Monday, February 19, 2018

Busy Days

Another week has passed, and a new one had begun. We had a holiday last week which caused a change in schedule. We spent the day playing games and going to a park. Today is also a holiday, and I made biscuits and gravy for a special treat.

Last Saturday, I played the piano for church. Since two keys on the keyboard do not work, I have to transpose each song into 4 flats. On top of this, for the songs that are only Nepali (not an English hymn) I have to learn the tune, hear it in an unfamiliar language  and transpose it. I must say, this  has made me stretch my piano skills and thinking skills.

School is keeping me busy since my students have oral and written reports they are working on. The language barrier makes reading their papers interesting. I am learning a lot about how to teach and help students whose first language is not English.

God blessed me with a bag of yarn. Friday, I bought several more balls of yarn, and yesterday, I began teaching some of the girls and a couple boys how to crochet. It is not easy to teach a large group, therefore, I will be splitting them into  to groups amd working with them on  their various projects. I have also learned how to create some new granny square patterns, and I a, excited to try them  out.

Please pray for Shanta. She has been sick for several days, and they had to take her to the hospital today. She is home, but pray that she gets well. Please keep my parents in prayer as they make some decisions and continue to work on my dad's health. Pray also for youngest sister's vehicle. He fuel injector may need to be replaced which could cost quite a bit.
Pray as I make some decisions regarding my future plans for M2M-Now,  and pray that God will open doors to allow me to share with people who would like to do what I do.

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