Saturday, September 4, 2021

To Everything There is a Season...

 Summer in Maine was very different this year. It rained through most of July. August has been fairly mild, and September has opened with cooler temperatures, and changing leaves. The birds and squirles have been gorging themselves at my feeders. I think winter is going to be long and cold.

Just as there are physical seasons in our world, there are seasons in people's lives and in church ministries. Our church has gone through many changes over the last three years. Last year was especially difficult, and the changes it brought to our church and people were not all what we would have wanted. For awhile, it felt like we were having to restart the church due to those who had remained home for so long. Even now, we still have some who attend sporadically or come to only one service. I always thought the falling away would be the very liberal churches, but I am seeing once strong Christians sliding further down the slippery slope. This is not just in our church; I am seeing it in pastor's I once looked up to who have changed the Bible and doctrine. I am seeing it people who cannot let go of the past and have allowed it to control them to the point of it destroying ministries and homes. America needs revival; churches need revival, and individuals need revival.

An exciting new season is starting for our church as we kick off our kids ministry Anchor Adventures. We are having a three day kickoff beginning Friday, September 10. We have at least two new families who are interested in coming, and we have several others we are working on. Please pray this will bring not only kids to church but their parents as well.

In the past few weeks, we have seen some terrible political things which have cost American lives. My brother rode Patriot Guard for one of the soldiers killed in Afghanistan. I read a post from two missionaries I know who have been in contact with missionaries and national pastors in Afghanistan. Two Christian men were taken by the Taliban. One was crucified, and the other was dragged to death. Other stories through various Christian groups have surfaced of Americans being on the phone with Christians in Afghanistan and the those Americans could hear the gunshots as the Taliban entered the room and killed the Christians. Afghanistan is just one country in which there is political unrest and Christian targeting. Nigeria, Haiti, China, and Myanmar are also dealing with these issues.

Please pray for some very special unspoken needs in our family. Two of my sisters are pregnant, so prayers for them are appreciated. We still have need of someone to help with our youth and music. Please pray that God will do some miracles and open up travel without restrictions of any kind. I have had a request for help in China, and I would still like to fulfill my trips to England and Europe.

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