Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Millennial Summit and Mom's Health Update

 What a great time we had at the Millennial Summit! There were about 35 people including our guest speaker and Q&A representatives. I missed getting pictures of the Q&A sessions because I was so interested in the questions being asked and the answers being given. One couple was passing the church and saw the sign for the Summit. They came in, joined in the games and activities, and the husband trusted Christ at the end. During the week, my dad, a young preacher from N. Carolina, and a few other people went out soulwinning. In total for the week, 8 people trusted Christ, including the son of one of our members. I truly believe God knew who needed to be at the summit. Pastor Nick white preached a very good message for Christian Millennials. We had some technical difficulties and did not get that sermon recorded. Preston Taylor preached our Wednesday night sermon, and it is on our church Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtlcXTbBrwVQVpBSOKbOOgA?app=desktop&view_as=subscriber&fbclid=IwAR0zPAnBBJaol-dNb3yVk2KR4rZOpJ0q8vYqkI44D0U-2L2DefK4uD2t6Oc

Mom's health has been crazy since January, and she finally seemed to be on the mend. However,  a month ago, she tore the top and second muscle of her hip. She starts therapy tomorrow (gotta love socialized medicine.) Please pray that the muscle heals quickly, and that she can gain full function of her hip. 

We have had so many things planned for our church ministries, and then they fell through for various reasons. Please pray as I work to get an English language class started. The two ladies who were supposed to come changed their minds. Pray also as we begin our Saturday kids program again. We are in desperate need of workers who will be faithful. 

Please pray for our church. We are in need of  helpers for our youth, music ministry, and a different building. Many of our members are elderly, and our current building has an extreme number of steps to climb to the auditorium. My mom has not been able to climb the stairs for more than a year due to her health, and she is the pastor's wife. 

Please pray for the state of Maine. I don't usually post a political spiel, but I believe what is being proposed in our state and other states is something that we need to be praying about. Our governor is talking about shutdowns, masking, and mandatory masks and vaccines for school kids, health workers... Please pray that Mainers will take a stand. Our CDC has a chart which shows the covid cases in a bar graph from January last year through this year. The highest number of cases were between December and May. These were the months that the governor mandated masks and threatened fines and jail if businesses and individuals did not comply. According to the CDC of Maine, over 800,000 people have received both doses of vaccine leaving only a little over 300,000 across the whole state who are unvaccinated, yet the case numbers quadrupled in the last month, and Boston, Israel, Gibraltar, Singapore have all shown the highest rates of infections in their areas are in vaccinated people. Our governor, is basing her decisions on lies and not the science. Please pray as there are lawyers and freedom groups who are working to bring our state together to fight these harmful decisions our governor is trying to force.

Please continue to pray that the airlines will end all the craziness with masking, testing... My parents and I have money tied up in airlines which we cannot use. Not only is the effecting our family travels, but it is also effecting my ability to travel to help missionaries. The countries I had promised to be in are still closed, so please pray that they will open soon.

Please pray that either the people in power, who are making evil decisions, will be saved, or that God will simply remove them.

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