Friday, July 27, 2018

Camp! (This is a short post because I can't be too detailed.)

Well, after two weeks of camp, I am exhausted but happy. The first week was English Day camp. We had a great group of kids. I taught about Giants in our life and the Armor needed to fight them. Another lady taught about a group of people and animals in a boat who were saved from a great flood. :-) At the end of the week, I was involved in helping a little girl make the Most Important Decision of her life! What a blessing!

This past week was a Special Emphasis English camp. Again we had a great group of kids. I had two girls in my room. I was able to talk with them early in the week after a very pointed lesson about the Most Important Decision anyone should make. That night after a 30 minute conversation, they both made that Decision! They did a lot of memorizing, and we won the cleanest cabin. Overall, our team won the competitions. What a fun time!

We have a couple days rest before a new camp starts. Please make request for these two girls as the grow in Knowledge. Also make request for some helpers from the states who return tomorrow.


Sisters who are pregnant
Sister who has a tumor
Parents to find a house
Baby cousin Mycah who had heart surgery and needs two more
Friends son, William who is recovering from E-Coli
Strength for me

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