Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Living on Borrowed Time

The longer the nation is shutdown, the more I forget what day it is. Time has moved by quickly since I last posted. Much is happening in our world and nation which tells me that Jesus is coming soon. I recently learned that Israel has been performing what they call mock Passover sacrifices for nine years in Jerusalem. This year, they requested to perform the ceremony on the Temple Mount. I had been told they received the permission and held the ceremony, but after much searching on the web, I could not find an indication  that they had completed the ceremony. God is allowing man and nature to push the world towards the return of Jesus, the rapture of the Christians, and the tribulation of the world. I truly believe Jesus could come in my time.

Our church and many churches have tried to follow the precautions for the coronavirus, but churches across the nation are finally realizing that politicians are using the virus to achieve evil against Christians and against America. Small business owners and other workers who have been out of work are also fed up with the lies and deceit being used to keep control of people. After two churches in Mississippi stood up for being allowed to have services, had the fines, which the mayor had imposed on all of them, dropped, Michigan marched in their capitol. Over the next few days other churches and states began marching, and this past Monday, we along with many pastors and business owners marched in our state capitol. If you were to believe the news reports, they say we only had 200 people, but that would be the minimum  which stood on the street. There were hundreds of cars with at least two people, and most with whole families in them as well as a few large vans with 8-10 people in them. These cars created a motorcade which circled the governors house. The very least amount of people that could have been present was 400, but I would guess there was quite a few more than that. My prayer for the effects of these marches across the nation is that they will encourage all Americans to stand up to protect our freedom which has been stripped away over night, and that Christians will wake up and realize that we have a very limited window of time in which to reach people with the Gospel. If we lose our freedom to practice religion as we believe, it will hamper us in getting the Gospel out.

My dad found a way for us to have small groups in our church services, and we had the first two on Sunday. We may have to do  small groups again this week, but hopefully the governor will get the message that our state needs to reopen, and we will be able to quickly get back to normal. Throughout all of this closure, my dad has encouraged those who are older, immunocompromised... to stay home to protect themselves from getting sick.

I have been helping dad with video services. We are not quite ready for livestream due to some sound issues we have been trying to work out. I am learning a lot about how to trim, merge, and split videos as well as a lot about sound systems. Please pray that we can get everything worked out so our members, who can't be with us even in normal times, can enjoy the services.

Please pray for Pastor Martinez, his family, and their ministry in Puerto Rico.  The school parents were already struggling to pay school bills due to the island being closed after the earthquakes we had in January. Now with this lengthy closure which began in the middle of March, they are struggling again. The government has asked private schools to give a discount,  so please pray that God will provide the means to meet all the needs of the ministry.

Please pray for the children#should home in Nepal where I helped a couple years ago. They are still in the midst of their building project for a larger school and dormitory building. They have been OK during the shutdown as far as health, and put I  their own well in order to provide water for the home.

I still have my plane ticket booked to England for late June. Please pray that the world will settle down by then so that I can travel without any problems.

Please pray for my sister Joy who is due in June. Pray for my family to stay well. Pray for our church as we move forward that the visitors who were coming before all this happened will return, and that our members will be faithful.

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