Sunday, March 11, 2018

Last regular week of school

Last week was busy, preparing my students for finals, field trip... We went to a fun park (carnival type rides) on Friday, and I spent the day with k5-2nd grade. We ate cotton candy, momos (dumplings), he kids rode bumper cars, and several other rides while I took pictures. I did ride the carousel and a small roller coaster. It was a fun but tiring day.

This week is finals week, so most if my time will be spent cleaning and helping with preparations for next year since my students will all complete their language tests tomorrow. The following week, some of he students will leave to vis it family, and I will help with spring cleaning and fun times.

We spent a couple of days with little to no power, which is why this post is late. Today we had a thunderstorm with lots of hail. The kids loved it because hail is the only "snow "they get.

I do want to praise the Lord for the safe and healthy arrival of my cousin's twins boys. They knew that one would have a cleft palate, and they thought he would need extensive surgery, but God healed him of all but a small cleft in his gum and a cleft in his lip. God is amazing!

Continue to pray for the church here, future plans the Tamangs are making, and my continued health and safety as I help.

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