Saturday, March 3, 2018

One Month To Go

For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanishetth away. I am down to one month left in Nepal. The past two weeks were busy with school, three different days off due to holidays and a strike  followed by a field trip to a botanical garden. It was nice enough to be out on the country and able to breath without a lot of dust. There were a good number of flowers blooming, but it is still winter, so the roses and some other spring flowers had not yet bloomed.

Yesterday, there were some visitors in church along with a few ,embers who had not  one in awhile. I could tell the leaders here were encouraged. The children sang the song "Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See." I thought to myself, "It is sad that we adults teach our children to be careful what they see, hear, say,  do with their hands, and where they go with their feet, yet we adults watch, listen to, read, say, do, and go to all the things we teach the kids not to." We should live by example not just tell them what to do or not do. Jesus said hear  His sayings and do them. Hat doesn't just mean what He said on earth, but what His Word says as well. If ye love me, keep my commandments.

A couple says ago, we had our second rain of the year, and it included a thundrstorm with hail. Last night I took a picture of the blood moon. It was beautiful! This week, I will be getting fitted for my Nepali national dress called a kurtha. This is the last regular week of school. Next week the kids have finals and an activity day. I am supposed to make a trip to view Mt. Everst before I leave. It will be in the distance, and if there are clouds, I may not see it at all. Please pray that God gives me a very clear view. I am teaching most of he girls to crochet, and I making some things for the boys. I'm hoping I can finish all before I leave.

Please continue to pray for funding for trips. Even with several supporting churches now, the funds for future trips are still small. When I return to the states, I hope to meet a visit to Puerto Rico and my sending church which will require flight expenses. I am considering going to England for  year and doing some short term trips to Europe from there. Please pray that God gives me wisdom, direction, and funds.

Prayer requests
My mom fell and hurt her knee. Please pry she heals with no major damage. Pray for wisdom for my dad as he makes decisions for his future ministry and health. Pray for the spiritual warfare here in Nepal. Satanic influence is much more tangible here, and the kids, church members... are feeling the effects. Pray for the Tamangs as they travel for a conference in Malaysia.

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