Thursday, November 30, 2017

Blessings and News

God is good! Last Sunday, I was able to share M2M-Now  with a sister ministry here in the England. They took up a love offering, and are considering taking me on in the future.

Some supporting churches have sent out their support for this month. What a blessing to see God already providing for the future.

I was not sure if I would have a way to get Christmas gifts for my family. God provided me with a $20 coupon for a website, and I was able to get a gift for all my family.

I have spent the last week participating in some of Aunt Debbie's outreach groups. We had a Ukelele sing, and I was able to talk about what I do. I was able to share again at a sewing group. Pray for the people in these groups to see their need for Jesus and to see Jesus in us.

There are two people who need special prayer for salvation. Please pray that they will open their hearts to Christ.

Please continue to pray for my parents, especially my dad's health. Pray as I now have a little more than a month before I leave England. Time has flown. I will be sad to leave, but I look forward to a new adventure.

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