet critters (Thanks for the idea Eunbee Grace Eising.)which I hope will help with some of my more active students. I will be posting a few pictures soon.

The church services have been very good. I played for the services on Easter, and did ok. Playing in another language isn't easy. :-)

I am looking forward to what the rest of this week holds.

Prayer Requests:
Funds for 5 trips to Europe and Asia including airfare, passport renewal, and visas.
Churches who will take me on for support.
Laborers in every field.
Wisdom and patience in dealing with my students.

April 5, 2016

After a crazy first week back to school, thing have been a little calmer this week. It has been a quieter week because half of my class has been sick. Please pray that no more kids get sick, and that the last four can return to school soon.

Please pray for my three "tough" kids. :-) They are very active 1st and 2nd grade boys. At times they can really try my patience. This week they have done better with completing their work, but like any kids, they would rather play than sit and do school.

In order to make learning and being good more fun, I created a game called Treasure Quest. Each child has a prince or princess character that moves along the board each day. If a child has good behavior and work ethic, at the end of the day, they receive a piece of candy. At the very end of the game, those who have had a majority of good days will receive a prize from the treasure box.

Please pray for my return to the States in May. I will be speaking in a few churches, and I am praying that some can take me on for support.

Please pray for me to have patience with my students. Pray that the students listen and learn well. Also, please pray for my dad, my sister John Janna Croy, her baby Emmet, and her coming baby Carter.

April 18, 2016

I have been getting counsel regarding a decision I am making, and I am

amazed at how God has used different people to share the same things with me that I have read in Scripture.

Each day, I read Psalms and Proverbs to go with day. Since there are more Psalms, I usually read other Psalms ending with the same number. (Ps. 7, 37...) Sunday, I read Ps.17, 27, and 37. God knew that I needed these Scriptures. Today, one of my counselors shared the same verses with me.

Ps. 27:11 Teach me thy way, O LORD, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies.
Ps. 37:4-7 Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday. Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not...

Along with these blessings, I accomplished something personal in my spiritual life that I always failed at before. I am definitely on a journey, spiritual and physical, that I would have never dreamed possible.

Please continue to pray with me as I make this decision.

April 20, 2016

Probably one of the best sermons I have listened to.
Jack Hyles A Burden vs. A Call
Salvation: Fact, Faith, Feeling
Call, Obedience, Sight, Burden
He that goeth forth and weepeth... Go then weep.

A call is what God tells you to do.
A burden is a reward to those who obey the call, Inspiration given to those

willing to work without it, A vehicle that takes you to where you would want to be, An expression of God's love because your obedience showed your love for God, God making you want to do what you would have done anyway.

Continue at the last command until you hear from headquarters again.

You never obey a "command" of God at the expense of another command. (Example: Soul winning is commanded. Not showing the body is commanded. So a beach party soul winning day is not a Biblical way to go soul winning.)

In college I looked for the where, planned for the where... After college, God closed the doors to what I thought was the where. (I have not lost the burden for that particular where; I am just following God.) I stopped seeking the where, and I started seeking the what. The what is to go. God opens a door, and I walk through. It is much easier to go through the open door than to jimmy the lock on the window or a locked door to get in, and you don't get into trouble or disappointment that way. :-) I walked through a door to NYC, I walked through a door to a missions helps ministry. When God opens the door, I walk through.

Please continue to pray as I make important decisions.

April 26, 2016

Thanks to all who have prayed for me as I made an important decision. After much prayer, fasting, counsel, and Scripture searching, I have decided to return to Puerto Rico in August to teach for Lighthouse Christian Academy. This is not going to change my plans for future missions trips, but since I still need to raise more funds for the Europe and Asia trips, those trips will not take place until later next year. Please pray as I visit churches in the U.S. in May that God will continue to bless my missionary helps ministry with the necessary funds for future trips.

It is amazing how God has led me through one door after another. At times, I wondered if He even remembered that I wanted to be a missionary. On top of my spiritual aspirations, God has allowed me to see another dream come true, that of world travel. If I were working a normal everyday job in the U.S.

just living to make money for myself, I would probably never have left the U.S., but by following God's leading, I have been to places I never dreamed of going. Serving God and being in His will is better than being a millionaire. :-)

I will be traveling to Toronto, Canada from May to August to be with Bro. Brian Johnston, so please pray for that trip.

I found out today, that prayer and especially the prayers of kids can make a difference. The Christian schools in PR are under attack. The gov. wants to charge them for licensing and monitor curriculum, There are Christian lawyers fighting this battle for the 49 church schools which have stood against this mandate. In recent days the gov. told the dep. of ed. that they could no longer give funds to the Christian schools. My 1st and 2nd graders and I have been praying everyday that God will allow the schools to remain open and free to teach what the pastors believe should be taught. Today, Bro. Martinez received word that the judge, who is monitoring the situation and listening to the arguments from both sides, sent a message to the dep. of ed. that they are not allowed to discontinue funding of the Christian schools because there is a court case in process regarding these types of mandates and discrimination My kids have been telling their parents to pray for the school too. Making a difference in the lives of kids is wonderful! I can't wait to tell them tomorrow. :-).

April 29, 2016

Today was Principal's Day at Lighthouse Baptist Academy. The entire school gave money to get Pastor Martinez a new suit, some accessories, and a few
other nice gifts. Our class had cupc

akes and made a candygram card. We sang a song in chapel and sang a special song for Pastor Martinez in class. i am finding out that even my hard cases like to sing. :-) I was glad that several parents came to chapel to hear their kids.

We were supposed to have a water day for the class, but it was raining. At first I was afraid the kids would not get to go out, but after the thunder and lightning stopped for awhile, I let the kids play in the rain. They had a blast! I am praying none of them get sick. :-)

Monday, we have the day off. I plan to use that time to begin preparing lesson plans for next year since I will arrive in PR only two days before school starts. Please pray for my students and me as we finish out the school year.

I need to line up a couple more churches in the U.S. for the two weeks I am there. Please continue to pray that I can raise the funds needed for next year's trips. Please pray also as I prepare to go to Toronto for two months. God is allowing me to be a blessing to many people, but at the same time, I have been on the receiving end of His blessings from those people.

May 2, 2016

Please pray for the health my Uncle Bill Smith, missionary to England. I'm supposed to go help them next year. Please pray for God's healing and comfort. Please also pray for my dad. He was not able to go to church yesterday morning due to complications from his illness and brain bleeding earlier this year

May 4, 2016

Wow! I cannot believe my time in Puerto Rico is almost at and end. These last two months have been amazing. Not only have I grown to love Puerto Rico, its people, and food, but I have also grown spiritually. Some victories have been small, and some have been big. I am looking forward to the coming school year when I return to teach.

In just a few short days, I will be returning to the U.S. I need a couple more churches to share my ministry with, so please pray that the ones I contact will allow me to come. I have not posted the area where I will be in the U.S. because I am planning to surprise some people there. :-) I am looking forward to it.
Please pray as I prepare to be in Canada for two moths helping Bro. Brian Johnston and his family. After all the miracles I have seen, I can't wait to see what God has in store for me.

Please continue to pray for my Uncle Bill and my dad. Uncle Bill finally got some real pain relief.

May 11, 2016

Posted by my Aunt Debbie. Bills symptoms have worsened, apparently due to the advanced cancer and they cannot relieve them. Have inserted NG tube to eliminate constant vomiting. Please pray for us that we will all have the grace and courage to face these days, and that it may draw us closer together as a family. Also please pray this will unite our church and that God will soon provide the right man to take over the shepherding of this wonderful church family. Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers and kindness x

I am supposed to go to England next year to help them. Please pray for them.

May 11, 2016

All evening, I have been thinking about how short my time left in Puerto Rico is. When I first came, two months seemed like it stretched out forever, but now, it seems extremely short. I do not know how to explain the love I have for the kids in my class, and for the people in the church.
I have been to many churches and enjoyed my time in each, but other than my dad's churches growing up, there have only been two churches where I

felt at peace and at home. The first place was International Baptist in NYC, and the second place is here at Primera Iglesia Bautista in PR. Maybe I feel at home and at peace because I know God led me to these places. I did not come to PR planning to stay, but now, I cannot wait to get back.

While I will miss PR, and I do look forward to my return, I am excited about my two month trip to Toronto, Canada. I cannot wait to see what adventures God has for me to discover there. Every place I have been, God has put me there at the exact time the missionaries needed me. Anyone who thinks the Christian life is boring should do what I am doing. I never have a dull moment.

Praise report: I have a third church to share my ministry with in the U.S. I am praying that I can not only raise enough support to continue my future trips to Europe and Asia, but that I may influence other Christians to do what I am doing. I am only one person, and I cannot get to every missionary who needs help. The harvest is white and the laborers are few. Please pray that more Christians will see that Christ's return is imminent, and there are people dying without Him.

Prayer Requests: Continued good health, health of the missionaries, Bill and Debra Smith in Blackpool, England, continued healing for my dad, healing for Anaidalee, a senior here in PR. Also pray that she can be at graduation.

May 15, 2016

Today was my last Sunday in PR until August. The time has flown! I leave Friday to visit churches in the states for two weeks, then I take a bus to Toronto to be with the Johnstons for two months. I have enjoyed my time in PR and look forward to my return.

Please pray for one of my students, Yanai, (pronounced Jan eye) who is in the hospital with pneumonia and asthma complications. Also continue to pray for Anaidalee. The doctors said she should be able to walk in the graduation on Friday.

May 17, 2016

Wow! What a busy, fun day! This morning we had the awards ceremony at Lighthouse Baptist Academy. All but one of my kids was at the ceremony.

Please continue to pray for Yanai as she is still in the hospital with complications from pneumonia and asthma. I had an encouraging report that when she was being admitted and even since being in the hospital, she has been singing the Scripture songs I taught her. :-) I'm so thankful for the Godly heritage that I can pass to others. Bro. Dean Runyon, she was singing Eph. 6:10-11.

Another praise from this morning is that Anaidalee , a senior, was released from the hospital to be at the ceremony. She will also be able to walk in graduation. Please continue to pray for healing, especially her eyes.

After the awards ceremony, I was taken to a delicious lunch of mofungo topped with churrasco. I was so full, I skipped desert and only had a cup of coffee. The coffee was topped with cinnamon and whipped cream. :-)

Tonight, I booked my return ticket to PR. I am thankful that airfares finally dropped. I will be returning on August 2. Please pray as I continue to wrap up last minute details and prep for next school year.

May 18, 2016

Today was fun! My friend, Gena Suckow, took me to El Yunque National Forest to see a beautiful waterfall. Then we drove along some of the coast where I took pictures of the water. I am still in awe that the water really is turquoise! We went shopping and had Philly cheese steaks.
Tonight was my last service in PR. I am going to miss the church family here.After church, I cleaned the house where I am staying. Everything smells fresh.
Most of my packing is already done, but I have one last day before I leave. Looking forward to it. Pray for me as I fly on Friday. I will post pictures from today soon.

May 19, 2016

On my last day in PR, God has given me a great day and a sad day. So I will begin with the good things.

When God says give and it shall be given, He means it. And when He says it will be more than you expect, He means it. I came to PR to give myself to helping a missionary family, a church, and a school. Yes, I gave, but God has given back to me in so many ways. Today, I was given a love offering that the church took up for me. Over the last couple of weeks, people had

already given me person gifts, taken me out for meals and excursions... Wow! I was so in shock that I locked my keys in my house. I haven't done that until today. :-)

Today, I helped set up for the graduation which will take place tomorrow. I enjoyed spending time with several of the ladies from the church and school. Please pray for the graduates and for the school here in PR. Please continue to pray that the government will not try to force the private schools to be registered and comply with the PS curriculum. Also, pray for Anaidalee and Yanai who are still recovering from illnesses.

Now for the sad news and a special prayer request, please pray for my Uncle Bill and his family. He is now at home and it appears the doctors can give him no hope for his cancer. We are all praying for a miracle, but the needs he has right now are to be pain free and to get rest. Please pray for his wife Debra and their kids and grandkids. Pray for their church that a good sound pastor will come and take the church.

Please pray for my flight tomorrow, and for the four churches I have been able to schedule for presenting my ministry while I am in the states.

May 23, 2016

I am thank that God supplies for our needs even before they arise. I have had some trouble with my luggage, but I thought it would not be too much of an issue. I just kept making due. Well The broken wheel on my large suitcase finally made dragging it around impossible, and then the handle on my carry on decided it was no longer going to extend. I was given a love offering before leaving PR, and the church I spoke at Sunday is sending me a check. I try not to take money from my missions account unless it is absolutely necessary or I am purchasing tickets.I was able to find a large suitcase and a carry-on for $60 total.

Yesterday, I needed to take all my luggage with me to the church where I shared my ministry because I was staying with another friend in a different area. I was trying to drag and carry my suitcases to the bus, when a Greek

man came by and asked if I needed help. He picked up my 50 pound suitcase, put it on his shoulder, and carried about 3 blocks to the bus.

I accidentally got off the bus at the wrong stop, so I waited for another bus, got on and asked the driver where my stop was. It was the next stop one block down. I felt so silly riding the bus for a block.I got off that bus and began dragging my suitcases again. I finally found the second bus, and made it to the church with plenty of time to spare.

After church, I took a train to my next destination. A young man helped me carry my 50 pound suitcase up the stairs and down to the other side even though he wasn't going my direction. When I finally got to my destination, a lady helped me carry my small suitcase. God provided me with a lot of angels.

May 26, 2016

When God sends us to a place at the perfect time: I arrived back in the U>S> last Friday night. I had planned to just stay in the NYC area for two weeks, but God allowed me the opportunity to visit my sister in Maine. For two weeks, my brother-in-law and I had planned for me to surprise Joy. Josh mad an excuse to stop at the bus station in Portland, and the surprise was successful. (video coming soon) God knew that my sister would need me this week. She and her family moved into a new house on Saturday. I have spent two days helping her clean, rearrange, and decorate. This has also been a help to Josh since he is working from 7am-3pm.

Last night, I shared my ministry with Second Bapt. of Palermo, Maine. I did not know until we got home, that one of the ladies had written a check for my missions trips. God amazes me with how He provides for these missions


Tomorrow, I head back to NYC. I will share my ministry at International Baptist Church on Sunday morning, and 6th Avenue Baptist on Sunday night, so please pray for God's blessings. I am looking forward to spending time with so many friends in the NYC area.

For those young ICS ladies who would like to meet up in NYC, I am planning on spending Memorial Day at FleetWeek. Message me that you want to come, and we can exchange cell numbers.

Please continue to pray for my uncle Bill Smith in England. He is extremely ill with his cancer. Pray for his family as they care for him during this very difficult time. Please pray also for my dad and his health, my 3 sister who are pregnant, and my ministry.

May 29, 2016

Trials after triumphs... The devil always tries to pull a spirit down when a person has a good day.

Anyways... I have had a great Sunday! I was able to share my missions ministry with two churches in 3 services. It was such a blessing to be back in International Baptist in Brooklyn. I have missed the people there. I will always consider it one of my "homes." I always enjoy the song service at IBC.

This evening, I went to 6th Ave. Baptist with Bro. Richard Johnson. What a great service. God definitely was in control. The congregationals were sung with enthusiasm even though they were acapella and the crowd was small. I sang How Deep the Father's Love for US which then tied right in to the sermon preached by a Trinidadian. A group of young men from West Coast is staying for the summer to help the church. It was great to see young men who want to serve God.

Each church took up a love offering, and I am now ready to begin making plans for my trips to Europe, and possibly even Asia. God is amazing!

May 31, 2016

My Uncle Bill is now in heaven. Please keep his family and church in your prayers. He was faithful through many trials including a 3 year imprisonment on false charges which cost him the loss of people who claimed to be his friends, yet he continued to serve God. My Uncle and Aunt were the second most faithful couple I have known, my parents being the first. I am very sad that I could not see my Uncle again, but I'm glad to know I will see him in heaven. I love you, Aunt Debra Smith, and please tell all your kids I love them and am praying for them. I hope that I will not have to walk this road with my parents, but I know that if I do, I will have someone to walk it with me: Jesus.

June 4, 2016

Well, my short visit to NYC is over. It was so good to be back among my friends and the ICS students. Please pray as I travel to Toronto tomorrow on a 12hr bus trip. I am looking forward to another adventure following God's path for me.

June 13, 2016

Well, a week has flown by! It is hard to believe that I have been in Canada this long. I am enjoying my time with the Johnston family and their church.

I have been out soul winning several times in the last week,and I have talked to several people who I hope will come visit the church. Please pray for Merci (not sure of the spelling), Zara, and Leyla. They all proclaim to be Muslims, but do not appear to be practicing Muslims. Pray for an opportunity to share the Gospel with them. Pray also for Mei and Jason. They are both Chinese. Mei does not speak English, so please pray that one of our Chinese ladies can go by to visit her. Pray also for an Israeli man who was very kind and even seemed interested in the church. I must say it is nice to

be able to communicate with the people when I am soul winning. :-) Besides soul-winning, I am involved in the choir, sing specials, and teach junior church.

On Saturday, we went to a ladies meeting at another church. There I heard a missionary, Colette Michel, share her story. she and her husband had only been in Belgium a short time, when he was killed in an accident. She has three small children. Although she is not on the mission field at this time, God is using her to be a blessing to others. I also heard a lady named Jen Holmes speak about her struggle with depression. What a blessing to share time with other ladies and learn from those who have been through hard times.

On Sunday, we were ale to watch one of the young ladies from the church graduate from high school. Please pray for Trisha as she moves on to the next stage in her life.

I learned that L.M. Montgomery, who wrote the Anne of Green Gables books, had a home near here. Also the Lake of Shining Waters and the bridge from the movie are close to where I am. I hope to be able see these places. ( Most of the movies were filmed in Ontario.)

Please continue to pray for my dad, my Aunt Debra in England, (The funeral for her husband will be on June 17.) and for my three sisters and their coming babies.

June 21, 2016

Time is passing quickly here in Canada! I can't believe June is almost over. This week has already been busy. We went out door knocking today. Please

pray for Lisa, Thomas, and Amir, especially Amir. Amir told me he was Christian for five years in his 30's. He did not tell me why he stopped believing in God, but we talked for 20-30 minutes about everything from creation to Jesus. Please pray that he will think about his past belief, and what we talked about today.

We had a good crowd for Father's Day this past Sunday. We are praying for a good crowd for the church's anniversary next week. Please pray that the people we have met in the past two weeks will come to church. I have personally talked to about ten people. Please pray as we will go out Thursday and Friday to knock on more doors.

My sister Janna had a safe delivery of her son, Carter, last Thursday. They were both able to go home within a couple of days of the birth. She is the sister who has had many complications with her pregnancies, so a healthy birth and quick go- home time were miracles.

Please continue to pray as I plan my next set of trips to Europe next year. I may also continue on to Asia, but I have some things to work out in order to do so.

June 27, 2016

Another busy week in Canada! We went out several days last week to pass out tracts. I was able to witness to a lady named Sara who is Catholic. Please pray for the opportunity to return to the contacts I have made and for a chance to witness in depth to each.
Sunday, Gospel Light Baptist Church celebrated its 13th Anniversary. Several families who had moved away returned to celebrate with the Johnston's. It was good to know that although these families are not close enough to attend GLBC, they are all active in other churches.
Today, I had the blessing of talking to my teacher and mentor Mrs. Daryl-Laurie Whitehouse. She paid me a great compliment by saying that since their school is looking for a teacher, I was one of her choices.
Please pray for my nephew Emmett who is having some tests run on his colon. Pray the doctors can find and fix the problem without surgery. Also, pray for my sister Joy who is having some issues with weakness during her pregnancy.

July 3, 2016

Happy Independence Day America! I am posting this tonight, because I will be gone all day tomorrow.

One Month has passed since I arrived in Canada. I am enjoying getting to know the Johnston's more. Their children are some of the best behaved kids I have ever met. I found out today that Pastor Johnston has a bit of sarcasm in him. :-) Mrs. Johnston and I have had enjoyable talks about many subjects. If you want to know your missionaries, just do what I am doing. Take a trip. :-)

This week, I was able to give brief Gospel presentations to two people, and I had several good contacts for follow-up visits. Please pray that Pastor Johnston can return to Cesar's home and present the Gospel to him, and that Cesar will trust Christ. Pray also that a lady can return to Shamim's house and share the Gospel with her as well.

Canada Day was on Friday, and today, I got to hear the people at the nursing home join Pastor Johnston in singing O Canada which is a beautiful national anthem. Please pray for a worker, Neena, and her family. She asked for prayer and told me she is Catholic.

Today I met Matt and Becky Kielas. Bro. Kielas preached a message from Psalm 44. I think this outline will be a help to those who are discouraged whether .in their Christian realm or in their secular realm...

I. v. 1-3 God did. Past victories
II. v. 4-8 God can. Through thee we will.
III. v. 9-16 God isn't. Adversity
IV. v.17-18 Devoted to God. Faithful
V. v. 19-22 Cost of Devotion
II Chr. 20:12

Please pray as I now have an idea of when I will leave for my European and Asian trips next year. I need God's wisdom in the plans for next year.

Please pray for my nephew, Emmett. He is sick again. Pray also for a friend who just lost her baby, and for Jonathan, son of Audrey Moran Goodpaster, who is recovering from brain surgery. There are several other of my friends and family going through difficult times as well.

July 9, 2016

Whew! What a busy fun week! Monday was Independence Day, and I celebrated by going to Niagra Falls to visit a college friend, Leah Catherine Dennis. We had so much fun! We of course took in the scenery around the falls, but we also went to a butterfly house, conservatory, and botanical gardens.I arrived home around 10 pm Monday night and finished packing for three days of family camp.

Family camp was a blessing. I heard several great sermons preached by Pastor Carlson from Manitoba. I will post the outlines later along with a link to where you can order them. The sermons were very practical and to the point. I also met the in-laws to my college friend Dustin Lee. They are considering being missionary helpers across Canada. It was very enjoyable to chat with them.

I have just a few more weeks left in Canada. The time flies when you are serving God. The rest of this month will be very busy, so please pray for the ministry here.

July 9, 2016

Well, the preacher at camp this week was right. You can't stay on the mountain of victory all the time. At some point you do have to come down. Please pray for some unspoken needs.

July 12, 2016

I have some specific prayer requests for personal needs. I try very hard not to use missions money for personal spending especially when it is not related to a missions trip. There are several reasons for this, but I will just say that one is that I try to use the money to cover travel to the different countries first.

1. I need to find inexpensive flights from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Kansas City, MO and back. Coming from PR the dates I am looking at are between Dec. 16-19. Returning to PR the date is Dec. 6.

2. I told my sister Julie I would come help her for a week after her baby is born. I need a flight from San Juan to Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, or Quad Cities, Iowa. This will be sometime end of Oct. first of Nov. It will be somewhat last minute because babies rarely come on their exact due date.

July 19, 2016

Sorry for not posting recently. We have had several events, so I decided to combine the posts.

Last week, while Bro. Johnston and the older kids were at youth conf. in Indiana, Mrs. Johnston and I spent time making call back visits. Although we did not get a chance to witness, everyone was happy to see us. After making visits one day, we went to MCD's. Mrs. Johnston needed to pick up some things for one of the girl's birthdays, so I stayed with the kids at the playland. I was sitting next to a Muslim lady, and we began talking. After hearing her life story, I had the opportunity to witness. She listened, asked questions, and shared some of her beliefs. In the end, I was able to give her a dvd about Jesus and get her phone number and address. Please pray for her. Her English name is Jenny. :-)

I wanted to post this right away, but I decided to wait. Saturday, I went soulwinning with one of the church ladies. I have been out soulwinning three to four times a week since arriving in Canada, but I have not had the opportunity to lead anyone to Christ. I prayed and asked God to let me some fruit from my labors.
Lillian and I had knocked on four or five doors with only a couple people being home and accepting the tracts. Then we knocked on a door, and a 19 year old boy answered the door. I explained what we were doing, and asked if he attended church. He said yes. I then asked if he knew for sure he had eternal life. He said he actually was struggling with that knowledge.
His mom came to the door. I thought she would turn us away, but I explained
to her why were there, and I repeated my question. She said, " Do you want some water? Would you like to come in?" I almost said no, but it seemed like the Lord prompted me to accept the offer.
Jacob told me that he had been struggling with knowing for sure he was saved and if he even believed in God. He had been in a Gospel preaching church most of his life, so I knew he had heard the plan of salvation. I turned to Romans, but it was like God said, "No, Go to John 3. I began reading about Nicodemus, a man who knew all the answers about eternal life and the Messiah. I explained many of the verses, and I applied the story to Jacob and how he knew the answers, but he needed to believe them. I then took him through the Romans Road. At the end, I asked him if he had any questions or comments. He said no. I then asked if he wanted to receive Jesus. He said he did, but he didn't want to pray out loud with strangers. I told him his mom, who was already saved, could pray with him. Lillian and I prayed silently on the other side of the room. Amy asked Jacob if he wanted to pray on his own or have her lead him. He said he wanted her to lead him, but he wanted to pray in his heart. Amy began leading the prayer, and then Jacob started out with a whisper, but gradually got a little louder as he prayed to receive Christ. When they finished, I told Jacob his next step was to be baptized. I told him also that he had a wise mom. She could have said no to God's leading and tried to continue witnessing to her son on her own, but instead she allowed a stranger to present the Gospel. It was a blessing

for me to have the opportunity to lead someone to Christ after not doing so for over a year due to language barriers and religious differences.

Sunday, Dr. Mike Cox and his wife came, and Dr. Cox preached. I did not get to hear the Sunday morning message, but Sunday night he preached from Esther, which is my favorite book. I was able to talk with them regarding my missions ministry and my brother's aviation ministry. I also got to take a picture with Mrs. Cox.

Yesterday, we went to London, Ontario for a soulwinning conference at Bro. Powless's church. Dr. Ray young and his wife, Debi Ann Whitehouse Young were there as well as the Vassak family. Both men preached great sermons with practical applications. It was so good to hear Bro. Young preach some sermons I heard while in college. Mrs. Young and Mrs. Vassak also spoke in a split session for the ladies.

I have one special request. I plan to witness to someone this week that has been on my heart for several years, but with whom I have never been sure how to approach the subject. I will be doing this sometime this week.

Pictures are coming.

July 29, 2016

Wow! Just a few more days left in Canada! i leave next Tuesday to return to Puerto Rico for one school year. I waited a little longer to post this week because I went to a family camp for three days and just returned. I really enjoyed meeting several great families. I helped keep an eye on a bunch of little cuties, helping them on and off the trampolines, pushing their swings, and helping them find their mommies. :-)

Pastor Timothy-Michelle Brunner Berlin preached or really taught several great messages on the roles of the family. The concepts he taught are great for any relationship, and I will share some in the next few weeks.

I had several soulwinning opportunities last week. Although I did not get to lead anyone to Christ, I was able to plant some seeds. Please pray for a young man named Adil, a muslim lady, and a young man named John that they will allow someone to return and share more of the Gospel with them.

Prayer Requests
Clear weather and safe flying on Tuesday.
No problems at the Canadian/American border
That I arrive at the airport in Rochester on time

August 4, 2016

I tried to post last night, but my internet cut out and I was too tired to retype everything. :-) I arrived safe and on time in Puerto Rico. I will be here for 9 months teaching 1st and 2nd grade. My trip here was long but good.

Tuesday morning, I woke up at 5 am. I left for the bus station at 7am. At 9am, I left Toronto by bus and headed to Rochester. On the way to Rochester, I began talking with my seatmate. Her name was Elenie. After a few minutes of chatting, I found out she was from Brazil, had been laid off from her job, and instead of seeking a new job right away, she decided to take a trip. I asked her several leading questions. Finally I was able to ask about her salvation. She was Catholic, so I took her to Ephesian 2 and

showed her that works cannot save. I then took her to John 3 where Jesus spoke to Nicodemus, a religious leader. I explained that even though Nicodemus knew all about the coming Messiah, he still could not understand his need for salvation. From there, I went through the Roman's Road. When i finished reading the verses and explaining them, I asked Elenie if she wanted to pray and accept Jesus as her only way to Heaven. She said yes. I gave her the option of praying on her own or having me guide her. She asked me to guide her. When we finished praying, I asked her, "If God were to ask you why He should allow you into Heaven, what would you tell Him?" She thought for a few moments, and then said, "I would say that I believe in Jesus and what He did for me." I was able to giver Elenie the names of three churches in NYC. I hope she will attend on Sunday.

I arrived in Rochester at 2:30pm just in time to catch a city bus to the airport. I made it quickly through security and then grabbed a bite to eat.

At 5pm, I boarded my flight to Charlotte, NC. I arrived there around 7:30. 3 hours later, I boarded my flight to Miami. I had considered trying to get an earlier flight to avoid the 7hr Miami layover, but I was afraid I would have to pay alot to change my flight. When I arrived in Miami, I was glad I did not

change my flight. The plane landed at midnight, but we sat on the tarmac for an hour. An earlier storm had caused delayed flights and cancellations thus backing up the traffic at the terminals. We finally arrived at the gate, and I went in search of a pillow so that I could at least rest during my 7hr layover. After asking 3-4 very unhelpful people, I found an agent who was just coming off her break. She took a few minutes to go onto a plane and collect several blankets and pillows. I was so grateful. I was also thanking God that I did not end up the line of 800+ people who were trying to get new flights due to the weather cancellations.

Wednesday morning, I boarded my flight at 7 am for my flight to Puerto Rico. I arrived in PR at 9:45 am, gathered my luggage, and met Bro. and Mrs. Martinez. Upon arriving at the church and my house, I quickly put my luggage away, freshened up, had lunch, and then began working on my classroom.

I finished most of my classroom decorating today, and tomorrow, I plan to straighten the desks and begin prepping for the first day of class. I will also be preparing a Sunday school lesson and practicing piano. Whew! Lots to do, but I am loving my journeys!

August 12, 2016

Well the first three days of school are over. I am finding out that teaching brand new first graders is not easy. :-) I can't wait to see the difference at the end of the year. :-)

I am teaching Sunday school to guys and girls ages 12- young adults. I will be starting a series of lessons from Proverbs. Pray that I will give practical lessons the students can remember and use in their daily lives.

I am back to playing piano for services. I am glad I was able to practice while I was in Canada. Every song leader is different in their speed..., I will have to get used to playing for different people again. :-)

Prayer Request:

1st and 2nd graders
Wisdom and strength
The church that was robbed in Guatemala.

August 22, 2016

Wow! This post is overdue. :-) Teaching is keeping me busy. Since we are still waiting on some books, I spent about two hours creating writing practice sheets for my kids. By the end of the school year, I should have beautiful handwriting. :-)

Today was a good day in class. My kids behaved well for the most part and were very quiet during lunch. I was able to give a good report on my constant talker. :-) All of them work hard on their pages, and I am enjoying watching them learn to write. They are memorizing their addition tables, and the past two days we played a game. I was proud of a second grader who had a hard time in school last year. He got the farthest in the game.

My church ministries here also keep me busy. I am teaching through the book of Proverbs, and I am learning a much as the students. Playing the piano, going soulwinning, and helping in other ways around the church keep me occupied as well.

It looks like I will travel to England next October to begin my third series of trips. The missionaries I was supposed to help in Germany are returning to the states indefinitely due to their daughter's health, and on top of that, their landlord ended the lease for their church building. Pray that all turns out well for them in these situations.

Please keep my dad in prayer. He has been dealing with vertigo for the past few days.

September 1, 2016

Wow! I cannot believe I have been back in Puerto Rico for a whole month. Teaching little kids is much harder than teaching teens and young adults.

I love my kids, but some of them sure do know how to try my patience. It's funny how after they get in trouble, they want to come and hug me. :-) They make me pictures, and I try to make sure I hang everyone up. One little girl brought in about ten pictures she had colored. I have been changing them each day. :-)

This week has been extra busy. Since Mrs. Martinez had surgery, I along with several other ladies, have been helping with meals. I sometimes forget it takes longer to cook for more than one person. :-) I must say, that I enjoy cooking for others. It makes the task seem less of a chore.

Wednesday night I had a very unwanted guest waiting inside my door, A Tarantula! I stood outside for 15 minutes or so with the door wide open waiting for the pastor or his sons to get home and kill the ugly thing. Ever since, I have been opening the door cautiously and checking the sides. I don't know what would have happened if that thing had jumped on me.

Pray for the weather here as we are expecting some tropical storms. Pray for Mrs. Martinez's continued healing. Also pray for a student who had thyroid surgery today.

September 11, 2016

God not only gives our needs, but sometimes He gives us our wants. For two weeks, I have been craving Krispy Kreme donuts. Along with other little

notes of encouragement during the week, on Friday Pastor and Mrs. Martinez brought me 6 Krispy Kremes! They made the best end for a difficult week. ( I still have two left. :-) )

I have begun a new prize system in class which the kids enjoy. Each time they finish a page, they get to pick a paper which allows them to do little things like, get a hug from the teacher, draw a picture, write a note... I am hoping this will continue to be a way for them to take a break from their work without getting into trouble. :-)

Please pray for me that I can be patient with the students. 1st and 2nd graders would be difficult in their own classes, but both classes together can be tough when trying to teach one class and instruct the other class regarding seatwork. Also, English is their second language, so sometimes I have to explain things in different ways before some students understand. I love teaching, but I wish there was not a reason for discipline. (Discipline means a loss of playtime or writing sentences regarding what the student did.) I now understand a little how parents feel when they have to discipline.

Please pray for my students that I will have the opportunity to lead those, who re not saved, to Christ. I am teaching them the Romans Road to song. Tomorrow, I will be giving an object lesson regarding hearts controlled by

Satan and hearts controlled by Jesus. Pray that the students can understand.

I enjoyed teaching my Sunday school class today even though I had some issues with getting the lesson ready and printing it. Please pray for the young people in this class. Most are teens, but some are young adults, and it is mixed genders which makes teaching a little more complicated. :-)

Hopefully, in the next few weeks, we will have a small singing group in church. I will be needing extra practice on the piano in order to play the parts. I am thankful that the pastor's son is now playing sometimes in church. Some songs are harder for me to play, and he usually plays those.

Please pray for my dad's health, and pray also for my sister Julie. She is expecting, and is waiting on a second opinion to see if she has gestational diabetes. Pray that the glucose test was wrong. My sister Joy is also expecting, and yesterday at 27 weeks, she had some pretty heavy contractions. Pray that the baby will stay put for awhile.

September 17, 2016

So missionary life has its ups and downs. Fun times, crazy times, sad times.

Today began like any other Saturday here in PR. I got up, had breakfast, and went to the soulwinning meeting. After the meeting, we ladies went to visit some of the church kids and knocked on a few doors. At the 4th door, Barbie Sandra Monge

Colon, my new housemate, had the opportunity to lead a lady to Christ. I was able to visit one of my students and his brothers. I'm glad they will be in church tomorrow. (Shayra Rivera)

After soulwinning, Mrs. Carolina Martinez took us shopping at a mall, and for groceries. We arrived home around 6 or 7. I forgot to check the time. After putting away groceries, killing a bunch of ants, eating a light supper, and cleaning up, Barbie and I went to her room to chat. We discussed a lot of things, and the end of our chat turned into a quick prayer meeting. I'm so thankful for my housemate!

We went back to the kitchen to have a snack, and returned to her room for a moment to talk and get ready for bed. She put something on the bed, and we both saw a quick movement, but thought it was fuzz or something. Barbie picked u a blanket, and a large, brown water bug or palmetto bug came rushing across the bed then hid under a pillow. She screamed and ran; I screamed and ran into the hallway. (I am laughing as I type.)

We went back into the room and slowly began removing things from the bed. I moved the pillow, and the bug rapidly crawled towards me and down the side of the

bed to hide underneath. I screamed and backed away again. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the Lysol spray. The bug was hanging onto the underside of the bed. I sprayed him thoroughly, but the Lysol was doing nothing. I told Barbie to go get the bottle of bleach I had used on the ants. I sprayed a lot of bleach on that bug and still he hung onto the bed. I told Barbie to pick up the mattress and let it drop thinking it would make the bug let go, but instead of the bug letting go, the bed came apart.

Finally, I had Barbie bring a broom. While she was gone, I thought the bug had crawled between the mattress and the frame. I jumped really hard on the bed trying to squish the bug. I looked underneath, and the bug was hanging onto the rail. I swept the bug off the bed and he came scurrying towards me. I screamed and jumped onto the bed, and Barbie screamed and ran away from the bed. The bug began crawling towards Barbie's suitcases. We were both screaming, and I finally had the sense to smash it with the broom. I used a lot of force, and hit him twice just to be sure he was dead.

We then proceeded to laugh hysterically for 3-5 minutes. If we had had video, I think we would have won $10,000. :-) I am now totally exhausted, and I am hoping we did not wake up Pastor Luis Martinez and his family.

September 23, 2016

What a busy, crazy week! Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal as far as class was concerned, but please continue to pray for Christian schools in PR. Wednesday started out normal, but ended with a little madness. :-)

I was ready to print my homework for the students, but I could not find my

flash drive anywhere. I asked one of my students, and they said they took it home. I was very flustered, but I borrowed a flash drive, and put my homework on it. I then went to the office to print the homework, and just as I opened the door, the lights went out. Power for the whole island was out from Wednesday until 3:30-3:40 this morning. Many areas are still without power, so please pray for the people.

Yesterday, since we could not have school, we went to the beach for a couple of hours. There were hardly any people, so we were able to swim to our hearts content. I took a walk looking for shells, and I found several pieces of coral.

Today, since the power was on, we were able to take the kids on their field trip. The Children's Museum of Carolina is a great place! Tons of hands on things for the kids to do.

I started my running again this week. I did pretty good, but then the rain came. I was two laps short of my goal. :-) I may try to run tomorrow if I am not too exhausted.

I am excited about my housemate. She pushes me in areas where I have been neglectful. We are excited about the opportunity to work with the young people. We both have a lot of ideas. :-)

Prayer Requests:

My sisters Julie and Joy- pregnancy
My parents
Special unspoken
Power outage in PR

September 28, 2016

So I wanted to share some funny stories from our power outage. It is amazing the things you don't think about needing electricity for until the electricity is gone. The day the power went out, my housemate and I cleaned out our fridge to create party food, so that some of our food would not go to waste. We then went to the pastor's house and celebrated Mrs. Carolina Martinez's birthday by candle light. It was a lot of fun. I of course had the bright idea, remember we are sitting in the dark, to suggests a movie night. :-)

Thursday morning, we went to the beach. When we came home, I asked if I could wash my wet clothes with the Martinez's. Mrs. Martinez looked at me and laughed saying, "The power is out."

Later, I was cleaning and organizing my classroom. I took all my pencils to the sharpener, which is electric, and put one in. Then remembered the power was out. :-)

After that, I was mopping, and I remembered that I wanted to clean some furniture at the house. I asked Luis, if his mom would let me borrow the vacuum to vacuum a couch. He said, "I'll ask her." He came back and said, "We would let you borrow it, " and then I finished for him while laughing, but the power is out. :-)

If nothing else, I will be able to look back at those two days and laugh it my forgetfulness.

October 15, 2016

Please forgive me for not posting for two weeks. Life has been busy but fun.
Last week, I was able to visit Old San Juan at night. I met Pastor Dean Noonan, my house-mate's pastor, and his wife. Bro. Noonan spoiled us, the Martinez children, Barbie, and I, with Coldstone ice cream! Then we spent a little time walking along the water front and being crazy.

On Columbus Day, Barbie and I went to San Juan again. We visited the forts and took a lot of pics. (Facebook's photo uploader has not been working well for me, so I will get the pics posted soon.) I enjoyed getting to know some of her college friends from the Bible college in Carolina.

Today was report card day. I am happy to say that all of my students are

doing well. I have couple who struggle with English skills, but they are learning.

Tonight, we had our first youth activity. We went to a church in Caguas for a preaching service. One of the girls received Christ as her Saviour! Afterwards, several teens stayed for a lockin at the church, but now all are sleeping soundly. We played hide-and-seek and four corners, we sang a little, and just had a good time.

Please pray for Barbie and I as we continue to work with the teens. Please pray that more will want to join us the next time. Please pray for an unspoken request for this area as well.

Please pray for my Dad as he will be without my mom for a few weeks. My mom went to stay with my sister Joy who has been having seizure-like episodes. She is about 7 months pregnant. Pray also for my sister Julie who is due to have a baby in about two weeks.

November 2, 2016

I cannot believe it is already November! Where has the time gone? It has gone into 12 little lives. I never knew teaching could wear a person out, but these kids sure do keep me on my toes. Not only do I teach them language, math, reading..., but I also have to teach them to obey, behave, not talk, use a tissue, tie their shoes (We are still working on this one.) and many other little things.

The past month has been busy with two visits to Old San Juan, a youth activity, Pastor's Day at the church, and school. Pasror's Day was pretty awesome! I had planned to teach a Sunday school lesson on being Light to the World the week before, but a follow up to two other lessons took more time than I had planned. I taught the lesson on light on Pastor's Day. Pastor Luis Martinez preached about light in his morning message. The night service to honor Pastor and Mrs. Martinez was centered on light, and the preacher of course preached about light. God allowed every part of the day flow together beautifully. I had four students who do not attend our church come and sing with other students from the church and school. Their parents also came. It was a blessing to know that God had touched their hearts.

This past Sunday was another God programmed day. I taught a lesson on faith to the young people. The ladies class also had a lesson on faith, and Pastor's sermon was on Faith. My housemate, who is also my assistant in the Sunday school class, and brings a fun balance to my more serious tone when I am teaching, and I have begun a series of lessons answering questions the young people have asked. The first was the lesson on faith. I

will teach again this coming week, and she will teach for two weeks when she returns from the States. We are coming at the questions from two different perspectives because we grew up in different home atmospheres. I cannot wait to see how God uses these lessons to strengthen the young people. Please pray that God will touch these lives and use them for His glory. Pray that the young people will seek His will and not their own.

I am an aunt again. My nephew Clement Merciful Daniel was born last Friday. Please pray as he is still in the hospital with low oxygen problems. My sister hoped to be home today, but his oxygen dropped again last night, so they are keeping him longer.

Pray for my sister Joy who is expecting. She is 35 weeks along, so she is now in a safe delivery zone. She is still having dizzy spells... which the doctors think are pregnancy related. Pray that these will go away, and she can enjoy the last few weeks of carrying the baby. Pray also that she can arrange people to stay with her after my mom leaves so her husband can work.

Continue to pray for my dad. He is doing some better, but still gets headaches which the doctor said could persist for a year or more. He also struggles with vertigo sometimes.

Although I have my approximate date set to go to England, I have decided to wait until after the election to see what the future may hold as far as travel is concerned. I am praying that no matter who is in the White House, we have Godly men and women in every other area of government to keep a tight rein on what is being done to our nation and with our nation's finances...

November 15, 2016

The surprise was not as grand as I hoped. She heard me when I got out of the car. For those who did not know, I surprised my sister Julie. I get to stay
with her the two weeks I promised a long time ago. :-)
Wow! I cannot believe it is already the middle of the week! As the frog says, "Time is fun when you are having flies." I am loving spending time with my niece and nephews and my sister and Bro-in-law. The weather is calling for a chance of snow and freezing rain next Tuesday. :-) I love snow, so I am excited about the possibility. So far, I have been shopping for Christmas things to bring back to PR for my class, played in the leaves with Serenity and Uriah, and just been helping around the house.
Serenity was sitting on the couch with her dad, and looked up at him. She said, "Daddy, Aunt Jenny knows how to do a lot of things. She knows how to clean the house, do the laundry, wash the dishes, and play in the leaves.) :-) Little eyes are watching. :-) I have no internet at home, so if you need to reach me, you can contact my sister's FB Andynjulie Stombaugh.

November 25, 2016

What a wonderful two weeks I had in Iowa spoiling my new nephew, Clement, and his sister and brother Serenity and Uriah. I also got to spend time with my sister and her husband. We cooked, cleaned, cared for kids, baked cookies, pies... It was definitely a blessing to spend those days with them. Serenity kept thanking God for letting her play in the leaves. :-)

I have a lot to be thankful for, but I am especially thankful for two, new, healthy nephews. Clement was born Oct. 28. He stayed in the NICU for a week due to a little breathing trouble that mended itself as his loud cries indicate. :-)

Landon was born a few weeks early and had some trouble with jaundice, but seems to be doing much better and is home. Please to continue to pray for Joy as she recovers from the problems she had during pregnancy. I think she is still having some problems, but not as much as before.

I am currently in Chicago getting ready to fly to Newark and then on to Puerto Rico. Please pray as the next three weeks will be very busy as we wind down the year to Christmas. Please pray for my 1st and 2nd graderss. Because they learn both English and Spanish Phonics, they struggle some with reading and comprehension. Please pray that I use the reading time wisely.

November 25, 2016

What a wonderful two weeks I had in Iowa spoiling my new nephew, Clement, and his sister and brother Serenity and Uriah. I also got to spend time with my sister and her husband. We cooked, cleaned, cared for kids, baked cookies, pies... It was definitely a blessing to spend those days with them. Serenity kept thanking God for letting her play in the leaves. :-)

I have a lot to be thankful for, but I am especially thankful for two, new, healthy nephews. Clement was born Oct. 28. He stayed in the NICU for a week due to a little breathing trouble that mended itself as his loud cries indicate. :-)

Landon was born a few weeks early and had some trouble with jaundice, but seems to be doing much better and is home. Please to continue to pray for Joy as she recovers from the problems she had during pregnancy. I think she is still having some problems, but not as much as before.

I am currently in Chicago getting ready to fly to Newark and then on to Puerto Rico. Please pray as the next three weeks will be very busy as we wind down the year to Christmas. Please pray for my 1st and 2nd graderss. Because they learn both English and Spanish Phonics, they struggle some with reading and comprehension. Please pray that I use the reading time wisely.

December 5, 2016

So today, I experienced my first true experience of an earthquake. very minor, but my chair was shaking that I was sitting in, and I could see the windows moving. I have thought I felt very slight tremors a few times at night. Please pray that we have no major earthquakes. I must say I felt just the slightest bit of terror type fear, that deep pit of your stomach sick feeling.

The past week since returning from my visit with my sister has been busy. My kids are doing well in most areas, but please pray that they all catch on to reading. They learn Spanish phonics and English phonics at the same time beginning in first grade, so their reading in many cases is a struggle. Overall most are doing well in class, and many have brought up grades in some of their struggle areas. I love teaching and seeing the improvements.

Teaching is not easy, especially at this age level, but seeing the light come on, hearing a child read well for the first time always makes the struggles worthwhile.

We are now in the Christmas spirit, and my classroom is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We have a Christmas party in a week, and the kids can't wait. In three Mondays, I will be headed out to see my parents and go to my sister's wedding. Wow! I can't understand how time flies so quickly.

Although many times my missionary journeys are full of fun, there are times when Satan fights hard to deter me and the those I help. Please pray fervently for your missionaries. Satanic attacks are happening all over the world from pastor's put in prison, to Christians being put to death, to families going through hard times. Many times, your missionaries go through Job situations. Pray for God's protection over them and their families.

Please pray that I can find a return flight ticket to Puerto Rico that does not cost too much. Please pray for my family as there are several dealing with health issues. Please pray for a few unspoken requests.

December 19, 2016

Long update:

Today, I am writing from Atlanta, Ga as I wait for my flight to KC for Christmas with my family. The last three weeks have been hectic and busy. I arrived back in Puerto Rico from visiting my sister in IA the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The next week,two of my students celebrated their birthdays, so Friday was a very short fun day. The next week, the students took several tests, and we focused on reading and phonics.

Sunday, Dec. the young people's class celebrated Christmas with a party. I introduced them to It's a Wonderful Life. I baked cookies and made nachos and cheese, and we had Papa John's pizza. The youth all brought gifts, and played a Dirty Santa game. They seemed to enjoy it.

Monday of this week, I baked 29 mini loaves of gingerbread for the families

of my students, teachers in the school, and a few church families. During the week, my students focused on reading, phonics, and math in order to be prepared when we return to school.

Friday, my class had a Christmas party. Several parents came, and we had a good time watching the kids open presents. My students said Luke 2:4-7, and I read a short version of the Christmas story. I then quizzed the kids about the birth of Christ, and was so glad that they knew the details from each part of the story. We had been discussing each character from the Christmas story and their role in telling the good news that Jesus was born.

Saturday, my cousins, Joey Jayne and Melanie Jayne came to stay with me, and they spoiled me with needed household items, yummy food at Crepes by Us (Gena Suckow) and ice cream at Downtown Creamery. I had Acai with Oreo chunks. It was nice to visit with Melanie because we have always been very close.

A blessing and answer to prayer is that several families of my students have begun attending church. Please pray for the salvation of my students and their families.

I have a new phone number, so if you have my prayer card, and you cannot reach me, you can msg. me on Facebook or by e-mail to request the number.

December 25, 2016

It's Christmas Eve, and tonight I am 27 years old, not physically, but spiritually. 27 years ago, my dad led me to Christ in front of our Christmas tree. I received the greatest gift ever given, eternal life. My prayer is that those, who have never trusted Jesus Christ as their only hope for eternal salvation, will do so, and those who have doubts will get them settled, and finally, that those who have strayed from God will return to Him.

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas. Remember those who will be spending Christmas without their loved ones who have passed on, and those whose loved ones are missionaries and soldiers in foreign lands.

December 31, 2016

I will not post any lengthy things this week, but please pray for my sister Jacqueline Rarrick and her fiance Phillip Allredas they tie the knot tomorrow. Also, pray that I can find a cheap plane ticket to return to Puerto Rico. I will be purchasing a ticket no matter what this week, but I really need it to be very low cost.

January 7

After three weeks of celebrations for Christmas, my parent's 35th anniversary, my youngest sister's wedding, and New Years, the time has come to return to Puerto Rico. I love what I do, but after being with family it will be hard to return and stay until May. Luckily, I will be very busy with my teaching and other responsibilities. Please pray for safety as I fly tomorrow. Pray that I do not have any delays.

January 18

Wow! I can't believe almost two weeks have passed since I returned to Puerto Rico. I have been busy since my return.

I have been very pleased with the progress of some of my students who were struggling in reading. I gave them pages to read over the break, and I can see an amazing difference in some of them.

My Sunday school class is also going well. We had a deaf young man come

in this past Sunday. He has been coming to church, but it was his first Sunday in my class. Please pray for the young people in this class. I have taught on faith for about a month and a half, and every lesson I have taught, the pastor has preached a sermon along the same theme. I'm sure there is someone who is not saved in my class.

Pray also for the kids in my class at the school. Several raised their hands that they have not received Christ. I plan to talk with them individually and explain the Gospel to them. Pray that I have the right illustrations to help them easily understand. Pray that the Devil will not deter me from this task with all the other worries of the classroom.

I have begun looking for tickets to London. I hope to have one booked by the end of the week. Pray that I choose the right airline. Some are very vague about their baggage fees, and I do not want to get a good price for a ticket, and then be charged an exhorbitant price for a bag.

January 20

Ok, two prayer requests for wisdom in the decision making.
1. A good priced plane ticket to London without a huge baggage fee.
2. Wisdom for choosing, building, and funding a website which will allow missionaries to connect with individuals to request help. ( I would really like it to be free, but so far, I haven't found one that works for what I need. I have one quote, but I would need to pay per month and annually for different aspects of the site.)
January 21

Today I was able to witness to a young man named Isaiah. He did not trust Christ, and I believe he is depending on good works for salvation. Please pray that he will read the tract I gave him, and that what I was able to share with him will cause him to search the Scriptures for the truth.

January 22

Well, amidst all the bad news, political scenes, lies from the media... The truth of God's Word still stands! I got to lead a young man to Christ today. First one in awhile because of language barriers.

January 27

So this just happened... I booked my ticket to London!!! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me while I help my Aunt Debra Smith and hopefully encourage her. I am always very careful with how much I spend on missions trips because each dollar given is given with trust, and I want to help as many missionaries as possible. I searched for a flight that wasn't
expensive, and I reviewed many of the airlines before finally selecting one.Even still, the ticket was almost $300 which was the most I wanted to spend. The airline has had some bad reviews recently, so please pray that since it is a direct flight, that there will not be any problems with the flight or my baggage. I will be leaving in October. :-) Please continue to pray for my aunt as she tries to keep her husband's ministry going until a permanent pastor can be found. I am sure lining up a preacher for every service is not easy.

February 6

Time for an update. Time here in PR is flying. I feel like it was ages ago that I was with my family, and it was only about a month ago.

I feel like I have had to start over in my classroom. Satan is attacking harder than ever, especially since I have led a couple students to Christ. Please pray that I can share the Gospel one on one with the other students.

I began a few new incentive ideas that I hope will motivate some of my students to better behavior and work ethic. Part of the program includes going to church. Pray for one unspoken request regarding a family situation for one of my students.

I recently purchased my ticket for London, and I am currently planning my trip to Nepal. Pray that God leads me to the make good decisions regarding the amount of time to stay with each missionary.

Please pray for the website that I want to start. I posted a survey, and I hope that you will answer it and share it. The more feedback I get, the better I will be able to decide when to launch it.

I will be sending an update to all the churches who have given love offerings to support my trips. Please pray that I can share my ministry with more churches and possible Christian colleges this fall.

Continue to pray for my dad's and mom's health. Pray for my 2 year old nephew, Emmett who suffers with migraines.

February 8

One more student saved this week, and one more talked to. Pray as I continue to talk to the students in my class.

February 18

Went out and passed out tracts today. Pray for one lady that would not give me time to share the Gospel. She said if she is dying, she will repent.

Thank you Pastor Luis Martinez and Mrs. Carolina Martinez for sharing your family Valentine's with me. :-) It was fun!

Tomorrow I will be teaching the lesson I was supposed to teach last Sunday. I have a good illustration for it. :-) I'm teaching on Priorities. Last Sunday, I forgot to unplug my headphones from my laptop and overslept. :-)

Next week, Bro. Ricky Torres will be here. Looking forward to our teens hearing him teach and preach.

February 23

Pray for our youth here in PR. Tomorrow and Saturday, I will spend a great number of hours with them. I have seven girls spending the night, and on Saturday ten young people will be going to an all day youth meeting. Sunday, we have a special speaker who will teach in Sunday school and church. Pray that lives are changed this weekend.

February 25

We ended up with 12 teens going to the youth meeting. We then had 4 more come to the Chinese Friendship party. Some stayed until 9pm. I had six girls stay with me last night, and two are staying again tonight. Bro. Ricky Torres will be with the teens for Sunday School, and will also preach in church. Praying for lives changed.

Thank you Pastor Luis Martinez and Mrs. Carolina Martinez for making today possible! You did so much, and all the teens said they really enjoyed the fellowship and youth meeting. :-)

Sunday Update:
We had 18 young people in Sunday school. Bro. Ricky Torres taught from Prov. 3:5-6. Yesterdays youth meeting was about guarding your heart and what do you have in your heart. Bro. Torres preached two messages with references to these same themes. God knows how to orchestrate teaching and preaching if we just let Him do it.

After church we had an ice cream social question and answer session. Bro. Torres and Mrs. Torres shared some good advice with the teens. Please pray that God will send a good strong couple to work with the teens here.

Two more students saved today! Five in the last month. Please pray as I continue to witness to these children. They are in 1st and 2nd grade. Sorry, I missed remembering I had talked to three students that day.

March 7 at 10:41pm

Ok here it is!!! I will be creating a website! I have had many missionaries respond that they would definitely use a website that allows them to contact volunteers. I have had many lay people and pastors respond that they would at least recommend the site to friends who are interested in missions.

I am looking for people who will be willing to help support it. The initial cost is $125 for the domain name and site building. The site is $60 per year, but must be paid at $5 per month. I must also pay $25 per year to keep the domain name.Payments can be made through my Paypal and the web builder will bill me automatically through Paypal. My goal is to keep the site free to the missionaries and missionary volunteers.

Feel free to pass the info along to your friends, family, and pastors.
I am very excited at this new phase in my journey!

March 12 at 6:32pm

another week is gone. Time is moving faster and faster. The school year will be winding down soon, and I feel like I am no where near ready for it to end. I'm planning to do grades tonight if I can remember my log in info. :-)

Yesterday, one of my students spent the day and night with me. We baked cookies, colored, and watched movies. It was fun, and it allowed her to be in church today.

After church this afternoon, I went to the beach for several hours. It was so nice to swim and then sit by the water talking to my friend and listening to the waves. I will definitely miss PR. :-)

Please pray for my website to be created quickly and for the funds needed to keep it running. Pray that I can find a cheap plane ticket home. Pray for the five students who have trusted Christ, and pray that others will trust Christ too.

March 13 at 7:41pm

Praise the Lord!!! A friend just sent me the start up cost for the website!!!

March 15 at 11:11pm

When you are in the Lord's will,He directs each decision even in the little things. I was supposed to make BBQ sandwiches for myself and the pastor's family on Monday, but I was working on grades and got finished late, so I decided to wait. I decided to make them tonight since Wednesdays are busy for Mrs. Martinez. Well, a new missionary family going to another island here in PR came by, and the pastor invited them to eat with his family. There was plenty to go around, and since I had already begun making an apple pie, I finished it, and we had that for dessert. God knew that these missionaries were coming, and had already set things in motion for a meal to be ready to quickly heat and serve. :-) I love serving God on the mission field!

March 20 at 4:22pm

Several special prayer requests:

Please pray for one of my first grade students who fell out of a moving vehicle. She has severe road rash on her face, and I think may have had a slight concussion since she is not allowed to run right now.

Pray for a student in the school named Melanie. She will have surgery to remove two tumors on the front and back of her neck on March 31.

Pray for the mom of another student who will have surgery to remove a brain tumor on March 28.

Pray that I can schedule some meetings in NYC and Maine at the end of May and first part of June.