Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day

Today is the day set aside for couples to express their love. I'm glad my parents have loved each other through the good and bad times for 37 years. Love isn't a feeling. It's an action. It is an on purpose choice of one person serving another's need. It is not always reciprocated, and that is where sacrificial love comes into play. Each person is created in the image of God. Goď is love. If we are to be like Christ, then we must love in all our relationships even when love is not returned.

This month has been a little hectic because my mom went in the hospital twice. In the end, it was determined she has high blood pressure. We are thankful it is not more serious.

One of the girls in our church had brain surgery on a tumor. She is doing well, but please pray that the tumor does not grow back.

I have been contacted by two colleges about coming to share my ministry. I am now waiting for them to set the dates. Please pray that I can encourage more people to go short term to help missionaries.

Please continue to pray for our church, youth ministry, and puppet ministry. We are hoping to train our people in the puppet ministry so we can go to nursing homes...Pray also for the bus ministry. It has been so cold that we can only stay out a few minutes at a time. Pray that God will bless our efforts.

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