Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Spring has Sprung

 I cannot believe it is already the middle of March. Please forgive me for not posting an update sooner. Mom finally got all her blood tests results back. She has no medical issues which could have caused the blood clot in her leg, so it had to be the Flexarill she was put on for her back pain. Let me just say, if you go to the doctor or hospital ask for an MD not a practitioner or assistant. Mom also spoke with the hematologist about continuing or discontinuing the blood thinner. He told her she could decide since all the blood work looks good. Her plan is to take the blood thinner a few more days and then go back to her natural heart medicine. She does still have the clot in her leg and pieces do still go to her lungs, so please pray that all of those will go away very soon. We did get to go to church Sunday. Mom and I have only been  in one other service at another church since January 12. It was good to be back.

Please continue to pray for me. Places still aren't open for me to travel, and I just saw where Walmart will be offering immunity cards if you get a vaccine. The world is not going to be a very freedom friendly place if we do not get some freedom loving Americans to take a stand. 

Please pray for our church as we are continually having visitors. We are preparing to start an English language school for some of the African refugees we have coming, and we hope to expand this to reach many other people groups in our area. We also have a revival being planned as well as a meeting geared to reach millennials. The average age in our city is 35, and the millennials are ripe for the picking. They are hungry for the truth.

Please pray for our state. Our governor continues to hold us hostage. Every time she extends the emergency orders, she gets federal money. Right now the legislature is controlled by Democrats, and they all voted to keep the state closed. Please pray that this will wake up the people of Maine. We have been living under a dictator who implemented a police state as far as the covid situation is concerned.

I am still praying for direction as to what God would have me to do if I am not able to travel overseas anymore. I am also waiting for a job opportunity to send me the next step of the hiring process.

Please remember to pray for missionaries. Many are dealing with extreme stress, health, culture, and political issues. Myanmar is getting a bit dangerous due to the military coup which took place recently.