Sunday, September 3, 2017

August Family Trip

I am finally writing my August trip update that is way over due.

Due to my dad's health, he was finally given a month medical absence during the month of August. It took him about two weeks to really have energy enough to play with his grandkids. Since riding in the car for long periods tires dad out, we made several stops.

Our first stop was to my sister Julie's in Iowa. We went to a hot air balloon festival and spent a day with her, her husband, and her three kids. Dad barely played with the kids from the couch.
We then traveled to Indiana to visit my sister Janna and her family. We spent a couple of days with her, and dad even felt good enough to go fishing. He still didn't have a lot of energy for playing with the kids, but he did lay on the floor and play trucks with the boys, and drew pictures on the sidewalk with Brooklyn.
From Indiana, we headed to Pennsylvania where we attended one of my dad's family reunions. The day was spent sitting and talking over old times, no strenuous activities.
From Pennsylvania, we traveled to my dad's boyhood home in New York. Dad was finally getting more energy back, and was able to spend some time fishing with his brother. We also attended my dad's other family reunion. There I had the opportunity to witness to one of dad's cousins. Please pray that he will trust Christ. I also talked loud enough for the rest of the family to hear. :-)
From New York we headed up to Maine. There dad had a week to just rest and relax. One of his brothers traveled with us, and another brother came up at the end of the week. They all went fishing together, and even though dad still came home and napped, I could see a great difference in his demeanor. The following week he preached in a revival. God was definitely in the meeting because every sermon was a tag team with the other preacher. It was great to see him doing what he loves, preaching. During his time in Maine, dad actually felt up to rough housing a little with the kids and throwing a ball with them.
We traveled from Maine back to NY where dad preached on Sunday morning for his home church. Sunday night we went to a church dad started in 1991. It was started in a town that hadn't had a church in 100 years. It has continued since my dad started it. I was able to share my ministry there, and I believe they plan to take me on for support.
We picked up my uncle from NY and headed back to Indiana where we spent several days with my dad's sisters. Then on to Iowa where dad decided to stay a little longer to continue getting his strength up.
We arrived back in Missouri on August 29. Dad still had a couple days to rest before going back to work. He rested a lot and fished a little with my brother. On Saturday, we went to Branson to watch the opening Alabama game with my sister. He had slept in quite a bit that morning, and was of course tired some today since we drove back last night to be in church today.
All in all it was a good trip. Although dad did seem to gain back some of his resilience, he took naps pretty much every day, and since being back has taken a nap every day. Please pray that he can make the right decisions for his health. On the outside he will seem to be ok, but by the time he gets home for lunch and after work, he is ready to sleep an hour or two. Please pray for me as I get ready to head to Iowa to get some dental work done, then it's on to Chicago to hopefully get visas and then to Boston to leave for England.

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