Friday, September 6, 2019

Praises and Prayer Requests

Last week, our chapel sermon was on Heaven and Hell. The Pastor Bro. Harmon, a fellow missionary here, gave very vivid details about Hell and Heaven from Scripture. I know there are several students in my class that are not saved. One of my girls raised her hand during the invitation to show that she was not sure of her salvation. During our playtime, I had a high school student watch my kids, and I gave my student the plan of salvation. She has been in church, so she knew many of the answers and verses already. When we got to the end she prayed and asked Jesus to be her Saviour. When she finished, I asked her "If Jesus stood in front of you right now and asked you why He should let you into Heaven, what would you say?" She responded, "Because Jesus lives in my heart." Please pray for this little girl as she is very sick right now.

My students are learning many Bible verses, and I am excited that we are almost finished with the Roman's Road verses. We will be singing these in chapel in a few weeks. We have been studying the book of Ruth and I tied it in to the story Stay in the Castle. The kids held on to every word of the story, which we finished today, and have enjoyed learning about Ruth. Monday will be our last lesson on Ruth.

Please pray that I and my students stay healthy. I have already had a cold, and with a student who is very sick right now, I am praying no germs have spread. We do not have a lot of people who can substitute, so getting sick can create difficulties for staffing.

Please pray for an unspoken prayer request which is extremely important. Pray for wisdom for those involved, and for right to prevail.

Please pray as I work on my trips to England and Europe next year as well as my future plans. I am always waiting for God to open and close doors, so that I know what my next step should be. Please pray that God will give me wisdom.

Please pray as I continue to witness to each of my students. I have ten, and only four have given testimony that they are saved.

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