Tuesday, November 14, 2017

England Update

Wow! A month has almost passed since I arrived in England. The last 21 day have been busy and fun. My parents left today to return to the US. While they were here, we were able to sing together and dad spoke in every service. The people fell in love with him and mom. We were able to see London, Lancaster Castle, A little of Scotland, Gretna Green, Holy Island and Lindisfarne. We saw Roman artifacts almost 2000 years old, Norman sites, Viking areas and many other ancient historical sites.  It was a blessing to help them do something they always  dreamed about. They were a blessing to my Aunt Debra, and she is definitely missing them.

This week, I received word that a fourth church is now supporting me. What a blessing! God continues to provide for my trips.
Please continue to pray for me. Pray for the ministry here as there are many events coming up which will allow the community to hear the Gospel. Pray for my parents and their health. Even with the rest dad had while he was here, he is still struggling.

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