Monday, August 12, 2019

School Daze!

School started last Wednesday. I must say I have felt a bit overwhelmed with finding the right schedule for my 5th and 6th graders, and making sure everyone has work until the books arrive for new students. I am hoping things will settle in this week. I have a good class, and some of the students were in my second grade class when I taught before. I am happy to see them still in  Christian school.

The building project for the school lunch room, which was destroyed in hurricane Maria, is coming along quickly. I am amazed at all that has been accomplished since I came. Please pray that the funds will come in to cover the cost, which is $56,000 for just the building. This doesn't include doors, windows...

We had exciting news today. The license for an orphanage came today! I do not know what all this will entail for me, but I am excited to see what God will allow me to do and learn. We are allowed up to six children right now. There are many kids in need of a home especially since the hurricane.

Please continue to pray for the political situation here. A very conservative man was turned down as governor by the judges, and a woman was chosen instead. The political situation hasn't been good here for a long time, and the recent events only scratch the surface. Please pray that God will work in the lives of the politicians and that they will begin making good decisions which will help the people of Puerto Rico.

Probably half of the people use welfare, even young healthy men, and most families have been split with many of them now single parent homes. The need for more churches and good Christian schools is great for such a small island. The need for teachers and helpers is also great. While I am here, I will be teaching the junior age kids in Sunday school. Please pray that we can get more kids into church so that their families will come too.

Pray for the Martinez family as their two sons will be going to college in the States. This will leave a hole in the teen department and the deaf ministry. Pray that God will send more laborers to help in this work.

Please pray for my family. My nephew, Uriah, had eye surgery. Several of my siblings are dealing with some tough situations and decisions, and all are involved in ministries of some sort. Please pray for me that I will have strength, knowledge, wisdom, and compassion for my students. (Please do not pray that I have patience; that usually brings testing. :-) )

The most recent picture is the first one. August 8. The last picture is from July 15.

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