Sunday, October 27, 2019

Fall, Winter? What are those?

After having heard from my siblings how cold it has already been in their states, and one reporting snow, I am rejoicing in the 90 degree temps here in Puerto Rico. The last two weeks have been busy. My friend Cassie has been here helping me in my classroom by grading, giving spelling tests, cleaning, and caring for the students.

The last two weeks have been very rainy. This past week, I saw four rainbows. That is the most I have seen since being here. The last one I saw spanned from somewhere in town all the way to the top of a mountain near the ocean, and and the arch was right over our property. These rainbows keep reminding me that God keeps His promises. The reconstruction is still on hold, but God is still doing a work here in the lives of the students.

We have had several great soulwinning weeks. One of the ladies I have been going with has had the opportunity to lead two ladies to Christ, and this past Saturday, another lady was able to witness to a girl who is very mixed up because she has studied many religions.  The young lady asked us to come again. Please pray for her. The pastor's wife was able to help a lady gain assurance of her salvation and the lady's friend trusted Christ the same day.

I already shared that two of my students have trusted Christ. A few Sundays back, another of my students trusted Christ in Sunday school, and this week a first grade student trusted Christ in Sunday school. That is four kids who have trusted Christ. Please continue to pray as I still have a few students to speak with.

With all the bad news in the world, I am thankful that GOd allows me to be part of making good news and giving good news. Please pray as I continue to teach here in PR. I have two students dealing with major medical issues, and another girl in the school is also dealing with major health problems.

Continue to pray for my mom's heart health, and for my two sisters who are pregnant.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Report Cards Tomorrow!

It is hard to believe the first nine weeks of school are finished. We have had a busy and exciting few months with two near misses with the hurricanes. The last couple of weeks got very busy with finishing tests and putting in grades.

My friend Cassie from my church in Maine has been here week, and is planning to stay until Christmas break. It is a blessing to have her helping me in the classroom. It is also a blessing to have her in my house to chat with... We will be heading to Vieques on Sunday to spend Columbus Day with another missionary family.

Today, I was finally able to have my classroom set the way I have wanted since school started. There is a lot more space, and all the students should be able to see the board well. I have also decorated the bulletin board, and I will try to post a picture tomorrow.

My kids sang their first series of Bible verses in chapel last week. They learned most of the verses to the Roman's Road, and now we are working on Psalm 1. They have also memorized eleven other verses. Please pray that kids will continue to trust in Christ.

Please pray for me to have wisdom for the many different types of children in my classroom. If you teach you know that there are students who learn easily and quickly those who struggle to learn, and in a second language setting, you have those who do not always understand due to the language barrier. Balancing workloads can be tricky. Every time I teach, I learn something new about people.

Please pray for two of my sisters who are expecting. One is dealing with some leg pain, and we are praying is not a blood clot. The other is due in December. Please keep my dad's church in prayer as they continue to grow. They have seen many people saved in the last few weeks and many visitors in the services.