Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Cabin Fever!

Here in Puerto Rico we have been on lock down since Monday. They are allowing only one person per family in a vehicle, and they have to have a good reason to be out. My cousin's barbershop has been closed by Ohio's governor. Churches are being told no more than 10 people while stores have lines of way more than 10. None of this makes sense. I can only say that I'm glad God is in control, because if all this were just left to man, I think we'd all be in a terrible state.

I am not fearful of being sick. What causes me alarm is how easy it has been for the government to take full control of our daily lives without even enacting martial law, which I hope does not happen. I am alarmed to think that forced testing and vaccines may be the next step. My prayer is that we have a few more years of freedom as we know it in America. I truly believe this is a warning from God to Americans and to the world. Time is getting short., I believe Jesus could come in my lifetime. While I would be glad to leave this messed up world, there are still so many who do not know Christ.

So far I have remained relatively healthy even with many of my kids having been sick in January and February. Please pray that God continues to give me good health so that I can continue to serve Him and people around the world. Please also pray that my flight home in May and my flight to England in June will not have any issues.

I have many friends and relatives who have been effected financially by the closures of business. Please pray that this illness will end, and life can get back to normal. Pray also for those who are ill.
Pray for churches as they minister to those who will come seeking help and answers.

Please pray for some serious unspoken requests. Also, please pray that the ban is lifted for travel around the island so I can get out of the house. :-)

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