Saturday, November 4, 2017

England Continued

My parents arrived safely last week, and we spent one day in London. We took a boat ride down the Thames, seeing many famous landmarks  and ancient sites. I never realized the influence the Romans had on this country. The first London Bridge was built by the Romans. We arrived at Greenwich, and Dad and I stood on the Prime Meridian with one foot in the Eastern Hemisphere and he other in the Western. Everywhere we went, the British people were helpful and kind.

We arrived at my Auntil Debbie's last Saturday after a long bus trip. Dad spoke on Sunday, and all the people really enjoyed hearing. It makes me feel good to know my dad can make an impact with hisome teaching even halfway across the world.

We took my cousin Adam back to Morecambe  (morkam) on Monday.  On the way, we stopped at Lancaster Castle. It was amazing to touch stones hundreds of years old. There was a stone altar from Roman times which was almost 1000 years of old. I touched that too.  We also saw Hornby Castle. My dad's  home town is named for the family Hornby qho 0rWe stopped in a couple other little towns to look for souveniers, then returned home.

Tuesday, we rested then mom, Aunt Debbie and I went to the knitting circle. This is one of the ways to introduce people, who would probably not attend on Sunday, to our Greatest Friend, Christ. Mom got to invite one of the ladies to join us on Sunday.

Wednesday is a busy day for Aunt Debbie, but we went for a walk around town and saw the market square. In the square,  is a medieval market cross. In ancient times, you could not have a market without a market cross. There is also a fish table, whipping post, and stocks. We wet early to services and practiced the Christmas play. We had a short lesson from The Good Book, (the Bible) and enjoyed fellowship.

Thursday, we left to spend a day in Scotland. We drove up the west coast of England and stopped in Gretna Green, infamous for many runaway couples who wanted to be married. We then took the scenic route toward Edinburgh, (edinbru) and saw some beautiful country.  We passed many sheep farms along the way. Each farm was divided by ancient rock walls to mark off the property. An ancient Roman wall also ran throughout the area. We ended our northwards journey in Glasgow at my friends house. I tried to order pizza, but I couldn't understand the thick brogue. My aunt did get the order placed.

Friday we cut across the country towards Edinburgh,  but bypassed the city to follow the coastal route along the Eastern side of Scotland and England. We did see Edinburg Castle from quite a distance. We stopped in several towns, and saw two old castle ruins. Our ,aim destination was Holy Island. Here, we had checked the tide times since during high tide, the causeway is flooded. The online times were wrong.  Once on the islamd, we checked the tidal times, and realized that high tide was coming in. We thought we had time to get back off, but after taking a few quick snapshots, we raced back to the causeway. We were too late. The bridges had already flooded. We then began racing back to beat the tide that would soon cover the rest of the road. We spent 4 hours on the island, and in the end drove thru several inches of water when the tide was finally out enough to cross the bridge. While on the island, we took pictures of the ruins. This land is also known as Lindisfre which is where Vikings first landed in Britain. Some of the ruins are almost 1000 years old. There are Roman influences as well as the Viking and British influences.There is a small castle on the island, and across the bay, there is a larger castle, Bamburgh. We arrived home much later than planned, but had many good memories from, the day.

Today we rested other thand a little shopping for tomorrow. Tomorow the last of my Uncle Bill's ashes will be interred in a memory garden. He started the ministry here almost 40 years ago. Dad will conduct the sevidence for the internment. Please pray that people who have not come in a while will, and that anyone who does not know the Greatest Friend will meet Him, tomorrow.

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