Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thanksgiving and Revving up for Christmas

It has been a busy, but great two weeks. My friend and I were able to take another trip to Vieques. We spent the whole day at the beach just relaxing, swimming, and collecting shells and sea glass.  This past weekend, we went Black Friday shopping, and went to San Juan and visited El Morro, took a long walk back into town, and ate at an amazing restaurant.

The week off for Thanksgiving wasn't all play. I accomplished quite a bit in my classroom with lesson planning, and decorating for Christmas. I also worked on Christmas gifts for my students and my family.

Thanksgiving was a nice day. My friend and I spent the day with friends, and enjoyed desert with the pastor's family. The weather was a little rainy at first which kept the temperatures very nice.

Please pray as we finish out the next two weeks of school. I will have parents coming to hear their kids quote Scripture and sing for our Christmas party. I hope to have the opportunity to witness to them as well.

I will fly home on December 14, so please pray for safety and good weather. Pray for my family as several are going through illnesses. Please continue to pray for two of my students dealing with health issues.

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