Thursday, April 2, 2020

Jesus is coming soon!

The signs of the times are becoming more and more evident: more earthquakes in various places. multitudes hearing the Gospel via internet, illnesses of all kinds, extreme measures being taken in the name of health which I thought would take a military coup to produce. I truly believe Jesus could come in my lifetime.

Due to the Corona virus, the lock downs, limited travel... Pastor Martinez felt it would be wise for me to leave Puerto Rico earlier than planned. I had asked God to show me whether I should stay to finish out the school year, and He did so by having school close for two more weeks, and now for the month of April. I returned home last Sunday night.

So far the rainy, cold weather has kept me mostly indoors, but I was able to go shopping for the first time in two weeks on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, we had our last church service for two weeks. At the end of those two weeks, my dad will see how the land lies. Hopefully, the governor will allow churches to meet within the guidelines of the limited numbers without an issue, but if not, my dad plans to petition to open as he feels church is a necessity for people in times of trial. please pray that God allows the church doors to be open.

My plane ticket to England is still reserved for mid-June. Please pray that the doors for travel abroad will be open by then. Please pray also that God continues to keep me healthy. In all the places I have traveled, I have never been extremely sick just simple colds due to weather changes. I take high doses of vitamin C especially when teaching school, so I believe that is what helps keep me healthy along with the prayers of my supporters, friends and family.

Please pray for several missionaries who are dealing with different issues with this virus. I know of two in Thailand who have it, also a preacher from Texas. One of my friends in Brazil lost a cousin to it. A pastor's wife in Guatemala has cancer and isn't doing well. Due to the virus, they sent her home from the hospital. Missionaries and the people of Venezuela have already been through a lot with the political and economic situation, and now the virus and low oil prices have caused them more economic problems. According to the news, the Philippines is taking drastic measures which you would find in a communist land instead of a free one.  Please pray for all the missionaries around the world for health and finances as I am sure support will suffer due to churches being closed. Many people do not understand that the tithes and offerings are still needed even if the building isn't open.

Please pray for my finances as well. Two different situations have occurred which could be a hindrance later. Please pray that God will continue to supply for me to help get the Gospel around the world. Even with these two situations, I have had someone decide to support me as a family, and two older ladies have provided small gifts even though they are on fixed incomes. It amazes me how God continues to use even the smallest gifts to show me that He wants me to continue as I have for  the last 5 years.

My last prayer is for our nation. I never thought that the American people would allow fear to bring them to the point we are at today. Although martial law has not officially been declared, that is basically what we are living under. The Constitution is being trampled in the name of health. I do not deny there is an illness, nor do I deny that people are dying, but I know from friends who work in the medical world, family who have been through the virus and recovered, and reading from doctors and nurses who believe in telling the truth, that those who hate our nation are using it to bring our nation closer to a socialistic, communistic ideal. We have seen our nation go from some of its greatest economic highs to a very low low. We have seen the lowest unemployment rates in years suddenly be very high due to the closure of businesses. We have seen our congress give themselves a 25 million dollar raise while barely giving the people who pay their salaries a minimum wage check, and in most places less than minimum wage. While many say this is to protect us from illness, spreading illness... They do not realize the impact it will have in the future. The door has been opened, and I fear it will always be slightly ajar, and much easier to open the next time we have people, who hate what America was built on, in office. I am praying for a few more years to continue to get the Gospel across America and around the world. Time is getting short. Perhaps God will not answer this prayer as I would like. Perhaps He is ready to allow persecution in America so that Christians will hurry to get the Gospel out, but I pray that He will give us more time. I also pray that Christians and Americans will wake up and realize that our freedom of religion, pursuit of happiness, and even life are very near to being taken away.

Revival begins with God's people. I am in need of a revival. Our churches are in need of revival, and America is in need of revival. May we all pray for it. I pray it does not come out of persecution, but out of thankful hearts because we are given more time.

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