Friday, May 19, 2017

Sorry for the long period of silence. It has been very busy for me these past two weeks. We finished school last Friday, and this week we had awards ceremony and graduation. I created two slideshows for these days. I only had a short amount of time to create them, and with tutoring... I had to work mostly at night. I had several nights with little to no sleep, but thankfully, I finished both in time for the events.

I am so thankful to my mom and anyone who helped her to come surprise me for my birthday. She has been a huge blessing. She has cooked, taught my school class, cleaned my house, taken me and the pastor's kids siteseeing, listened to me when I was frustrated with technical problems, and so much more. I have no idea how I could have accomplished everything to end the year without her help.

During the awards ceremony, Pastor Martinez awarded me with a plaque. I was able to talk a little afterwards, and I told the parents that if they were considering pulling their kids out of Christian school, not to. A parent talked to Bro. Martinez and told him that because of what I said, he was leaving his son in the school. God is awesome. He definitely brought me here for such a time as this.

Although I am sad to leave, I am excited about the rest of this year. Please pray as I focus on lining up opportunities to share my ministry with churches and Christian colleges. Now that I have a sending church and someone to whom I am accountable, I believe God will open many doors.

Although I have not led many people to Christ, I have seen five of my students trust Christ, and talked to several more. I also gave the plan of salvation to most of the parents of my students at a brunch I held in their honor. Please pray that the seed sown will not return void.

Please pray for my mom and I. Tomorrow we will be doing something very special. We will both be teaching at a ladies tea here in PR. I am excited, but also nervous as this will be my first special speaking engagement. It will also be the first time my mom and I have taught together as adults.

Please pray for one of my students whose father has a special military training and possible deployment in the near future. Pray for my dad as he winds down the school year at the boys home where he is the principal. Pray for my mom as she flies home on Monday. Pray for me as I fly to NYC on Thursday. Pray for my sister Joy who is having some health issues. Pray as I plan to purchase my ticket for Nepal in the next week. I must also schedule a visa appointment, so please pray I can do it online.

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